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  • Blog Post: A Pontius Premonition?

    (With apologies to Martin Luther King). I had a dream. (Note to JHM fans: I've been working on a column for December about the proposed "new" attraction in Florida that I'm calling Soaring Away from Epcot, but I had a dream last night and I thought it was worth telling all of you about it. This will...
  • Blog Post: Mickey's Mulligan OR How Disney kept redoing WDW's Golf Resort over and over and over ...

    Hey, gang! Jim Hill here. Our Mr. Pontius is far too modest to toot his own horn. Which is why I'm here today to do it for him. Earlier this month, Larry's book -- "Waking Walt " -- was singled out for recognition by the Florida Writers Association. Cited as being the best speculative fiction book of...
  • Blog Post: The Halloween that Almost Wasn't

    Walt Disney World's first Halloween event for the Magic Kingdom wasn't much. In fact, it almost wasn't at all. You see -- back then -- the country was in the middle of its first gasoline crisis. With unheard of lines at gas stations and the media playing it for all it was worth. Naturally, tourism was...
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