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  • Blog Post: Soooo ... Did Michael actually like "Cars"? And Howe!

    Way back when I was just a little boy, our family would take road trips out west to visit relatives. One trip, we arrived early into Gallup, New Mexico, where we'd be staying on the second leg of our journey. After going out for dinner, my Dad took us for a small spin around town. In the dark of...
  • Blog Post: Road trip! Or "How I got to experience the world premiere of 'Cars' "

    It all started with an email. Being the crazed Pixar/animation fanatic that I am, I sent JHM's editor a note earlier last week, asking if I might do a review of Michael Wallis' new book, " The Art of Cars ." Mr. Hill quickly got back to me, explaining that Roger Colton had already called dibs on Pixar...
  • Blog Post: On the red carpet at the "Cars" premiere

    John Lasseter Director of "Cars" Q: I know you're a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki . Is the Fiat 500 named Luigi a reference to Miyazaki-san's film (" The Castle of Cagliostro ")? A: No, it's not a reference to it, though I love "Lupin the 3rd: Castle of Cagliostro." I love that film. But his movies mean...
  • Blog Post: An Early Peek at "The Polar Express"

    Well JHM readers, I'm back! Back from California (finally got a tan after 2 years) and back with another story, and review. So today, I'll be frank about going from the nice sunny weather of San Diego, to the cold but enchanting weather of the North Pole. Because right after I got off the plane, it was...
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