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DoomBuggy Productions presents: More "Haunted Mansion Holiday" crafts projects

DoomBuggy Productions presents: More "Haunted Mansion Holiday" crafts projects

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Hey there, JHM readers!

It's Patrick Hurd from DoomBuggy Productions again. With New Year's Eve now less than a day away, I thought that I'd now try & wrap up this year's series of holiday-related crafts. Today's article features three...count 'em three new At Home Imagineering projects...so I’m going to jump right into it!

First up -- when that our Custom Mini Gravestone project was so popularwith JHM readers -- I simply had to do...

The gravestones themselves were created in exactly the same manner as the previous version of this Haunted Mansion related project. What did change however were the bases. Instead of moss and rocks, you’ll need to create some snow. There are several effective ways to create snow. In this case, I sculpted the bases and painted them with a special glittery paint. Finally, the stones themselves were decorated with special ribbons and bows right out of the Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Next up is an item that quite a few DoomBuggy Productions & JimHillMedia readers have been bugging me to create for the past few years...

Like the Vampire Teddy, this guy has always been one of my favorite little characters from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Movie. It only seemed logical that I try & bring him to life and add him to my ever growing collection of psycho toys.

The tale of the construction of the Bullet Hole Duck begins with what I'd hoped would be a review for an art supply that I'd never used before. I've always had great luck with "newly discovered" tools and supplies. Not this time, however. Crayola Model Magic just wasn‘t what I‘d hoped it to be, so you'll understand why my new slogan is: "Just say no to Crayola Model Magic!"

Actually, perhaps since I've warned you not to use this stuff, our new slogan should be: "DoomBuggy Productions...we screw up so you don't have to!" Oh well, whichever you prefer.

At any rate, while this guy looks difficult, he really went together pretty quick. The body was created out of clay (use Sculpey, not the aforementioned Crayola Model Magic). As for the actual toy, the rest of the duck's body is built out of wood.

For a complete set of instructions for the "Haunted Mansion Holiday" mini-grave stones, follow this link. Or -- if you'd prefer a complete set in instructions for thsi week's "Bullet Hole Duck" project -- follow this link instead.

That’s it for this week, JHM readers. My first article for 2005 will (hopefully) wrap up this year's series of "Haunted Mansion Holiday" related crafts project. So stay tuned!

However -- before I close out this week's column -- I want to take a moment to thank Faith, Paul, Jen, Michael and the rest of the DoomBuggy Productions team for all of their help in 2004. I really couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Have a Happy New Year, folks. See you all in 2005!

Happy crafting,
Patrick Hurd

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