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A Disney World guide map that you can wear on your wrist, thanks to BeadforLife

Angela Ragno

Angela is the Walt Disney World shopping queen.

A Disney World guide map that you can wear on your wrist, thanks to BeadforLife

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Being green typically isn't all that fun. It usually means going without (i.e. reusing your bath towels during a hotel stay) or having to do something that can sometimes be kind of gross (EX: washing out pet food cans so that they can be placed in the recycle bin).

But what if I were to tell you that there was now a colorful, even fashionable way to go green? And best of all, you could actually do something to help improve life elsewhere on this planet by shopping at a Disney theme park?

Photo by Angela Ragno

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in doing, then I urge you -- the very next time you visit Disney's Hollywood Studios or Epcot's World Showcase -- to drop by the BeadforLife booths.

Here, you'll find some very unique Disney-related collectibles. Beads that are made out of old WDW guide maps and other outdated paper products that have been collected in and around The Walt Disney World Resort.

Photo by Angela Ragno

"And how exactly are these recycled beads made?," you ask. The out-of-date WDW guide maps are shipped over to Uganda where 50 talented women first measure these recyclables & then cut them into individual strips of paper. These strips are hand-rolled into bead shapes and then dipped into a water-resistant sealant. Once these beads have dried, they're shipped back over to Walt Disney World, where Guests can pick out individual beads and have them strung together into colorful anklets, bracelets, chokers, earrings and necklaces.

And best of all, because these beads are created out of recycled paper which have been used to promote various WDW rides, shows and attractions, this very green piece of jewelry can sometimes feature individual beads that are Finding Nemo Blue, Tinkerbell Green or Sleeping Beauty Pink.

Photo by Angela Ragno

I know, I know. It just seems kind of bizarre that purchasing a bracelet or a necklace at Walt Disney World can then help eliminate extreme poverty in the third world. But that's what BeadforLife is really  trying to do here. Which is why I applaud The Walt Disney Company for using its theme parks as a way to raise the profile of this most worthy nonprofit.

If you'd like to learn more about BeadforLife (which not only turns Disney World's recyclables into beautiful pieces of jewelry but also sells soaps & cosmetics which have been fashioned out of the shea nuts that women in Northern Uganda collect),  be sure and drop by its official website. Where you can then learn more about this nonprofit organization's desire to create bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned citizens of the world.

Photo by Angela Ragno

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  • Go gingreen is awesome. Recycling is wonderfull and I wish Disney would do a ton more, but this is silly. Sending waist to a third world country, letting them make stuff and shipping it back gives a ton of polution caused bby the shipping. Why not make them in Orlando? There are enough people without a job who would love to earn some money. Yes maybe the item would be a few cents more expensive but this is just silly.

  • Unfortunately, none of the facts in this article are true, and it is not the fault of the Author.  The owner of the Bead Outpost did work with BeadforLife for some time purchasing loose beads rolled by impoverished women in Uganda. However, our relationship ended when he failed to pay us for the inventory.  Beads were never rolled from Disney paper.  Since our working relationship ended several years ago, the owner has continued to allow this misinformation to be spread, despite multiple requests from us to stop using our name in any way.  

    I sincerely wish that the beads he uses were supporting impoverished women in Uganda, and if you wish to purchase products that do, you can visit our website www.BeadforLife.org, but please do not support this business and the falsehoods it supports.

    Angela Ragno if you could post a correction to this story, we would appreciate it.

    Devin Hibbard, Executive Director, BeadforLife

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