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Toon Tuesday: Remembering Ginny Tyler

Toon Tuesday: Remembering Ginny Tyler

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I recently learned of the passing of my friend and colleague, Ginny Tyler. Ginny and I shared our love for Disney. And I always regarded her as a true talent as well as one of the chief Mouseketeers much like the original head mouse, Jimmie Dodd.

Back in the 1960s, Ginny performed live segments from Disneyland during the re-edited and repackaged syndication run of the original Mickey Mouse Club. It was during this time she became known as the Disneyland Storyteller and was even praised by Walt Disney for her fine work. Ginny Tyler would later work for us in Disney's animation department, but I'll get to that later.

Ginny Tyler (1925 - 2012)

After the sad passing of Walt Disney in 1966, I left the studio to launch my own production company in Los Angeles. It was called Vignette Films, Inc. and we began by producing educational media for the school systems in California and across the country. However, we still had our love for popular media so we partnered with another Hollywood production company to produce a TV pilot we would call "The Hazzards of Helen."

As you can probably guess, the series would be a send-up of those old "Perils of Pauline" serials and Ginny Tyler would star as our damsel-in-distress. Of course, the evil villain continually attempts to dispatch our heroine but the plucky Helen always escapes and lives to survive another day. The always-perky Ginny Tyler was perfectly cast as Helen. Oddly enough our show was produced in live-action and not animation. However I did design and animate a quirky cartoony opening title sequence. The rinky-tink piano music that played over the title evoked the turn-of-the-century Nickelodeon.

I had only seen Ginny Tyler on the Disney television shows, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out she was going to star in our pilot. Our first meeting took place in our Los Angeles office one late Saturday afternoon. Perfect for kid shows, Ginny Tyler was not exactly the kid she appeared to be on television. However, her youthful appearance made her perfect for the Mickey Mouse Club, and she attributed her "lack of aging" to her Native American blood.

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Ginny Tyler proved she could do more than just on-camera performances. She was a narrator on Disneyland Records and even did character voices for us in Disney feature animated films. Some of Ginny's finest voice work can be heard in Walt Disney's "The Sword in the Stone" where she played two delightful amorous female squirrels. Later in the "Jolly Holiday" sequence of "Mary Poppins," Ginny Tyler sang for several of the barnyard animals I had the pleasure of working on.

Ginny Tyler was named a Disney Legend in 2006. However, this was back in the day when the Disney Company kept their Legend Ceremony a pretty private affair and it was not open to the public or even most Disney employees. When I finally heard of Ginny Tyler's induction into the Disney Legends she had already returned to her home in the Seattle area and I never saw her again.

What I do have are the many memories of our time together at the Walt Disney Company and some really silly cartoons drawn by legendary Disney cartoonist Roy Williams. One of my favorite gags by the Master Cartoonist is Ginny Tyler taking a cast member break at a local bar. The chief Mouseketeer is wearing her Mickey Mouse cap and on her shirt for all to see is her name. Only this time around, cartoonist, Roy Williams has shortened her name to read "GIN."

Did you enjoy today's tribute to Ginny Tyler? If so, this late Disney Legend is just one of the fascinating folks that Floyd Norman has worked over the 40+ years that he's been in animation. Which is why this industry veteran has so many great anecdotes to share in the books that he's written.

Speaking of which: Floyd's most recent effort - "Disk Drive: Animated Humor in the Digital Age" - is available for purchase through blurb.com. Mr. Norman's original collection of cartoons and stories -- "Faster! Cheaper! The Flip Side of the Art of Animation" - is still for sale over at John Cawley's Cataroo. And if you still haven't had your fill of Floyd at this point, feel free to move on over to Mr. Fun. Which is where Mr. Norman posts his musings when he's not writing for JHM.

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  • Hi Floyd! I'm so sorry about her passing and also sorry you got so few times to see her. But she sounded like a great person who made your memories with her great.

    I am actually writing here though because there's something wrong about Disney's restorations of their old films that I wanted to show you, and discuss the whole Tangled Rapunzel fiasco. Would you be willing to talk with me about these two things? I don't know how to contact you, but hopefully through this, I can. If I could send my E-mail to you privately I would but I don't know how.

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