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  • Blog Post: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Jim Henson and the matter of time

    The three men were engaged in a spirited conversation when I took a seat directly behind them. This was a screening room at the Walt Disney Studio and we were there to get a look at a new animated feature film being produced by Pixar Animation Studios . In front of me and to my right was the Vice Chairman...
  • Blog Post: Toon Tuesday: Undercover (Parking) at Disney Studio

    Once upon a time there were no parking structures on the Walt Disney Studio lot. The under and above ground parking facilities we take for granted today were once non-existent. Disney staffers either parked in available space on the lot or sought street parking. Of course, there were fewer cars in those...
  • Blog Post: Steve Jobs: A Tough Act to Follow

    You couldn’t help but feel sorry for Phil Schiller , Apple ’s vice president of marketing, when he stepped onstage to deliver the keynote at San Francisco ’s MacWorld Expo a few weeks ago. Apple CEO and visionary leader Steven P. Jobs would not be making an appearance at this year's show, so the speech...
  • Blog Post: King Kahl: A personal look at Disney's master animator, Milt Kahl

    Much has been written about Milt Kahl, and his unique style and influence on Walt Disney's animated films over the years. He was an incredible draftsman, designer, and animator, and there are a number of books and articles discussing his life and work. This is not another perspective on the life...
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