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All I want for Christmas is ... a monorail

All I want for Christmas is ... a monorail

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Dear Santa:

I have been a very good boy this year (Don't listen to what my wife, Flo, says. That woman doesn't know what she's talking about).
I realize that there are still
106 days 'til Christmas. But even so, I thought that I'd get my wish list in early. Given that this gift that I'd like to get will probably take up a lot of room in your sleigh.

You see, all I  want for Christmas is ...

Photo by Jaff Lange

... my very own monorail car.

And I know just where you can get it to. There's this really cool store on Spruce Avenue in Orlando. And ...

What's that you say, Santa? The monorail car is just too big? There's no way that it would fit under my Christmas tree? Okay, then. Then how about ...

Photo by Jeff Lange

... my very own "Snow White's Scary Adventure" ride car?

"Still too big"? Okay. Then what if I pick out something that's not quite as big as that "Snow White" car. Something that could be easily fit in your sleigh. Like this ...

Photo by Jeff Lange

... old "StarJets" ride vehicle. I bet that this piece of an original Tomorrowland attraction from Disney World easily fit under my tree. Particularly if I trade in that spruce for a sequoia ...

What's that you say? "Still too big?"


Okay, fat man. Then how about this? You just get me a gift certificate for the fabulous store where you can actually get crud like this:
Mouse Surplus of Orlando. Then I'll take care of my own Christmas shopping this year!!

Sorry you had to read that, folks. But emotions tend to run high around the holidays. And -- to be honest -- I doubt that any Disneyana fan could keep their emotions in check while they were wandering around the Mouse Surplus warehouse.

I mean, take a look at what I found stashed in just one corner of this place:

Photo by Jeff Lange

Starting at the back (toward the left): That policeman and that train engineer used to be found inside of WDW's old "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride." In front of that is an old "Space Mountain" ride car. And in the right front section of this photo is a faux bronze statue of Pluto which used to be on display at Orlando International Airport (How many of you remember that display? Where Mickey's dog stood there in front of his bone-shaped suitcase?)

And at the very back of this photograph you can see ... a backdrop that was used as part of the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" mall tour.

And like I said, that's just one corner of this amazing warehouse. As you prowl through its shelves, you'll find wonders like ...

Photo by Jeff Lange

... the actual ride films that used to be used in Disney/MGM's "Star Tours" attraction. Hmmn ... I wonder ... If I buy these for Jim, will he finally then get around to finishing his "Star Tours" series?

Anyway ... I really had a great time prowling around the Mouse Surplus warehouse. But -- then again -- how could any real Disneyana fan not have fun poking around a store ...

Photo by Jeff Lange

... that features such a great collection of old Disney World "Closed for Refurbishment" signs? I mean, you could kill an hour just admiring all the knick-knacks and what-nots that are on display out in Mouse Surplus' lobby area.

Photo by Jeff Lange

Mind you, some of the items that you'll find at Mouse Surplus do tend to be a little pricey. Take -- for example -- that Mark IV monorail car that you saw a photo of at the very top of this article? If you want to take that extra-special Disney World souvenir home, that'll cost you a cool $250,000.00. (NOW do you see why I was trying to convince Mr. Claus to get me that particular present?)
But -- that said -- there are lots of other, much more affordable items to be found at Mouse Surplus. Which is why you really have to check this store out the very next time you're down in Orlando.

Photo by Jeff Lange

Mouse Surplus is located at 1217 Spruce Avenue in Orlando, FL (Just off the Bee Line & S. Orange Avenue) For further information about this incredible store, its inventory & operating hours, I suggest you call 407-854-5391 and/or following this link to the MouseSurplus.com website.



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