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  • Blog Post: "They Drew As They Pleased" is sure to please Disney history buffs & animation fans alike

    Do you want to learn about what REALLY happened back in the day at Disney Studios? Sorry, but you probably won't get the complete picture from watching a certain four-hour television special . And Tom Sito is busy with his day job at USC's animation department . He tells the most balanced history...
  • Blog Post: Toon Tuesday: My Meeting with Gerry

    As I sat at my drawing board wildly sketching away on a new feature film idea, I suddenly glanced up to see two visitors in the room. It seems they were scrutinizing the sketches, models and story boards in my cluttered office. The two older gentleman were wearing the pastel colored garb usually sported...
  • Blog Post: Sherman Brothers honored with their very own Window on Main Street at Disneyland

    Given the strong positive reaction that Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman ’s Window on Main Street ceremony received this past Thursday morning, Disneyland Resort President George Kalogridis remarked “ … we should open the Park like this every day.” But – then again -- how could you not love an event...
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