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Disney animation fans rejoice, now that there’s more Moore on the market

Disney animation fans rejoice, now that there’s more Moore on the market

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He’s the Disney Legend who’s credited with changing the look of Mickey Mouse. The self-taught artist who took that rubber armed, pie-eyed rodent from the late 1920s / early 1930s and then turned him into the corporate symbol that we know & love today.

He’s the man gave the Seven Dwarfs their appeal, Lampwick from “Pinocchio” his swagger, Timothy Mouse from “Dumbo” his Brooklyn verve, and the Centaurettes from “Fantasia” their innocent-yet-obvious sex appeal.

Disney animator and legend Freddy Moore's art is now on the market
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Who am I talking about? Freddy Moore. Who – at the tender age of 19 – walked in the door at Walt Disney Studios and pretty much changed the face of animation forever. “How’d he do that?,” you ask. Through a drawing style that somehow seemed to instantly create these characters that had immense charm and appeal.

No matter which Studio he worked for (Freddy stepped away from Disney Studios for a few years after World War II. He worked for Walter Lantz on shorts like “Pixie Picnic” …

Freddy Moore was a Disney animator and legend
Image courtesy of S/R Laboratories. All Right Reserved

… before Moore then returned to the Mouse Factory in 1948. Where he then worked happily for Disney ‘til November of 1952. When Freddy died suddenly due to injuries he suffered while riding in the passenger seat during a head-on auto collision), there were always a few fledgling animators & artists hanging around. Trying to learn Moore’s secret for designing instantly appealing characters like The Three Little Pigs .

Mind you, there was another reason that animators used to hang around Freddy Moore’s desk. And that’s because they hoped – if they asked nice – these artists might then persuade this talented designer to draw them one of his famous Freddy Moore girls.

Freddy Moore art is now available
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Given that we now live in an age where we’re repeatedly warned that a website and/or particular image is NSFW, it’s kind of hard to think back to a time when this sort of mild cheesecake might have been considered racy. But that being said, these drawings were in extremely high demand around Walt Disney Studios.

And – over the years, during his infamous weekend walk-thrus of the Studio – Walt himself must have seen more than his share of Freddy Moore Girls and then approved of their design. Otherwise how do you explain the rather distinctive look of the Centaurettes in “Fantasia,” the bobbysoxers in the “All the Cats Join In” sequence from “Make Mine Music” and/or the mermaids in “Peter Pan.”

Freddy Moore was famous for drawing voluptuos girls
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

But as for those really-for-real Freddy Moore Girls drawings … They’re ridiculously highly prized by animation historians & artists these days. And when these drawings do come on the market, they tend to be snapped up immediately and for top dollar too.

But fear not, animation fans. If you’ve dreamed of someday owing your very own Freddy Moore Girl drawing, have I got good news for you. For the talented folks over at Electric Tiki Design have taken one of Moore’s more beloved drawings …

Freddy Moore
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

… and then translated that image into three dimensions.

Disney animator Freddy Moore
Copyright Electric Tiki Design. All Rights Reserved

Kent Melton (who’s best known to animation professionals for all the great reference maquettes that he’s sculpted for the Studios over the years. Whereas members of the Disney collector community probably know Ken best for the beautiful pieces that he’s created for the Walt Disney Classics Collection over the 18 years) did the honors this time around. Doing an amazing job of capturing all of the innocent sex appeal found in Moore’s original drawing.

And then when you see the final paint job …

One of Freddy Moore's girls in statue form by Electric Tiki
Copyright Electric Tiki Design. All Rights Reserved

… it’s like Freddy’s drawing has literally popped off of the page.

Know this, though. Electric Tiki Design’s Freddy Moore Girl statue (when it’s finally officially ready to order) is expected to go fast. And while this 10“ piece will reportedly have a suggested retail price of $124.99, you can anticipate that this limited edition reproduction will then sell for a significantly higher price once it hits the secondary market. So if you’re a Freddy Moore fan, you might to make a point of dropping Electric Tiki on a regular basis. Just in case you then need to move quickly in order to snap up a copy of this piece.

And speaking of moving quickly … Today is the last day of the Spring 2010 S/R Laboratories animation art auction. And if you’d like to get your hands on something like that terrific “Pixie Picnic” piece that was used to help illustrate today’s Freddy Moore article, then you’d best head over to the official S/R Laboratories website ASAP.

Your thoughts?

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  • I, for one, am very glad to see this story about Mr. Moore.  It's nice to see something positive after so many years of slander and bile spewed by jealous old men.  Pretty sad that it took the search power of the internet and the gradual die-off of these coots to finally bury these lies.

    Just check the links section of Fred Moore's wiki page to see the whole outrageous story.

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