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  • Blog Post: Tube Tuesday : Hutch Dano & Adam Hicks skateboard into the spotlight with “Zeke & Luther”

    The Mouse certainly has high hopes for “Mongoose and Luther” … er … “Zeebo and Luther” … um … “Luther and the Z”? Why the title-related confusion? Here, I’ll let Hutch Dano – one of the stars of this new Disney XD series – explain: Hutch Dano is Zeke in Disney XD's new series, "Zeke and Luther." Photo...
  • Blog Post: “The Proposal” just isn’t all that engaging

    On paper, “ The Proposal ” really looks like it should work. Copyright 2009 Touchstone Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved I mean, this film stars Sandra Bullock . The girl we fell in love when she had to keep that bus zooming along at 50 MPH in “ Speed .” Who made us cry when she finally told the truth...
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