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    Disney executives are very excited about " TRON Legacy ." In fact, they've been spending millions of dollars in the most creative ways promoting this film. "FLYNN Lives," the alternate reality game that took place at Comic-Con and WonderCon , with virtual clues given by smart...
  • Blog Post: Six Degrees of "Star Tours"

    Are you familiar with the game the " Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon "? Where you try -- by using as few films as possible -- to link a particular performer to the star of " Footloose "? Well, when it comes to the "Star Tours" attraction, you can actually play a very similiar game with a Canadian-based company...
  • Blog Post: Remembering "Captain EO"

    This has been a very tough month for me. I came back home from a very long week covering the Consumer Electronics Show only to realize that my hopes and dreams for the return of a classic Disney attraction had been squelched by the media. Now I love ABC News. Not because it's owned by Disney, but somehow...
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