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    Okay, I admit it: I left you hanging and took forever to come back with this installment. But hopefully it'll be worth the wait. I know sitting all day long listening to the folks from Pixar was worth every minute for me. All the comments about the first part of the series were wonderful, but I did want...
  • Blog Post: The Pixar Way -- Part I: "What We Didn't Know" or "My Journey of Pain"

    I've seen all the hubbub and groans lately over John Lasseter's musical decisions and while not everyone may be happy with what goes down, you gotta know that Lasseter and the gang at Pixar are all about change. In fact they embrace change and do everything in their power to stay fresh. How do I know...
  • Blog Post: Missing the Market

    Hey, gang! Jim Hill here. And what a pleasure it is to welcome Sean Kennelly on board at JHM. At this website, we pride ourselves on trying to bring you a different take on what's really going on in the entertainment industry. And given that Mr. Kennelly is a hardened industry vet, I'm sure that Sean...
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