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    Last Thursday afternoon, I was on the phone with Vance Rest (I.E. The writer who shared many of his concepts for rebuilding & revitalizing the Walt Disney Company in last week's "Once and Future Kingdom" series . Anyway ... the two of us were chuckling about how Walt Disney Feature Animation was...
  • Blog Post: The Once and Future Kingdom -- Part III: The Return of the Kingdom

    "THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT" Attention Feckless executives of today and Disney Resuscitate and Revitalize Team standing on the horizon: It's this simple. Do not follow trends. Get the best people. Get the best out of them by trusting them. See Parts I and II for itemized lists...
  • Blog Post: The Once and Future Kingdom -- Part II: The Fellowship

    Hey, gang! Based on the e-mails I got yesterday as well as the notes that popped up on JHM's discussion boards, it's clear that you guys really like hearing what Vance Rest has to say. So I'm not going to waste any more of his or your time by foisting yet another yammering introduction on you all. I...
  • Blog Post: The Once and Future Kingdom -- Part I: The Meek Shall Inherit the Happiest Place on Earth

    It all started with a rather daunting question: "What would it take to really revise, revive and revitalize the public perception of the Walt Disney Company?" I was strolling around World Showcase when I first posed this query to Vance Rest. "And who's Vance Rest?" you ask. Well, Rest is a themed entertainment...
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