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Jim Hill explores the origins of this much beloved Disney- MGM attraction.

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Jim Hill explores the origins of this much beloved Disney- MGM attraction.

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Chapter 1: Falling in France
Just ask the bellhops who work at Disney-MGM Studio theme park. They'll tell you all about the weird questions that guests ask them about this amazing attraction. "Is this really a ride?" "Can I go up partway, but get out before the final drop?" and (my personal favorite) "How come Disney hasn't repaired the hole in the front of the building yet?"

Chapter 2: "So what are we going to build on Sunset?"
I got a call last week from this Imagineer that I'm friendly with. "Hey, what's the hold-up with the second installment of your Tower of Terror series?," he asked. "Wasn't Part II supposed to be up at that site a week ago?" I explained that I'd been having some problems with writing Part II. That I'd been struggling mightily to put together a coherent narrative for that part of the story. But a lot of the events that actually lead up to construction of Disney-MGM's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror didn't make a great lot of sense." "Of course they didn't," laughed my Imagineer pal. "That's because they were part of the studio's expansion plans. Nothing went down the way it was supposed to. Especially on Sunset Boulevard."

This two-part series is hosted at Tower-of-Terror.com - why don't you ... drop by?

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