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"Dream On Silly Dreamer" wows crowds in Minneapolis

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"Dream On Silly Dreamer" wows crowds in Minneapolis

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First, a quick apology to those of you who dropped by JHM this morning, expecting a "Why For." That particular column will finally appear on JHM sometime later this week. Late Saturday night / early Sunday morning, most likely.

"What's the problem?," you ask. To be honest, I just haven't had time to type the thing up yet. Ever since I landed in Minneapolis yesterday afternoon, it's just been go-go-go.

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Take -- for example -- last night. I attended a sold-out screening of Dan Lund & Tony West's great new movie, "Dream On Silly Dreamer." One of several sold-out screenings, I am pleased to report.

Minneapolis-area animation fans really turned out in force to see this 40-minute long feature about the demise of traditional animation at Walt Disney Studios. As you can see by this photo that Chuck Oberleitner took last night, the line of eager ticket-holders actually stretched all the way to the back of the main lobby area at the Crown Theater.

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Lund & West seemed truly touched & somewhat overwhelmed by  audiences' reaction to their film. As they came out of the screening last night, dozens of movie-goers sought the two film-makers out. To let Dan & Tony know how much they'd enjoyed their movie. More to the point, how they were hoping that "Dream On Silly Dreamer" would soon find a distributor. So that even more movie fans could have the pleasure of seeing their picture.

Speaking of fans of "Dream On Silly Dreamers" ... Perhaps you recognize this gentleman.

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Yep, that's Mr. "Save Disney" himself. Roy flew into Minneapolis to attend this year's shareholders meeting. But -- while he was in the area -- Walt's nephew made a point of attending an afternoon screening of "Dream On Silly Dreamer." To show that he supported Lund & West's efforts.

For a full report on yesterday's screening as well as other tasty tidbits about what actually went on here in Minneapolis (EX: Which Disney insider was openly bragging about how he'd managed to get his hands on a copy of "DisneyWar" long before this James B. Stewart book officially hit bookstore shelves this morning), be sure and check out Chuck Oberleitner's story next Tuesday morning over at o-meon.com.

That's it for now, folks. Sorry that this update is so short. I promise to fork over even more information -- as well as a new "Why For" -- as soon as I get back to New Hampshire late Saturday night.

Til then ... You guys have a great weekend, okay?


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