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Disney's "Magical Beginnings" offer trips that are tailored toward toddlers

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Disney's "Magical Beginnings" offer trips that are tailored toward toddlers

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You know, you can learn some pretty amazing things while poking around dailychanges.com. You know, that website where the Walt Disney Company registers all of the domain names that it eventually hopes to use?


I mean, some of these names are rather self-explanatory.  Take – for example:








Just the fact that the Mouse bothered to register these two domain names tells me that Disney Studios execs are finally getting serious about putting a sequel to Nicholas Cage’s November 2003 blockbuster, “National Treasure,” into production.


Then there are the domain names like:










Copyright Disney Enterprises LLC







Which suggests that -- should everything go well during the inaugural edition of Disney’s California Food and Wine Weekends (Which is currently scheduled to run from April 28th through May 21st) … Well, the folks in the Team Disney Anaheim building would not only love to make this an annual event, they’re also looking to expand the original “weekend” concept out into a full-blown "festival."


Then there are the domain names like:





Copyright Disney Enterprises LLC




That obviously suggest that – just like that “Countdown to Cars” contest that State Farms Insurance is currently sponsoring in order to help promote the upcoming release of “Cars” – in the weeks & months ahead, there will be sweepstakes that help promote the June 2006 launch of the “Leroy & Stitch” DVD and the March 2007 theatrical release of “Meet the Robinsons.”


But then there are the names like:






That initially sound rather bland & innocuous. But then – were you to do any poking around the Disneyland and Walt Disney World websites – you’d discover that “Magical Beginnings” is actually this brand-new vacation package that’s just being rolled out at these two resorts. One that will cater exclusively to parents with extremely small children. We’re talking toddlers here, folks. Kids three & under.

Copyright Disney Enterprises LLC

The Disneyland version of the “Magical Beginnings” vacation package includes a special character experience for your child as well as  preferred seating for kid-friendly shows as “Playhouse Disney – Live On Stage!” at DCA.  The Walt Disney World version of “Magical Beginnings” offers the same sort of assortment of age-appropriate attractions & experiences. But the real incentive for booking this particular WDW vacation package by June 4th is that your child (3 – 9) then dines for free.


To learn more about the “Get Free Dining during Little Ones Travel Time” packages that Disney World is currently offering, I suggest that you click on this link. And – speaking of “Little Ones” – given that the Walt Disney Company also just registered these domain names:





I would imagine that the Walt Disney Company is about to get extremely aggressive about going after parents with children 3 and under and trying to convince these folks that they really owe it to their toddler to take them to a Disney theme park. To give their child a dream Disney vacation.


Speaking of Disney dreams, Mickey also just registered these particular domain names:




Though – to be honest – I don’t have a clue as to what the Mouse intends to do with these web addresses.


Now, if you want to talk about Disney nightmares … Particularly my own Disney-related nightmares … Well, the following three web addresses come pretty darn close:






Now I’m hoping that the real reason that the Walt Disney Company registered these particular domain names is because “According to Jim” (You know? That hit ABC sitcom that airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ?) goes into syndication this coming fall. And that Disney intends on using this web sites to help promote that program during its national roll-out.


Copyright Disney Enterprises LLC


But -- that said … You know, in the almost eight years that I’ve been writing for the Web, I’ve managed to p*ss off an awful lot of people who work for the Walt Disney Company. And when I see a web site with a  name like:




There’s a tiny (admittedly egotistical) part of me that thinks: “Gee, I hope that this newly registered web site isn’t part of some covert surveillance initiative on the part of Disney Security. Just so they can keep tabs on yours truly.”


Okay. That’s enough with the stupid “Disney Security is watching me” jokes. Let’s get back to the more serious question that was raised by today’s article. Which is:


Do you think that it’s fair (or should I say “ethical”) of the Walt Disney Company to start marketing vacation packages that are specifically aimed at parents who have children that are 3 and under? I mean, is a child that young really going to appreciate or even remember a high priced trip to a Disney resort?


Your thoughts?

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  • How do you decode that website? I can't figure out how you know which ones are Disney domains.
  • I agree completely with askmike.  
    I do think the Magical Beginnings packages are fair.  You mentioned toddlers, but then you mentioned children aged 3-9.  If families with children aged 3-9 are included, then the package makes a little more sense; if it's for children 3 and under, though, most families will have to utilize this plan before they plan to have a second baby.  Since 3 years between kids is quite usual.  I think it could be popular either way, but especially if it includes children 3-9.  I think that the seating arrangements you mentioned are great; it's almost like a FastPass for these attractions.  I wonder if they'll rope off sections of attractions for families with this package, though...for Playhouse Disney Live on Stage, everyone just sits on a big carpet; will they rope of the first few feet of carpet?  It'll be neat to learn more about this.  But, yes, I think it's fair, but quite limited in its appeal.

    Also, I've loved all the articles you've written about what you find at Daily Changes.  Since none of us know how to read that site, it'd be great if you could write even more. It's like unlocking secrets from the Mouse House, almost...
  • Both of my kids have been at WDW basically every year since they were one year old. It took a lot of homework on my part to figure out the best way to take a 3 year old and a one year old. Help from Disney catering to me would have been great, and I'm sure that Disney hopes for the "goodwill" factor to keep them coming back.

    These young years are just as magical for maybe not the kids, but for the parents (I still remember my almost 2 year old son telling Timon to kneel down so he could give him a hug , "Down Timon!") and grandparents wh may come along.

    For the record, my almost 8 year old son has now been to WDW 9 nine times with ten coming later this year.
  • Watchjim.com huh?  heh.  Naw, that's too easy...
  • Just  saw a two-page ad in People Magazine yesterday on Disney Beginnings, and I was hoping you would shed some more light on this program. One of the benefits touted in the ad was "menus for picky eaters." I was wondering just how they do that. My daughter is a picky eater, but her pickiness  is completely different from other picky eaters I've seen. Every picky eater kid is different.

    We took our daughter on her first WDW trip just before she turned three. The benefit of getting her in free was too good to resist, and the rest of us were all itching to go back. I think it's great that Disney is thinking of ways to make it easier for parents with toddlers -- makes it more likely that they'll want to come back when the tyke is older. There's just something about that Disney magic.

    I do think that decreased pricing is more effective than any marketing campaign, and I see Disney making moves in that direction, too. I see a lot more packages now than I used, too, including the most recent one with the free dining plan over the summer, some of their busiest months. If they make a Disney vacation more affordable, people will be more inclined to return, and not make it a "once-in-a-lifetime" vacation, which many do. I think they realize this and hope they continue with this trend.
  • Jim-- I don't think the watchjim.com is for you (if in fact that's a real Disney URL), but if you've been online criticizing them for a number of years, I'd watch out. I hear Roy Disney himself is skulking around online anonymousely and taking notes…it's a small world after all!
  • From experience (Disney buffets), the "picky eaters menu" will include macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza, etc.  Mickey/Pooh Waffles for breakfast.
  • Ick! Trans-fat nightmare! Please-- an option for health conscious parents-- veggie and/or fruit salad and whole grain, low sugar fruit/ veggie buns and muffins with real butter and jam! (with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors). The kids will have a much better time if they don't feel sick after they eat…
  • My kids must have iron stomachs because they have  never complained of feeling sick after a meal, fatty or otherwise...anyway...

    My 3 girls, now ages 5, 3.5 and 2 have about 12 trips or so put altogether.  They may not remember many details of the trip, but they do fondly remember WDW.  They watch themselves on home videos when they were at WDW and love it.  They see pictures of them with characters and they are tickled pink.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely!

    BTW, my kids probably don't remember trips they have taken to the playground, but I still take them because they have FUN and bond with their family and interact with other kids.  Disney is the same thing.  It just has a cover charge.  
  • ^^A very large cover charge!
  • Ikea manages to provide good fruit and veggie salads for cheap-- so if they can do it then so can all the other corporations. And most kids who have a regular diet of unhealthy food won't notice the immediate effects of unhealthy food because they become accustomed to feeling compromised. So far as "fatty"-- well that's not what I am talking about- trans-fats are not just any fats-- they are toxic fats. Fats like butter and olive oil are GOOD fats-- trans-fats are BAD fats. We must differentiate.

    It's those if us who are normally carful who feel the direct results of an imbalanced meal most-- but we also benefit from the long-term assets that go along with being careful.

    Disney would do well to consider these things with due import.
  • Being a father of a 3 and 5 year old, I view this as a way for the parents to enjoy the family.

    I know how much my kids like Bear in the Big Blue House, and because of that, my wife and I went to see Playhouse Disney.  The fact that we didn't bring my 2 year old (at the time) son really hit us hard while we sat there.

    We are looking forward to going with the kids nest month, they will enjoy it, but I think we (Mom & Dad) will enjoy it as much or more.

    It might depend on the Family.  Never been to Disney, this could map out the best spots for you, whether it's money well spent is another question.  Experienced Disney parents, this could map out the best spots for you, and give you goodies for the memory chest.  

    Final thought...   Any child who is able to interact can be reminded for a few years with photos, DVDs, stories about there souvenirs...etc
  • PingBack from http://disney.wvsix.com/archive/will-it-be-a-roar-or-a-jungle-yodel/
  • I believe the links you all are looking for are:




    These are the two nameserves that Disney uses. Just make sure to change 2006-04-19 to the current date.
  • From Daily changes, there are a bunch of other interesting domains:


    A Junior High version of Grad Nite? Say it ain't so!


    No idea what this means


    Some sort of upcoming promotion (although promoting what? The DVD has already been released)


    You think they would've bought this one years ago
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