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"In the Realm of the Never Fairies" offers a detailed look at Disney's newest fantasy world

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"In the Realm of the Never Fairies" offers a detailed look at Disney's newest fantasy world

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Do you believe in fairies?

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

Seems like a simple enough question, don't you think? But -- before you answer -- you may want to consider picking up a copy of "In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow" (Disney Press, September 2006).

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

Why For? Well, just as the title suggests, this handsome hardcover gives its readers a detailed look at the formerly secret world of the "Disney Fairies."

Clearly modeled after two earlier best sellers ...

Copyright Harry N. Abrams

... Wil Huygen & Rien Poortvliet's "Gnomes" (Harry N. Abrams, May 1977) and Brian Froud & Alan Lee's "Faeries" (Harry N. Abrams, November 1978), "In the Realm of the Never Fairies" is a hyper-detailed text. Loaded with beautiful paintings of such Pixie Hollow locales as the Home Tree ... 

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

... More importantly, the homes of the actual fairies who live in the Home Tree.

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

"In the Realm of the Never Fairies" attempts to give you an overview of Disney's latest fantasy world. It walks you through the hierarchy of Pixie Hollow, where wise & kind Queen Clarion rules over all ...

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

... as well as explaining the day-to-day aspects of the Fairy World (I.E. Where the food that the fairies eat comes from ...

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

... and where the fairies go to eat that food once it's been prepared).

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

This 144-page book attempts to covers all aspects of the world of the "Disney Fairies." Everything from the specialized types of "talents" that each of these sprites possess (Below, you'll see an illustration of a quartet of water fairies honing their craft) ...

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

... to how pixies play. What activities (like frog racing) do the "Disney fairies" indulge in during their free time.

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

And -- as you might expect -- "In the Realm of the Never Fairies" does touch on the sprite that started it all: Tinker Bell.

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

Only now we get to see where Tink hangs out when she's not pal-ing around with Peter Pan. As her name suggests, Miss Bell is a tinker. As in: One who repairs pots and kettles. In fact, if you look closely at the illustration below, you'll see that Tinker Bell's workshop is actually a discarded tea kettle.

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

Of course, some Disney purists may be upset to learn that -- in the realm of the Never Fairies, anyway -- that Tink has a secret admirer, Terence. He's the sparrow man (I.E. Male fairies are called sparrow men) who manufactures all of the pixie dust for Pixie Hollow. And Terence has a particularly soft spot when it comes to Miss Bell.

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

And me? Well, I have to admit that I have kind of a soft spot when it comes to "In the Realm of the Never Fairies."

Oh, sure. I know. This hardcover is just another part of the on-going roll-out of the "Disney Fairies" franchise. Another carefully crafted piece of the well-thought-out campaign that's ultimately leading up to the November 2007 release of Buena Vista Home Entertainment's "Tinker Bell and the Ring of Belief."

But -- that said -- "The Secret World of Pixie Hollow" is not something that was just quickly slapped together in order to further the "Disney Fairies" franchise. Clearly a lot of care & craft went into this book's creation. Me personally, I think that this handsome handcover is worth picking up just for its amazing illustrations (Which were all created by the sadly-unnamed "Disney Storybook Artists").

Then -- when you add in Monique Peterson's text (Which has just enough of a tongue-in-cheek touch that you can genuinely enjoy reading this pseudo-scholarly work) ... Well, if you're already a fantasy fan, "In the Realm of the Never Fairies" should be a really fun read for you.

Copyright 2006 Disney Press

And even if you're not a fantasy fan, "The Secret World of Pixie Hollow" is still worth picking up. If only so you can then get a better understanding of the Walt Disney Company's next big franchise, the "Disney Fairies."

But what about you folks? Does the fact that the Mouse thought enough of its latest franchise to create an encyclopedia / atlas for this new fantasy world for its fans make you any more interested in exploring the world of the "Disney Fairies"? Or do you still think that it stinks that Disney Consumer Products dared to give Tink a new set of pals?

Your thoughts?

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  • Great artwork.  

    Are they still going to do "Disney Dwarves" Jim?
  • "Only -- for the first time ever -- we get to find out what Tink does what when she's not pal-ing around with Peter Pan."
    In the first Fairies book, "Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg", it mentions the different talents of the fairies, and does mention that Tink is a tinker.  I really enjoyed "Quest for the Egg" and I think the Fairies line is a good idea.  I like knowing the background behind the characters.  Over at UltimateDisney.com's forum, they have screen captures from the advertisement for Tink's movie...you can't clearly see Tink or the other fairies, but there is a girl.  I'm hoping it's well done.  When I first heard that Tink will be talking, I was kind of shocked, but, after having read the first Fairies book, I'm pretty interested how the movie(s) will turn out.  This encyclopedia sounds like a good idea, but it's not a story, so I don't think it'll be as fun as the actual story books.
  • "they have screen captures from the advertisement for Tink's movie"

    Actually black cauldron, the link to the trailer itself may be on that site. I watched it the otehr day and it was really quite impressive. The first cg film so far that has the qualities of a traditionally animated film and feels kinda of a taster for what to expect from Rapunzel.
  • I watched the trailer this morning- thanks!  I still wish they showed close ups of the fairies!  The little girl is cute, though!
  • Me, I actually love pseudo-encyclopedias, like the "Dragonology" book and the newer one about classic Hebrew angels that appears to be from the same creators. Although I'm not excited about the Tinker Bell films coming out, I would like to thumb through "In the Realm of the Never Fairies" and possibly purchase if it catches my fancy. The illustrations look luscious, and even if it feels that the franchise wasn't created for the most honorable intentions, it does look imaginative and spirited. Having Tinker Bell as a tinkerer is certainly different; an idea I'm going ot have trouble getting used to. But then again, I can see how she would utilize her talents to play pranks, or how she might slack off most of the time in favor of playing with Peter.

    Speaking of Peter, I definitely don't mind a sparrow man fancying Tinker Bell...just so long as she remains blinded by her obsession and undying loyalty to Peter Pan; after all, that's probably one of her most admirable and endearing traits.

    One thing I really hope for is that the fairies will all still be mischevious and somewhat spiteful towards humans, just the way fairies are originally supposed to be. Faires try to hinder humans out of sport, just as Tinker Bell does when encountered with Wendy and her brothers, even if she does eventually warm up to them. The fairies can be kind to one another all they want...I just hope the book doesn't make any claims that fairies are benevolent human helpers. ;)

    This definitely looks worth the time and the money. Thanks for the article and the dazzling pictures!
  • All those pictures remind me of the horrible short lived Light Magic parade at Disneyland.  Personally, I'm not that impressed but it probably will bring in the money.
  • "Only -- for the first time ever -- we get to find out what Tink does what when she's not pal-ing around with Peter Pan."
    "In the first Fairies book, "Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg", it mentions the different talents of the fairies, and does mention that Tink is a tinker."
    And only because Gail Levine was showing off that she remembered it was mentioned in the JM Barrie book...Quite a common fairy, really.  (Sorry, Tink, just showing off literary references.)  :)
    It's the first bit of book-canon trivia anyone likes to show off--For those who remember Tink in the 80's "Peter Pan & the Pirates" cartoon having a kitchen motif for all her exclamations..."Cookpots and collanders!"
  • I thought "Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg" was very poorly written. I guess I'm spoiled by Harry Potter.
  • The trailer looks awesome actually... I don't really like 3D but here it really looks okay!!! But I would really like to know that it's just the introduction that's 3D and that the rest is 2D... Please tell me that's the case :D

    P.S. The soundtrack to this also seems pretty cool. Is the movie a "musical" with traditional Disney-like songs and all?!? Or will it be just that lil part there?!?!  
  • "Tinker" Bell. Ouch.
  • I work at Barnes & Noble, and I must say this is one good looking book. Even if you think you are not a fairy fan, the art inside of it is breathtaking! Being a Disney fan, I have sold this book many times. Great work!
  • Several of the illustrations, especially the detailed full-color ones, are larger versions of the pictures in the chapter books. Even though I've seen some of the pictures before, I like that they have an art book for this series.
  • I first bought "fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg" to read to my [then month-old daughter, but quickly snatched up the rest for my entire family.  All of the books are quite well-written, and the characters are so loveable [Prilla and Terence - Tink's admirier - being my favorite, of course!]

    I really and truly want to see this line go through well, not because I think Disney Consumer Products should get another dollar in their pockets, but because I think this is a truly worthwile line of well-written books.  More importantly, they started out as BOOKS, and not movies, which is certainly a wonderful way for a child to spend his or her time.

    Until further notice, I'm waiting for the newest chapter book, Prilla and the Butterfly Lie, to be released in May.  I'm also wondering if I've shed enough pregnancy pounds to squeeze into the Disney Store's Disney Fairies apparel. But I digress...

  • i lovedisney fairies! its not just for chilidren butfor all ages!

    ad the artwork truly i incredible!

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