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"High School Musical on Tour" to finally hit the road on November 30th

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"High School Musical on Tour" to finally hit the road on November 30th

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Care to guess what the hottest concert ticket for the month of September was?

No, it wasn't Streisand or the Stones ...

Photos courtesy of Google Images

But -- rather -- the Cheetah Girls.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

I'm serious. The Cheetah Girls.

According to the TicketsNow Entertainment Index, that Disney-manufactured singing group actually sold more tickets on the secondary market last month than either Barbra Streisand and the Rolling Stones. Now in the middle of a virtually sold-out 60-city tour, the Cheetahs are sure to hang onto that top spot for another 10 days or so.

At least 'til the tickets for "High School Musical on Tour" go on sale on November 4th.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Pre-production & rehearsal for this 40-city concert tour actually began back on October 15th. Kenny Ortega, the Emmy Award-winning director & choreographer of the original "High School Musical" TV movie, is serving as creative director for the tour. Which is being staged by the Buena Vista Music Group, the recording and music publishing arm for The Walt Disney Company.

Mind you, not every member of the cast is ready right now to take part in rehearsals for "High School Musical on Tour." Take -- for example -- Monique Coleman ...

Louis Van Amstel & Monique Coleman on "Dancing with the Stars"
Copyright 2006 American Broadcasting Company

... She's still appearing on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." Which won't actually wrap production of its third season 'til November 15th.

And then there's Vanessa Hudgens. Who -- in support of her debut album, "V" -- ...

Copyright 2006 Hollywood Records

... has recently been appearing as the Cheetah Girl's opening act on their concert tour.

Whereas Zac Efron is still in the middle of shooting the movie version of the Broadway musical, "Hairspray." Which is why the role of Troy in "High School Musical on Tour" will be played by Andrew Seeley.

Zac Efron (right) and Andrew Seeley (left)
Photos courtesy of Google Images

Anywho ... Coleman, Hudgens and Seeley will be joined on stage by Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel and Corbin Bleu when "High School Musical on Tour" officially gets underway on the night of November 30th with a performance at San Diego's ipayOne Center.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

In the week-to-10-days that follows, the cast will be performing double duty. Appearing in "High School Musical on Tour" at night, while doing interviews & making personal appearances during the day to help support the release of the "High School Musical Remix" DVD. This new 2-disc version of this Disney Channel Original that hits store shelves on December 5th.

Copyright 2006 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

After that, the cast is on the road for most of December & January (With just three days off over Christmas and two days over New Years). "High School Musical on Tour" then completes its run with a performance in Las Vegas on January 28th. Then -- after a brief breather -- the cast regroups in February to begin shooting "High School Musical II." Which is due to debut on the Disney Channel in August of 2007.

Though not all of the performance venues for "High School Musical on Tour" have officially been finalized yet, here are the tentative dates & locations of the various stops on this concert tour:

Performance Date
San Diego
November 30th
Glendale, AZ
December 3rd
Sacramento, CA
December 5th
San Jose, CA
December 6th
Stockton, CA
December 7th
Bakersfield, CA
December 8th
Portland, OR
December 10th
Seattle, WA
December 11th
Salt Lake City, UT
December 13th
Bossier City, LA
December 16th
Dallas, TX
December 17th
Houston, TX
December 18th
Tampa, FL
December 20th
Jacksonville, FL
December 21st
Columbia, SC
December 22nd
Charlotte, NC
December 23rd
Greensboro, NC
December 27th
Washington D.C.
December 28th
Long Island, NY
December 29th
Manchester, NH
December 30th
Toronto, ON
January 2nd
Rochester, NY
January 3rd
Hartford, CT
January 4th
Pittsburgh, PA
January 6th
Albany, NY
January 7th
East Rutherford, NJ
January 8th
Worcester, MA
January 10th
Philadelphia, PA
January 11th
Cincinnati, OH
January 13th
Cleveland, OH
January 14th
Auburn Hills, MI
January 16th
Indianpolis, IN
January 17th
Columbus, OH
January 18th
Chicago, IL
January 19th
Milwaukke, WI
January 21st
St. Louis, MO
January 22nd
Kansas City, MO
January 23rd
Anaheim, CA
January 26th
Fresno, CA
January 27th
Las Vegas, NV
January 28th

Mind you, if "High School Musical on Tour" isn't coming to a concert hall near you, there's always the "High School Musical Pep Rally" ...

Photo by Jeff Lange

... Which is now being presented daily at both Disney's California Adventure as well as WDW's Magic Kingdom.

Photo by Jeff Lange

In this 20-minute-long show, Disney cast members recreate memorable numbers from this TV movie, including "Get'cha Head in the Game" ...

Photo by Jeff Lange

... and "Stick to the Status Quo."

Photo by Jeff Lange

As you can see by the sign below, the "High School Musical Pep Rally" is presented numerous times over the course of a day at the Magic Kingdom.

Photo by Jeff Lange


All this -- plus the countless productions of the stage version of "High School Musical" that will be presented around the country in the coming months -- makes one wonder: Is the Walt Disney Company's current strategy for cashing in on the "High School School" phenomenon a bit too much? Is the Mouse perhaps now in danger of over-milking its newest cash cow? Or will launching this new arena show as well as staging HSM pep rallies at the parks just whet people's appetites for "High School Musical II"?

Your thoughts?

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  • probably...but what else is new. its a tradition that goes all the way back to coonskin caps!
  • Read the header, and thought "YES!  Finally!...They were finally stupid enough to take it to Broadway rehearsals or some such, and fall off that big mainstream cliff!--Now they'll FINALLY find out that nobody cares about it!"
    But, er....nnnnope.  Just another manufactured tweeny-concert event, for those who bought the soundtrack.  Just like the Cheetah Girls.

    Seems like they're starting to keep it more in a sheltered environment, where only Disney Channel fans can get the chance to pretend it's a Really Big Hit, and that ultimate Big Public Embarrassment that could finally throw the bucket of cold water on the Phantom Hit keeps getting a stay of execution--Guys, you're only living on borrowed time.  :)
  • How do they keep getting popular...? Ugh. Well, keeping my own views of these Disney Channel stars aside, isn't it intriguing how these guys are high demand these days?

    Random thought:
    I miss the old Disney channel. According to the ratings for today's Disney programming, I am one of the fewer population of people who miss Faerie Tales and Vault Disney. Oh well.
    I stopped watching the channel altogether. I'll stick with the parks.
  • xaersomexelix, I miss the old Disney Channel, too.  I watch the new version, too, but it's not anything like the old one.

    I'm in college, but I love "High School Musical" and I'm sad they're not coming to Orlando...I doubt I would drive all the way to Jacksonville to see the cast onstage.  And, if Zac Efron can't play Troy, then it's great that Andrew Seeley can, since he did some vocals for Troy in the movie.  

    I haven't seen the Pep Rally at Tomorrowland yet, but it's not going to be the same as a full stage production (duh).  I would check it out next time I'm at MK, though.
  • Is it just me, or are the performers in the Pep Rally some of the oldest looking "teenagers" I've ever seen? It can't be THAT difficult to find (relatively)  talented performers that at least look like they're still in high school...

  • Anyone know when tickets might go on sale?  
  • Class,,,Class,,,your attention please,,,,take your seats,,,,,,today we are going to learn how statistics can be used to prove anything - anything at all.

    Let's take, for example, a vague phrase like "hottest concert ticket for September." It would be shocking to say the Cheetah Girls were "hotter" than Striesand and the Rolling Stones, but just let me use my magic statistics.

    First let's find a company that scalps tickets, or I mean to say sells tickets on the secondary market - that way we're not dealing with actual ticket sales. Next let's limit the statistics to a certain time period that proves our point - say September. During September, La Streisand DID NOT PERFORM, and the Stones had four concerts - all in mega stadiums, where chances were good that if you wanted a ticket, you could get a ticket. Also during September, the Cheetah Girls performed 15 nights, in much smaller arenas, so there is an actual market that would need to buy scalped tickets.

    Dad finds out one day before the concert that his little Molly simply must go with her friends to see Cheetahs - tickets sold out - Dad pops online and buys tickets from this scalper - Little Molly happy. As opposed to the scenario of Dad wants to see the Stones, plans months in advance, buys tickets in advance, no need to buy scalped tickets. So you see class, the Cheetah Girls are not really hotter than the Stones or Ms Streisand, or even a fresh churro, it was simply the magic of statistics.

    Yes Jennifer, you have a question? Well, "they are sooo," is not really a question, it's a quasi-rebuttal, but let me put it to you this way. If ABC needed some help during sweeps week, they would be glad to air a Streisand or Stones concert - that would mean big ratings. For the past couple of years, ABC has chosen NOT to air High School Musical because it's really not that big of a deal. You know what ABC will air the first chance it gets? Cars - that movie that they keep manufacturing statistics for to make it seem disappointing. That's all for today - class dismissed.
  • With people like DerekJ, AskMike, and Curmudgeon, this board is dangerously close to becoming "blowhard central."  Seriously, do these jackballs ever stop acting like they know everything.  I come to this site for one blowhard...Jim Hill!
  • Has anyone actually SEEN the High School Musical Pep Rally at the Magic Kingdom? I haven't myself, but there's NO way this 5-person atrocity could possibly compare to the spectacle that they've created at DCA.

    I wonder if Jim might do an article about comparing the new "shared" entertainment offerings at DLR and WDW?

    i.e. -- we both got the "same" HSM Pep Rally, Woody's Roundup, and Jedi Academy stuff... but they are worlds (no pun intended) apart in terms of scale and sheer quality.
  • P.S. - For those of you who are wondering just HOW much better DCA's Pep Rally is, you can find literally THOUSANDS of amazing pictures of BPB and HSMPR at www.dropshots.com/bequi. :-D
  • to Blackcauldron85. they are also performing in Tampa the day before they go to Jacksonville.
  • Imp said:
    to Blackcauldron85. they are also performing in Tampa the day before they go to Jacksonville

    Thanks- I honestly don't know where Tampa is!  I moved here 2 years ago, and unless it's near where I live in Orlando, I don't know where it is!  But, they'll be in Manchester, NH when I'll be back home in MA for the holidays.  I'm not sure I'll go, but if I do, it'll probably be there, though!

    Thanks for pointing it out to me!  :-)
  • Hahaha. Oh how i love thee curmudgeon.

    Im about as interested in this article as I am in Blue's Clues. Well, that Joe guy was decent looking.... but not enough to sit through Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper yakking on about paprika.

    Anyway. How about an inside scoop on the Monsters Inc show, or Nemo show. Heck, there are already production photos out for Nemo... but of course Jim would rather spew drama and numbers. wtf!?

  • Andrew Seeley is probably also taking over for Zack Effron because Zack Effron lip synced much of his musical numbers because he is a base and the songs for Troy are a tenor part.
  • "pretend it's a Really Big Hit"

    Again, I see the haters are pretending that it didn't sell millions of CD's and DVD's.  We get it.  You hate it.  You think it's stupid.  But quit pretending that it's some tiny niche thing and not "mainstream".  Anything that sets sales records is mainstream.  Period.
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