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Testing ... One ... Two ... Three ... A JHM Podcast ?!

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Testing ... One ... Two ... Three ... A JHM Podcast ?!

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Mike C. writes in to say:

Jim ...

I have been reading your articles for over a year and enjoying the information that your provide. I have recently listened to your appearances on the Magical Definition podcast with Nathan Rose and Tim Devine. I must admit you are the best part of that podcast. Have you ever considered doing your own podcast? Maybe the current setup works best with Nathan providing the interviewer position and you presenting Disney info. Keep up the good work.

-- Mike

Dear Mike --

Thanks for the kind words regarding the stuff that I've been recording for MagicalDefinition.com. Nathan and Tim are really nice guys and it's been fun doing the regular-appearance-thing on their show. Which is why I'm going to keep doing it.

But -- that said -- I've also been getting a lot of e-mails like the above note from Mike C. Where people keep asking me why JimHillMedia.com doesn't have its very own podcast. And the short answer to that question is ... Aren't there already enough podcasts out there ? I mean, do you guys really need another thing to listen to ?

But Max Schilling (I.E. JHM's webmaster) urged me to give a listen to all of the other Disney-related podcasts that are currently available. So I did. And I noticed that most of these podcasts seem to cover the Walt Disney Company from the fan's point of view. Which means that people were either far too negative and complain bitterly about everything that Mickey does OR they were far too positive and had nothing but nice things to say about all the products that the Mouse produces.

Which got me thinking: Would there actually be an audience out there for a podcast that takes a realistic approach to reporting on the Walt Disney Company ? Which -- right from the get-go -- ignored all of the magic, pixie dust and wonder that Mickey typically wraps its projects in ... and then saw the Mouse for what it really is. Which is this extremely powerful multi-national corporation that has its three-fingered hands in a lot of pies.

With the hope that there would actually be an audience for a show like this, Max and I recorded a pilot for a podcast last week. Which -- just like everything else that we do here at JHM -- tries to mix news, history and commentary to give you a very different view of the Walt Disney Company.

I guess I should caution you, though. This test show is a little rough around the edges. And I know of at least one change that we're going to make to the really-for-real first JHM podcast. Which is to change the name of the show. You see, "Realityland" is already taken. It's the name of David Koenig's forthcoming sure-to-be-great unauthorized history of Walt Disney World. Which you can now pre-order by clicking here.  

But -- beyond the fact that this proposed podcast now needs a new name -- this recording should give you some sense of the show of show that Mr. Schilling and I are thinking of putting into production. With our ultimate goal being that a podcast like this (Which would typically only be 15-to-20 minutes long) would then become a weekly feature here at JHM.

Of course, before we do that, we'd like you folks to give this podcast pilot a listen and then pass judgment on the production. Tells us what works. What doesn't. Don't be afraid to be brutal. Max and I are big boys. We can take it.

Anyway ... That's enough of an intro / explanation. Here's a link to the pilot for JHM's proposed podcast. Please check this show out, and then don't be afraid to share ... Your thoughts?

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  • I didnt think it was that bad. Perhaps this could be a way to finally finish some of the older stories.  Overall I thought it was good enough to do weekly.

  • Overall I liked the tone, but I felt that in the intro you pushed the "This is a pixie dust free podcast. There is no pixie dust to be found here. **** the ****ing pixies!" a little too hard.

    I enjoyed the conversational style. It felt very natural. I'd probably stick closer to 20 minutes than 15. That way you could maybe switch in and out a couple different shorter segments in addition to your main topic. Maybe you could use a minute or two to answer shorter reader questions that don't make it to "Why For?".

    I'm not terribly podcast savvy, despite probably being on the younger side of your reader age bracket so take my opinions with a grain of salt. I do listen to one regularly, a Dragonball based podcast on the website Daizenshuu EX.  

  • my one suggestion--the show would be far more closely tied to your site as the Jim Hill Podcast.  Realityland doesn't sound that good and also doesn't tie it to your site in any meaningful way.


  • An absolute must for animation fans is the animation podcast. It is absolutely amazing because it has interviews with all the major animators at Disney. Although they can't be called unbiassed at all, I am always holding my breath for the running time of the shows. It is so incredibly inspiring, hearing people like Andreas Deja, Glen Keane, Ron 'n John and all the others talk about their everyday work and struggles.

    Go hear!


  • Sorry for bad typo's. I didn't mean to submit that way nor did I get to finish. I would like to hear a JHM podcast. I like the tone of your articles. However, I feel that the topic was a bad choice to use as an example. If you stay true to your articles and website, I think that it could work.

  • Oh great, there goes the last hour of the day I don't spend working, sleeping, or listening to Disney-related podcasts. :) Seriously, though, Jim, a JHM podcast sounds like a great idea. My fiancee and I have really been enjoying your segments on Nathan's show; it's the next best thing to being able to talk to you about Disney-type stuff in person.

    You may have to fight David Koenig for the name of the show, though. Regardez-vous!  http://www.bonaventurepress.com/

  • A wonderful idea :)

  • "You may have to fight David Koenig for the name of the show, though."

    Argh ! Pschnebs is right. "Realityland" is the title of David Koenig's forthcoming (and sure to be great) book. Which is the unauthorized history of Walt Disney World.

    And the most embarrassing part of all this is that I knew this. I had actually exchanged e-mails with Mr. Koening recently, talking about how much I was looking forward to reading his latest opus. Which he's been researching for over five years now.

    That's where this title must have come from. That exchange with David. I must have tucked "Realityland" away in the cluttered sock drawer that I laughingly call my mind, thinking "That's a really great title" ... And then accidentally summoned it up when Max and I were struggling to come up with a title for JHM's podcast.

    Well, that's why you make pilots, folks. So you can make changes. And the very first change we're going to make is Mr. Schilling and I are going to find a new title for JHM's podcast.

    So (Though I've already sent a private e-mail to David apologizing for this rather large screw-up) let me now publicly apologize for accidentally "borrowing" the title of his new book, " Realityland : True-Life Adventures at Walt Disney World."

    And as to what we'll now call JHM's podcast ... Well, I guess we call always swipe the title of Morey Amsterdam & Rose Marie's 1966 film, "Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title" ...

    Then again, maybe not ...

    Let me get back to you on this ...


  • I agree with Englishboy - the name of the podcast should be changed. Definite tie in to the website would be my first choice as well.

    The podcast was good. Agree that you should answer subscriber questions. That would be great.

    Only comment on the pilot episode is to tone down the cliches.... "if it bleeds it leads" was said twice, I think. Once was enough.

    Great job, overall. I'll subscribe.

  • Loved the Padcast.


  • Sorry, Podcast...

  • Jim, just don't leave Magical Definition as I love the banter between you and Nathan and your segments really make the show.

  • I have enjoyed your behind-the-scenes stories on the Magical Definition podcast and wanted to suggest you start your own. However, the reason I didn't was because I was worried another project would delay the CD of your Disneyland Tour you first offered a year or two ago. Whenever I inquire about it, you have told me the reason it has been delayed is because you are so busy with the website and other projects. So, I am really torn. I would like you to have your own podcast, but really, really want you to finish the CD of your Disneyland Tour!

  • It was definately rough (which is par for the course for a pilot) but it was decent enough for a starter.  Definately oversold the "no pixie dust here" line -- the audience will get that from your content and overall tone, I think.  

    I was definately interested in the Death By Pasta bit -- who knew?  

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