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Toon Tuesday : Floyd Norman to be named a Disney Legend

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Toon Tuesday : Floyd Norman to be named a Disney Legend

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You all know Floyd Norman, right ? The animation legend who regularly contributes columns to this website?


Well, over the past few days, Floyd received a very special invite from the Walt Disney Company. They asked this veteran storyman to come by the lot on October 10th. More importantly, to bring his family with him.

Why For? Because Mr. Norman has just been singled out for the highest honor that the Mouse House can bestow upon one of its employees. Floyd has been named a Disney Legend.

Established in 1987, the Disney Legends award program was created (I'm quoting from the history portion of the official webpage now) to ...

" ... acknowledge and honor the many individuals whose imagination, talents and dreams have created the Disney magic ... Since its inception, (this) program has honored many gifted animators, Imagineers, songwriters, actors and business leaders as having made a significant impact on the Disney legacy."

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All Rights Reserved

And Mr. Norman is in some pretty esteemed company, let me tell you. Among the other 2007 Disney Legend honorees are:

When I contacted Floyd this past weekend to offer my congratulations, he responded with this typically humble e-mail:

Well, no one could have been more shocked than myself. I'm still trying to let this whole thing sink in. Plus, knowing who was on the board that selected this year's Disney Legends, I'm even more amazed. Guys like Marty Sklar, Roy Disney, Dick Cook and others. Wow!

Anywho ... Though the Walt Disney Company has yet to officially announce this year's Disney Legend honorees (Look for the Mouse to issue an official press release on this subject sometime next week), I just thought that JHM readers will appreciate a somewhat early "heads up" about this amazing honor that Mr. Norman is about to receive.

 Adrienne & Floyd Norman

So let's hear it for Floyd Norman ! Already an animation industry legend, soon to become a Disney Legend.

Your thoughts?

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  • I can't think of a more deserving recipient of this wonderful honor!

    If you read this, I just want to say- Congratulations, Mr. Norman! Thank you for contributing your artistic talents to the world of Disney. Your work has brought happiness and smiles to millions of people around the world and we are truly lucky that you chose to share your talents with us.


  • Thank you, Mr. Hill for telling us all of this wonderful news!

    And many congratulations to Mr. Norman for this great honor!  I have enjoyed reading the stories you post on this site, and I always look forward to reading more!  Thank you for always posting neat things for us to read.  I'm really glad that you will be recognized for all your hard work!  Now, even people who haven't read your tales will know what a special and amazing person you are!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful time at the ceremony, Mr. Norman!


    Sarah  :)

  • A hearty and well deserved congratulations, Mr Norman !  

  • Congratulations!!  That is awesome news indeed!!!


  • Congratulations Mr. Norman!

    Please keep up with the excellent articles you have posted here on Jim Hill Media.

  • Congratulations! You deserved it!

  • Great news, congratulations! If someone deserves it, it's you :)

    (Nice article, Jim.)

  • (Oh, and I know Eisner has had a major impact on the corporation (a good one in the beginning and a not so good one in the past ten years), but I'm still a little freaked out by the fact that they're making him a "Disney Legend". He already has a building, imho that's enough.)

  • Awesome news.  Congratulations!

  • Yay, Mr. Norman!  You are so deserving of this award- I'm so happy for you!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-)

  • Congratulations, Floyd! A well-deserved honor!!

    Enjoy every minute of it!

  • My hat is off to you, sir!

  • Greetings Mr. Norman and congratulations! I hope that you and your family have a great time on your special day!

  • Congratulations on this well-earned honor, Mr. Norman!

    And thank you for the additional joy and understanding you bring us JHM fans with your wonderful articles.  Your efforts are greatly apprciated.

    Sue in Texas

  • Dear Floyd,

    This honor is long overdue. I congratulate you sir!

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