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"Not a creature was stirring ...," not even the guy who writes all of those stories about the Mouse

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"Not a creature was stirring ...," not even the guy who writes all of those stories about the Mouse

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My apologies, folks. I know that JHM has been light on content for the past week or so. But there's a good reason for that: Snow. Lots & lots of snow.

As this New York Times article will tell you, New England has had a ridiculous amount of the white stuff dropped on it over the past few weeks. To give you some idea how deep the snow has gotten around here, below you'll see a picture of a full-grown deer ...

 Photo by Nancy Stadler

... that came through our yard earlier this week as it was foraging for food. The poor thing could barely push through the drifts in order to make it to the corn that Nancy and I had put out.

Anyway, what with the holidays as well as continually having to dig the house out after all those snowstorms, I really fell behind on the articles that I had planned on writing for the site this week. Which (for some reason) brings to mind my favorite line from the trailer for Steve Martin's film noir parody, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid."

 Copyright 1982 Universal Studios

Which says: "The people who brought you 'The Jerk' try to make it up to you."

Well, I may not have brought you "The Jerk." But I'd still like to try & make up to JHM readers for the past few days of no stories. So how's about you come by the site next week, when JHM will resume its usual Monday-through-Friday publishing schedule?

In other news ... I'd like to thank all of you folks who answered my call last Monday to help make the holidays a little brighter for the Harwick family. I am pleased to report that -- thanks to some very kind-hearted cast members -- Elizabeth and the girls had an absolutely wonderful time at Walt Disney World. Their admission to the parks was taken care of, they were treated like VIPs at various rides & shows at the parks. Disney's Community Relations Office even arranged to have a goodie bag waiting for the Harwicks when they checked into their hotel back on the 21st.

Hopefully once Elizabeth and the girls get back home to Bayboro, they'll give us a full report on how their trip went. But -- 'til then -- I'd like to thank all of you who helped to make the holidays brighter for this very deserving family.

And speaking of the holidays ...

Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? That's okay. Just click on the above banner above and pick yourself up a post-holiday treat at Amazon.com. FYI: if you do your on-line shopping that way, you help support JHM. So thanks in advance for starting your next shopping spree here.

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  • Hooray for the Harwick family AND the Disney Cast Members who read Jim's articles.  

    I don't want to start a spitting contest here Jim... but I am from Minnesota.  Have you seen how much snow got dumped on Duluth between December 23 and yesterday?!  What was the final measurement out by you?  Some reports are coming in that Duluth got two and a half feet!  

    ...so much for global warming!

  • Hey there Jim and Original 19. Hope you didn't lose electricity. I'm in Grass Valley. CA and have had no snow so far this year. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

  • I guess someone decided we don't get any kind of winter here in Florida this year.  80 degrees today.

  • Atom the forecast is for 26 on Wednesday.  Stop talking.

  • Original19-

    You do realize that amount of snow one recieves in winter has next to nothing to do with Global Warming? Global Warming is related to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and how it relates to the warming sea levels, which changes the standard weather patterns all over the globe.

    Happy New Year!

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