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National Treasure 3 & 4 ?! Big Thunder Mountain ... The Movie ?!

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National Treasure 3 & 4 ?! Big Thunder Mountain ... The Movie ?!

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Marvin T. writes in ask about "National Treasure: Book of Secrets."

What do you make of the last scene of "Book of Secrets" ? The one where the President of the United States asks Benjamin Gates about what he thought about Page 47 in the President's book. And the historian / treasurer hunter replies that "It's life-altering."

The President of the United States (Bruce Greenwood) and Benjamin Gates (Nicolas
Cage) confer in Walt Disney Pictures' "National Treasure: Book of Secrets."
Photo by Robert Zuckerman. Copyright 2007 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc.  All Rights Reserved

Was that what I think it was ? The set-up for "National Treasure 3" ?

Oh, yeah. You can count on there being at least two more installments of the "National Treasure" series, Marvin.

How can I be so sure? Check out the domain names that the Walt Disney Company registered just yesterday:


 Copyright 2007 Disney Press. All Rights Reserved

Given that "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" has already earned over $206 million during its initial domestic run (Which puts it well ahead of what the first "National Treasure" pulled in when that John Turteltaub film played in U.S. theaters back in 2004), both Jerry Bruckheimer and the folks at Disney are anxious to send the Gates family off on yet another adventure.

But until "National Treasure 3" turns up at your local multiplex (Which should be sometime just around Christmas in 2010), Bruckheimer & Disney will be exploring other ways to keep these characters (More importantly, the "National Treasure" franchise) fresh in movie-goers' minds. One idea that's being tried out right now is using Disney Press to launch a series of "National Treasure" -themed children's books. The first of these Gates Family Mysteries ...

Copyright 2007 Disney Press. All Rights Reserved

... Catherine Hapka's "Changing Tides" arrived on store shelves in November. The second book in this series -- "Midnight Ride," also written by Ms. Hapka -- is due to be published next month.

Copyright 2008 Disney Press. All Rights Reserved

There's even been some rumblings of Walt Disney Imagineering developing a "National Treasure" -themed attraction. But -- to be honest -- I think that's being done mostly to placate Nicholas Cage. Who -- when he was doing publicity for "Book of Secrets" back in December -- was actually quoted as saying that:

"My biggest thrill would be if Disney was so happy with the movie that they gave it a ride ... I love amusement parks and I love Disneyland and I would love to see a National Treasure ride. That would be a dream come true for me."

But before anything like that can happen, Disney & Bruckheimer first have to contend with "National Treasure 3." As in: Coming up with a storyline that would send the Gates family off in search of some artifact that could possibly have "life-altering" consequences.

If you were to do any poking around the Web, you'd find that the "National Treasure" fan community has already decided what Benjamin Gates should be searching for next. And that's the Fountain of Youth.

There's only one slight problem with that scenario. Do you remember the end of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" ?

 Copyright 2007 Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions. All Rights Reserved

Where Captain Jack Sparrow was using that chunk of chart that he'd swiped from Barbossa so that he could then follow the course that Ponce de León took back in 1513 ...

Copyright 2007
Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions. All Rights Reserved

Back when this Spanish explorer had gone in search of Aqua de Vita ...

Copyright 2007 Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions. All Rights Reserved

... AKA the water of life which flows from the Fountain of Youth.

Now given that Bruckheimer & Disney do eventually hope to put a "Pirates 4" into production (A film that -- I hear -- would toss the Elizabeth & Will characters over the side in favor of doing a bawdy buddy picture which would star Jack Sparrow & Barbossa. Where both captains of the Black Pearl would initially be competing for the exact same prize. But eventually all the double crossing would have to stop as these two rivals were then forced to join forces in order to defeat some supernatural terror), I'd say that it's highly doubtful that Jerry & Mickey would cannibalize the setting of the next "Pirates of the Caribbean" picture just so Benjamin Gates could then go off in search of the Fountain of Youth in "National Treasure 3."

Though, that said, I do want to share one gag that a friend in the Frank Wells building recently told me. Where he envisioned Disney & Bruckheimer actually mashing together its two top-grossing franchises:

"Wouldn't it be funny if -- when Benjamin Gates arrived at the Fountain of Youth -- he then found Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa ? It could be the Disney version of "Alien vs. Predator."

Which is admittedly an interesting idea. But not one I see Jerry and/or Mickey pursuing. Not now, anyway.

As to the proposed storyline for "National Treasure 3" ... Though Bruckheimer -- in an interview that he did with Collider back in December -- claimed not to know anything about the plot of the proposed sequel, saying ...

“The writers might know, but I don’t know. And they’re not going to tell me now because they’re on strike.”

Inside the Frank Wells building, there's already a brief plot description making the rounds. Which would supposedly send the Gates family off to Easter Island and beyond in search of Atlantis. More importantly, the pure, clean power source that was supposedly lost forever when this ancient civilization sank beneath the sea. Which -- were it to be harnessed today -- would immediately put an end to global warming. Not to mention making gas & oil obsolete.

Which should thrill Nicholas Cage. Since he said -- as Cage was doing promotion for "Book of Secrets" back in December -- that:

"I was very happy to see that we went to London, England and Paris, France. But I’d like to see us go wider still (in any follow-up films. Benjamin Gates) could go to Africa, Egypt, Asia and keep going."

Please keep in mind, though, that nothing's carved in stone just yet. Given the way things work in Hollywood these days, that proposed storyline is bound to change once the writer's strike has been resolved and official development can finally begin on the "National Treasure 3" screenplay.

And who knows? Maybe Mickey & Jerry will then decide to do something truly off the wall. Like sending Benjamin Gates out to the American Southwest in search of a certain mountain. Which is said to contain a huge albeit cursed amount of gold.

 Copyright 2006 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Which I know sounds totally ridiculous. Except that -- late last week -- the Walt Disney Company also registered these four domain names:


And from what I understand, this is not a case of the Mouse simply doing some place holding. But -- rather -- that these domain names were registered because Walt Disney Pictures actually has a "Big Thunder Mountain" movie in development. More importantly, that folks at the studio are trying to convince Bruckheimer to produce the thing.

Now what this proposed big screen version of "Big Thunder Mountain" might do to that "Jungle Cruise" movie that Disney already has in development (Or -- for that matter -- whether this western-themed production might then have some impact on that big budget "Lone Ranger" remake / revival that Jerry's been trying to get Disney to greenlight for a while now) ... Who can say?

All I know is that we've got a lot of new "National Treasure" -related stuff headed our way over the next five years. So I hope you folks really like Nicholas Cage. Because you're going to be seeing a lot of him (or should I say his Benjamin Gates character?) now through 2013.

Your thoughts?

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  • Give that woman a martin!, Heck, give her martini, if she wants two........;)

  • Please not Atlantis.  We already saw that movie and its sequel!

    I think the treasure should be associated with American history as in the first two movies, although it is good to have to go all over to track clues.

  • I've always thought this-


    was inspired by this-


  • Along for the glide: beginner tries out 4 ski areas ...Blogged about at National Treasure 3 & 4 &6;! Big Thunder Mountain ... The Movie &6;! - jimhillmedia.com, Any Floridian will tell you, we have three mountains in the Sunshine State: Space Mountain,

  • Somebody asked "Why invent a new franchise when you can just plus an existing one?" Here is why that is a REALLY dumb question, with all  due respect:

    1. Existing franchises often aren't yours--for example, somebody's paying somebody for rights to "The Lone Ranger" characters, and we all know from past experience with Disney's Muppet and Pixar and Pooh and Oz associations how sticky that kind of shared copyright teamwork can get legally and financially. When it comes to hit characters that have a long, happy, profitable life, the old song says it: "God bless the child who's got his own."

    2. Once upon a time in a movie franchise galaxy VERY far away from today's world of cheap DVD's, home streaming video, and PIRATES of, not the Spanish Main, but the shiny disks, people used to make movies like the original "Star Wars" trilogy megahits not by seeing them once or even twice but by going back and shelling out admissions again and again and again. Now, due to all the factors above, they don't. I literally overheard a kid at one of the recent Lucas-isms saying to his Mom when they exited the multiplex "Gosh, that was great, Mom! When do you suppose the DVD will come out?" Mom said, "Probably October or November for Christmas" (This was August) and the KID said "Great! Then I don't have to pay to see it again, I can wait!"

    Franchises, in short, have a much shorter "shelf life" per episode these days than they used to, and all that home replaying wears out even a really good idea faster than it used to.  True, there is a certain fun in the familiarity of a "franchise" flick: You go to see James Bond because you KNOW he's gonna do great stunts, bang great broads, and blow away great and eccentric badguys. Its like a comfy old sweater you bring out every fall. But even sweaters wear out and fray....so you have to buy new ones.

    3. NEW franchises (by which I mean NEW characters/stories that can become so popular they take on a longevity and have sequel potential) are quite literally whole new industries of their own. They spin off other characters, they create merchandise and, as we all know, even inspire theme park rides, etc. etc.

    So tell me folks: WHY if you are all constantly clamoring for NEW attractions and NEW parks and NEW ideas from Imagineering do you sit there hoping for recycling when it comes to movies? Why not have Mickey and Donald meet Cap'n Jack and Barbarossa and seek out the secrets of the Yeti high atop the Matterhorn..er, Everest, and, by the way, they can run into a hopping-mad Captain Nemo who's looking to sue some animator for using his name for a fish, and then a little girl in a blue and white dress can lead them down a rabbit hole where they find....well, either the Holy Grail or Mike Eisner's toupee or....

    Why'd I stop? Because you can only string these things out for so long and so far....and at "Pirates" IV, they'll have already reached the breaking point because this is NOW, not the 70's or 80's and we've SEEN this trick over and over already and we are NOT going to shell out $400 million in boxoffice to see "National Treasure VII: The Wrath Of Cage!"


  • this movie is the work of Illuminati, Nicolas cage is a famous freemason who usually work in the films which have messages of Antichrist.

  • i would love to get my hands on the script for National Treasure 3 to find out the plot. I seriously doubt it's Atlantis. Does anyone know when the trailer is coming out? I looked on www.nationaltreasure3trailer.com but it's not posted.

  • Can you guys tell me when is this movie comes out in 2012 PLEASE!!!!! I want to know?

  • Yes I have been waiting for National Treasure 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on!

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