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"Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!" includes a tribute to a certain well-known website? Well, ain't that cool?

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"Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!" includes a tribute to a certain well-known website? Well, ain't that cool?

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When "Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!" re-opened last month after a three month long rehab, Disneyana fans were hoping that some significant changes would have been made to this DCA dark ride. But with the exception of some new safety gates that had been added to this attraction's load area ...

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

... Everything was pretty much the same.

Which started yet another round of grousing on the Web. Why For? Because theme park enthusiasts have never really embraced this California Adventure attraction. Mostly because they believe that "Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!" has far too much in common with the dark ride that it replaced, "Superstar Limo."

 Photo by Jeff Lange

Of course, given that the Imagineers reportedly spent $30 million on the retheming of this Hollywood Pictures Backlot attraction ... One sometimes wonders where all of that money went. Given that "Superstar Limo" 's exterior (Which was made up mostly of painted flats) ...

 Photo by Jeff Lange

... was replaced by "Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!" 's exterior (Which was also made up mostly of painted flats).

 Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

And inside the attraction itself ... The ride vehicles are the same. The track layout is the same. And -- if you're paying really close attention -- you'll notice that those minimatronic celebrities who used to appear in "Superstar Limo" are also still inside this attraction. Only in different locations and in somewhat mutated form.

Don't believe me? Okay. Do you remember that Jackie Chan figure who used to appear in this dark ride?

 Photo by Jeff Lange

Well, Jackie's still in this show building. Only his minimatronic figure has been redressed as a member of the Child Detection Agency.

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

Likewise Drew Carey -- who used to hawk maps to the stars' homes in "Superstar Limo" ...

 Photo by Jeff Lange

... now offers you brochures with information about that missing human child, Boo.

 Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

And do you remember how super model Cindy Crawford used to spritz you with her new signature perfume as you rolled along Rodeo Drive?

Photo by Jeff Lange

Well, Cindy too has joined the CDA. And that misting function that was built into her old minimatronic figure is now used to decontaminate guests as they roll through "Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!"

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

Mind you, some of these recycled "Superstar Limo" figures are harder to spot than other. Take -- for example -- Tim Allen.

Photo by Jeff Lange

Only by comparing the shape of the Allen minimatronic's shoulders & the positioning of this figure's legs do you then release that this CDA agent used to be Tim the Tool man.

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

Likewise the Whoopi Goldberg figure that used to appear in "Superstar Limo" 's big Hollywood premiere finale sequence.

 Photo by Jeff Lange

The only thing that gives away that this particular Child Detection Agency member used to be Whoopi is the unique bend of the knees that you find in both figures.

 Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

In other cases, you almost have to be a member of "CSI" in order to to be able to determine that these miniatronic versions of Melanie Griffith & Antonio Banderas ...

 Photo by Jeff Lange

... have been turned into the CDA agents ...

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

... who spray you with CO2 just before you reach the final scene of "Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!"

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

And I doubt that Joyce Philbin herself would have been able to recognize her husband, Regis ...

 Photo by Jeff Lange

... Now that the host of "Live with Regis & Kelly" has been transformed into that villainous chameleon, Randall Boggs.

 Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

And even though Cher has had more than her share of cosmetic surgery ...

 Photo by Jeff Lange

... I don't think that she'd have been able to recognize her old "Superstar Limo" figure. Particularly since the Imagineers had cut the minimatronic version of this Oscar winner in half, so that she could then be seen sticking her head out of an open manhole cover.

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

But, look. I don't mean to make it sound like that the Imagineers didn't put anything new into "Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!" Take -- for example -- this bulletin board. Which appears in a couple of different spots as your ride vehicle rolls through the factory portion of the attraction.

 Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

If you look closely at these boards, you'll notice that there's a memo pinned up there that talks about the "Top Ten Ways to Get Fired" at Monsters, Inc.

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

Check out Number 8 on that list.

Photo by Dave of Davelandweb.com

That's right. WDI actually made an Internet-based joke as part of their retooling of "Superstar Limo." And -- just so you know -- that Aint It Cool News gag has been in place since "Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!" first re-opened back in December of 2005.

So congratulations, Harry Knowles. You've finally made the big time. Never mind about those cameos in "Monkeybone" and "The Faculty." You -- or, rather, your website -- has now been immortalized inside of a Disney theme park attraction.

Which -- you have to admit now -- is pretty cool.

Your thoughts?

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  • Actually Jim, Alot of us out here in southern california genuinely like the attraction our problem with it isnt the quality  its where its placed  How do you place Monsters Inc  in Hollywood pictures backlot without creating a decent backstory that ties it in  to the studio . Seems to be the case of alot of new attractions lately.  Overall though I like it , they took something that was universally hated by everyone and made it a family friendly attraction that all seem to enjoy.

  • Also Jim you can find that list of ways to be fired at the Monster's Inc. character spot near the backlot tour of Hollywood Studios along with a few other nice touches.  I guess Harry should be twice as proud.

  • Jim, are you looking to incite the masses or what? My goodness gracious! You have just perfectly described the downfall of what has happened to some of the D and C attractions throughout that past decade or two.  Yes Jim. Yes, this is exactly why all of the “uber dweeb’s (me)” have been forcefully banging on their keyboards asking… Why? I would swear that this article is only here to see the record number of responses it will receive. Kudos to your spoon stirring the pot of  disapproval.  

  • I have not ridden the new Mike and Sully ride, but it looks nice.

    I am wondering about cost of changing the ride or creating a new one vs. other parks. Lots of parks seem to be getting C or D ticket type dark rides lately, (Lego Land has a neat looking one opening soon) and how do the costs stack up vs. each other? Does Disney spend more for the same quality?

    Does anyone know if Disney outsources the ride's scenic, AAs ect?

  • Actually Lighttragic, a lot of us So Cal residents dislike the attraction as well.  The average good response I hear is: "That was...cute."  While not every attraction needs to be an E-ticket thrill-a-second monster, I couldn't help but notice how slow paced and outdated this new attraction is.  The same level of AAs seen in 25 year old attractions?  The story-line lends itself to the madcap style of Roger Rabbit or Mr Toad, not large empty showscenes found here.

    Yes, the theming is weak for the location.  But people are easy to forgive when the ride works.  This ride doesn't work and the theming issue is just adding insult to injury.

  • When doing a rehab on a ride, is it Disney policy to preserve as much of the old attraction as possible?  They seem to fool me every time.  Whenever I get excited about a new attraction, I'm always disappointed when I see all of the components from the old attraction in use.  It's so cheap!

    The Mexican Boat Ride does needs more than Donald Duck to save it...  Sometimes I wish they'd just gut some of these ride buildings and start over.

  • I must digress with some of the previous posts. I love this attraction. AA figures are very expensive so I'm not offended if WDI re-uses them. I think it's kind of fun to go through an attraction and see if I recognize an older re-used figure. As for placement, maybe it would work better over in Tomorrowland. It would surely get better ridership over there.

    I don't think it needed any changes anyway. It fits the movie perfectly.

    As for re-using older AA figures, wouldn't it be hilarious if they took Abe Lincoln, keeping it's head and hands but exposing the body and put it in the Haunted Mansion? It could be called "Mr. Zombie."

  • I never went on Superstar Limo and only have seen it through youtube; it looked horrible...I can understand why guests didn't like it. As for the reuse of figures...I guess that's recycling at it's best! It would be even more interesting to see if Cher, Vanna, and the rest are still intact underneath the CDA uniform or if they were totally dismantled and only used for their mechanics. And on the Monsters Inc attraction itself...I enjoyed it when I first rode it, but I certainly wasn't overwhelmed when I got off the taxi. The ginger smell in Harryhausen's restaurant is a nice touch, and the door scene is fairly impressive, but overall, as stated by others, it's about the same level as the "Snow White" & "Pinocchio" attractions in Fantasyland: nice to cruise through, but nothing to really make you say "wow." "Peter Pan" definitely (for me at least) is a wow...flying over London has always been way cool. Even non-"E" attractions can have a "wow" factor.

  • This "recycling" reminds me of the time that Disney closed down "America Sings" and gutted the AAs for Splash Mountain.  I always wondered if that cost-cutting move caused the early demise of a great (and classic) attraction.  It lends credence to the theory that Imagineering, while brilliant, can run up the price tag of new projects and "force" these efforts.  Might an outside Contractor produce a better attraction without having to resort to cannabalism?

  • Doctor> IIRC... The pitch for Splash Mountain included reusing many of the America Sings figures, due to their similiarity to SOTS characters. And that's what got a ride based on a vaulted film actually built-because it offered a large AA show at the fraction of what it would normally cost. Now, I've heard AS was going to close anyway but that the Tokyo park requested it. Also heard that one of the hosts of AS was built from the parts of the Hatbox Ghost.

    And maybe that's the real concern. I get the Splash Mountain recycle job. It's a visual match. But the whole Superstar Limo thing... It speaks to a lack of resources that so much is visible of the salvage job/Filmation-style reuse. Ok, my little sister is a Muggle when it comes to this. (Perez is her daily blog of choice)  And she noticed the new ride wasn't all that different. I just think there's got to be more innovation in what's otherwise a fiscally responsible policy of reusing figures. Otherwise, we'll start seeing poses from World of Motion in the Hall of Presidents.

  • Wow! Are people really bothered by this? I would guarantee that 99% of DCA guests would never even notice this. I for one didn't, and I (having never experienced AS) never knew those figures moved to Splash Mountain. People need to realize that Disney is not making everything just for them, but all the visitors to the park. Should Monsters Inc. still be around in 10 years, and children go on the ride to visit Mike and Sully, do you really think they'll be wondering where those AA figures came from?

  • Proffesor Tango:  I guess than so cal fans disagree and thats the beauty of going to a theme park you have choices of what attraction to visit. I feel, Its the age old debate AP's  vs Non Aps  Fanboys vs Non Fanboys  While I am an Ap'er  I enjoy the attraction I think it is alot of fun from the smells of the sushi to Roz at the end making reference to people on the attraction .  I Also have noticed when travelling with Non Ap'ers the likeabiltiy is very good.  Everyone in the party seems to get a great kick out of it now . Everyone I know who is a non Ap. and I visited with around 100 of them last year, relatives friends in town etc. They all enjoyed the attraction. However you get in a line with an Ap'er  you get a grumbler and a griper .  Its a fun attraction , to each is own. Not everyone loves  certain attractions like .   As an Ap'er my concern is the the placement of the attraction not the attraction itself.  And with every E like tower of terror  in DCA , it needs to have a c or d like Monsters inc as well.

  • Profesor Tango while i understand your point we agree to disagree.  I think it brings up the age old debate of AP vs Non AP  fanboy vs non fanboy , While I am an Ap'er I enjoy the attraction from the smells of the sushi  in Harry Hausens, to Roz making fun of people on the attraction at the end of the show.   I have noticed that when im with Non ap'ers they truly enjoy the attraction  and it has great likeability.  one I remember saying it has a fresh and updated take on the classic fantasyland dark rides . this was coming from a non Aper who only comes to disney once a year. now last year I did that with about 100 people  friends, family, clients etc.   and all who have ridden it liked it.    On the flipside   get confronted by an Ap'er in line  and  they will tell you what they think of the attraction you have a complainer and a griper. Not every Ap'er is like this im not picking on every ap'er but  it is truly the hardcore ones who make it  an Ap'ers business  to state opinions and scare individual paying customers of steering away  of certain attractions because they think its not good  etc. Let these guys judge for themselves.  If they ask for advice fine. I cant tell you the number of times I have observed Ap'ers jumping in on conversations because they hear  certain keywords. It frustrates me as an Ap'er to watch this. I have been an Ap'er since the 80's literally since the introduction of an annual pass when it was a much smaller amount of people now it towers of a half million because people pay just over $100 for a so cal select now. I dont try to pass my judgements off to other people I simply  enjoy the attractions I like and try new ones and if I like it , I will continue to enjoy it on a future trip if I dont like it ,  I wont  go on it .however if I have an out of towner or friend who wants to go on a certain attraction i dont like say Small world... Ill tough it up and go on it, its the guests hard earned money and they can chose to go on it if the please just keep your opinion out of it.    In closing I do enjoy the attraction its placement i consider a stretch of theming. But overall a good attraction.

  • Wow.

    Some people really need to spend a little time outside the parks and get a slightly better perspective on things.

    Do you really want Disney to trash perfectly good AA's and then spend money on brand new ones... that do basically the same things that the old ones did?

    Does anyone really expect every ride to be an E ticket? If so, I hope you enjoy losing every ride in Fantasyland, ToonTown, Main Street.

    Does anyone honestly expect every ride to fit their exact personal tastes as to what a ride should be? I'd like PotC to be longer and faster... so I'm going to complain that it's bad and that Disney was cheap during the last refurb.

    Monster's is a good ride. It is on par with most, if not all, of the dark rides you find in a Disney park. I have ridden it numerous times and I have NEVER seen anyone (and I'm mostly concerned with the kids reactions... but I'm including adults too) who did not really enjoy themselves. I've gone on it with young and old people alike, all in my own group, and everyone enjoyed it. Was it their favorite ride of the day? No. But they were all glad they rode it. They all wanted to ride it again before they left to go home.

    And it's waaayyyy better then Pooh!

    I do agree that the theming is odd at best. But then again, DCA is the stupidest idea (theme) for a park I've ever seen... so in that sense it's a perfect fit. I'll take a quality ride that doesn't fit with the theme over a bad ride (Superstar Limo)that perfectly fit's the theme. Of course that logic only applies to DCA... which defies logic anyway.  ;o)

  • Good call Captain hook91 and I appoligize to everyone for my multiple postings it didnt appear on screen at first so i kept hitting submit  :)

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