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Monday Mouse Watch : "Camp Rock 2" ? A Jonas Brothers concert in 3D ?

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Monday Mouse Watch : "Camp Rock 2" ? A Jonas Brothers concert in 3D ?

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Over the past few weeks there have been several high profile stories out there about how the Walt Disney Company will be building on the lessons that it learned with the "Hannah Montana" & "High School Musical" franchises. So that the June 20 - 23rd roll-out of "Camp Rock" will be the biggest thing yet for the Mouse House.

Well, when Mickey says that he's going to borrow from the "Hannah Montana" & "HSM" playbook, he's not kidding. Take -- for example -- these four domain names that the Walt Disney Company registered back on April 6th:


 Copyright 2008 Disney. All Rights Reserved

We're still more than two months away from this Disney Channel Original's multi-platform debut -- when "Camp Rock" will air on the Disney Channel, ABC (as a special edition of "The Wonderful World of Disney"), ABC Family, Radio Disney and Disney.com in Disney XD -- and the Mouse is already talking sequel.

Wait. It gets better. In support of "Camp Rock" as well as their third studio album (which streets in August) , the Jonas Brothers will be hitting the road this summer. From July 4th through Labor Day, Joe, Nick and Kevin will be on a 38-city North American tour. And at several stops along the way, a Disney Digital 3D production crew will be filming the brothers' every move.

Why For?


 (L to R) Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas chat with Jimmy Kimmel during their
recent appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Photo by Michael Desmond.
Copyright 2008 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All Rights Reserved

If all goes according to plan, the Jonas Brothers 3D concert film will follow right in "Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" footsteps. Meaning that the Disney Digital 3D production will be released to theaters sometime in late January / early February 2009 for a limited engagement.

Speaking of "Hannah Montana" ... The movie version of that popular Disney Channel series finally begins shooting next month in Tennessee. Just last Sunday, hundreds of people traveled to Nashville with the hope of being cast in this Walt Disney Pictures production. Which will detail what happens when the Stewart family makes a long overdue return to Buford County.

As for the rest of the "Hannah Montana Movie" 's story ... Well, as Jason Earles -- who plays Miley's older brother Jackson Stewart on this Disney Channel hit -- put it in a recent interview:

"Hannah Montana" co-star Jason Earles.
Copyright 2006 Disney. All Rights Reserved

“(What) with the (writer's) strike ... there’s a couple of versions of the script floating around. So it’ll be exciting to see where we land.”

Which perhaps explains the multiple domain names that the Walt Disney Company has registered for the "Hannah Montana" movie back on March 13th. Which include:


 (L to R) Billy Ray Cyrus, Jason Earles, Miley Cyrus, Mitchel Musso & Emily Osment.
Copyright 2006 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Which suggests that the script for this May 2009 Walt Disney Pictures release is still very much in flux. And then -- to further confuse the situation -- check out this other domain "Hannah Montana" -related domain name that the Mouse House registered:


Which makes one wonder. Did Disney grab this domain name to help support the August 23rd release on the DVD version of that "Best of Both Worlds Concert" (Which -- FYI -- will be in 3D) ? Or is the Studio seriously considering making this "Hannah Montana" feature film a Disney Digital 3D release ?

Which -- I know -- seems somewhat likely. But let's remember that -- just last week -- John Lasseter announced that all of Pixar & Walt Disney Animation Studio's upcoming CG films would be Digital 3D releases. And then when you consider some of the other domain names that Mickey has registered recently (EX:


 (L to R) Lajon Dantzler, Harry Shum Jr., Robert Hoffman, Christopher Scott and Adam G. Sevani in "Step 2 the Streets." Photo by Karen Ballard. Copyright 2007 Touchstone Pictures and Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved

... it's clear that the Studio is giving very serious thought to expanding its Disney Digital 3D operations beyond the current assortment of CG animated features & specialty concert films.

So what do you folks think? Is it really such a smart move for the Walt Disney Company to plan so far ahead with its tween friendly franchises? Does it take some of the fun out of these films to learn about all of the advance planning that the Mouse does on some of these projects?

Your thoughts?

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  • I personally have no interest in any of the Disney Channel stars so all of this hoopla is nothing but an irritation. Guess you can tell that I don't have any tweens in my household!

    I certainly understand Disney going for that market. But, it is always OVERKILL pumping us (or the kids I shoulkd say) with the franchises ad nauseum. Even too much of a good thing can make you sick or turn you off altogether. The publicity machine and the big business of the entertainment industry is fierce and Disney has to compete and they got to bleed a product for all its worth.  

    As for the product mentioned here, however, I choose to be aware of it as a vital part of the Diney stable and opt to ignore it. No, Hannah, Jonas Bros. or HSM for me; the younger set can have it.

  • Uh....with all due respect, Balloo....if you, as an  adult without tweenies, WERE excited by or interested in these present and future Disney Channel "franchises".... I'm sure they'd be worried (smile.)  

    I'm with you--they're not for me, they're not about me, and they're not particularly relevant to me...but I have a feeling my 4-year-old granddaughter will find herself enthralled by them sometime soon...and in THAT sense they ARE relevant. Here's why: My just-was-16-year-old niece was a seriously smitten Britney Spears fan from about the end of her Mouseketeer days thru the beginning of her pop idol rise. That worried ME as a doting uncle when the antics of the older-but-not-wiser ms. Spears became everything but the role-models I'd hope for my niece. Happily, she was turned OFF by those as much as she'd been enthralled with the earlier incarnation.

    So in that sense, as members of the culture at large, the choices that our future generations make for their entertainment and style idols are important and relevant to us...when they have the potential as all such things to to become terribly WRONG choices. To the degree that we hope that Disney entertainment for kids will remain the wholesome kind we knew and loved, we're interested and it matters to our future wellbeing as the future's adults...voters...lawyers...doctors... politicians...etc. etc. will be the products of what they grew up on as much as we are of what we grew up on.

    But as to the shows and music themselves? Yawn....I totally agree.

  • I have no interest in these franchises neither. Personally, I find Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers kinda awkward, but that's just me. HAH.

    i can see that Disney wastes no opportunity in cashing in on the popularity of Miley Cyrus and other current teen sensations.

    I wish there was more content on Disney Parks like they used to do back in the 90's. Remember the old version of "Imagineer That!" and the host was that frail looking robot puppet? I forget his name. It wasn't truly a show, but a short little feature in between commercials that gave updates to current projects and new attractions of the Disney Parks around the world. I miss that. I also miss Faerie Tale Theater and the strange celebrity cameos depicting various storybook characters, but bah oh well. Change happens, that's how things work I guess. Look at me, I'm on a tangent. Byebye.

  • Check out Jim Hill's weblog. He watches to see what domains companies register. It appears that Disney has registered CampRock2.com and variations of that. In addition, Disney also registered JonasBro ...

  • As far as hannahmontanafilm3d.com goes -- remember that the DVD & Blu-Ray releases of the concert film had recently been announced.  (http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=1193)  Therefore, that could easily just be a domain used in conjunction with promotion of the DVD & Blu-Ray release.

    Which is only significant that it'll be the first Blu-Ray in 3-D....   even if it is butchered  visually with an anaglyphic conversion.

  • Remember when the Disney Channel's best shows were Good Morning Mickey and Dumbo's Circus?  =)

    I think the one thing that turns me off about the latest trends is the lack of creativity.  Disney has long had teen sensations -- Annette Funnicello, Haley Mills, anyone?  But back then, they cast their young stars in a series of different vehicles.  But Miley Cyrus has never done anything except be herself or be her character(s) in Hannah Montana.  "We need something else to put on Miley Cyrus's schedule."  "Okay, time to write a new Hannah Montana show then."

    Imagine if instead of The Parent Trap and Summer Magic and the Moonspinners, we'd had Pollyanna II and Pollyanna III and Pollyanna: A Cross-Country Adventure...

  • Well, that's actually the point, LtPowers. Disney has realized that they can't do much with Miley, as she's a very weak actress.

    Which is why they're "replacing" her with the female star of Camp Rock, Demi Lovato. Who is a versatile actress, and also has an arguably better singing voice than Miss Cyrus.

    I personally am not a big Hannah Montana fan, but the Jonas Brothers are pretty awesome. So, I can't wait to see Camp Rock and any other future projects involving the band.

  • While I'm fairly interested in all of the above franchises - they're hard to ignore, especially when you're a mother, caretaker for an 8-year-old who calls herself "Miley's Biggest Fan!", and a camp counselor that does double-duty for costuming the camp's upcoming production of HSM.  That said, I agree with LtPowers; I would like to see them put their stars in other roles, though you do see it to a certain extent.

    My bigger concern is the "3D" - it comes of as more of a weenie - an excuse to charge an extra $1 per ticket.  Even more, not everyone can see the effects properly.  I wear glasses, and any 3D film, from "Honey I Shrunk to Audience!" to "Mickey's Philharmagic" appears a bit blurry to me because my glasses push the 3D goggles too far from my eyes.  A close friend of mine is blind in one eye, leaving him unable to appreciate the effects at all [he was DEVASTATED to hear that almost all upcoming Disney/Pixar releases will be in 3D!]

    I'd rather Disney use their technology for something that everyone can enjoy and share.  After all, how long will this craze last?  Will it oversaturate the market like the CG flicks?

  • Actually, prior to the rise of Britney Spears (post-Disney) and Miley now, the one Disney star who in the company's entire history had the BIGGEST effect on tweens and teens as far as merchandise, social impact, dress-alike-ness, etc. etc. etc. was NOT Annette and NOT the rest of those mentioned here....it was...can you guess?








    Fess PARKER! How's THAT for unlikely-but-true...but it IS true. The Davey Crockett craze and the HUGE sales of coonskin caps and Davey-ana was ENORMOUS, and just imagine...it was in the days when 3-D was only for drive-in sci-fi B-pictures, too!

  • aeva the the 3-D films at the parks were not done in digital 3-D like the films Disney will be making in the future.  Digital 3-D is much cleaner and the effects should be less "foggy".  A better judge of 3-D films would be Toy Story Mania and recent films like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Superman Returns.  Both of which used IMAX 3-D, which was AMAZING.

    Why for are so many companies excited about using digital 3-D on future films?  Simple.  It's nearly impossible to PIRATE!  Your friend with the one eye should blame the jerks on the internet and the streets ripping off other people's hard work for this, not the companies trying to protect their rights while supplying a new reason to go to the movies.

  • Miley has a voice acting role in Bolt, maybe she's attempting to branch out and prepare for the inevitable day when she's not all that anymore.

    I have a 9 year old who loves Hannah. I think Hannah is alright most of the time. I admit, I laugh. I'm proud to say that she's done with High School Musical and even prouder to say she can't stand the Jonas Brothers. I guess all those Springsteen and Beatles CD's I play in the car and in the house have paid off. She doesn't like the Jonas's music !!

    I also have 5 year old twins, who could care less about any of this, but I find it odd that they've been invited to 2 High School Musical themed 6 year old birthday parties in the past month. Why are 6 year olds into High School Musical?

  • cbarry123...I'm only guessing here, but maybe the reason for the "Themed" parties for HSM are less about what the kids that age like/want and more about what the local Hallmark Shop is selling in the way of party-themed paper plates, tableclothes, and other paraphernalia. Remember, decisions on products created to tie-in to movies and TV shows and the like are made way in advance of the release of such things, and once the committment is there, only so many themes can make the "catalog" of stuff in the stores. I remember reading long ago about one of the biggest "misses" in the history of movie merchandising--it seems that nobody responsible for the HUGE hit film "Babe" ever thought about approaching any merchandisers prior to release with enough lead time and nobody at the major toy and game manufacturers knew about the small, "sleeper" film. When it hit, the big winners were.....a company that makes generic stuffed animals that happened to have a "pig" model that vaguely resembled "Babe"--it was never marketed with the movie name or logo, but smart stores quickly ordered 'em up to cash in on the kid demand.

    So in the case of party stuff and the rest of the whole merchandise tie-in universe, sometimes its a "chicken or egg"...or pig....or poptart popstar...question that has an answer that may not make sense re. the kids the stuff is aimed at themselves.

  • I also suffer from slight misalignment of 3-D films due to my glasses.  It's better than it once was but not yet ideal.

    Fortunately, I don't think any of these upcoming 3-D films are going to be viewable only in that format.  =)

  • Jim Hill looks back on last week's events at Disney's Wide World of Sports. Which culminated in a concert that sent thousands of Central Florida tweens into a Disney Channel-induced frenzy

  • I Lyke dat new camp rock 2 final jam dats da only new disney channel movie i luv n saw!

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