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Still can't find Nemo? Then try looking inside of your room the next time you stay at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

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Still can't find Nemo? Then try looking inside of your room the next time you stay at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

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First they conquered Hollywood. Then the Disney theme parks. But are you ready for Pixar-themed elements to start popping at WDW's resorts?

And -- no -- we're not just talking about enormous decorative elements like you find over at Disney's All-Star Movies.

Copyright Disney / Pixar. All Rights Reserved

We're talking about you opening the door to your room at the Caribbean Beach Resort and there's Nemo ...


... along with Dory ...

... along with Crush & Gill right there on the decorative quilt that covers your bed.

Not to mention that new "Finding Nemo" -themed border that runs around the topmost portion of these rooms.

Now fold in the new wavy blue curtains that are being added to all of these units ...

... and you can see WDW resort guests would feel like they were under the Seas with Nemo & friends whenever they stayed at this WDW resort.

Just last week, the first 32 units at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort received the "Finding Nemo" retreatment. In the weeks & months ahead, 64 rooms will be retheming each week until a total of 1738 units have undergone Pixarification. (FYI: There's a lot more to these redos than just the new "Finding Nemo" quilts & wallpaper borders. Each room will be equipped with a brand-new flat screen television ...

... and their fridges will be stashed away in brand-new cabinets. A new armoir, two chairs and a shower curtain will be added to each unit. Not to mention removing all of the bedframes and then replacing them with bed boxes).

Once 1738 units of the Caribbean Beach Resort units get "Nemo" -fied, WDW officials will then turn their attention to the remaining 400-or-so rooms at this hotel. Which will be located in the Trinidad South section of the resort.

From what I hear, these remaining CBR rooms will undergo a much more elaborating reworking. With walls actually being broken down between various units so that Disney can then book these now-supersized-rooms (Which will be themed to Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise) as family suites.

Now I know that it may seem kind of weird that Walt Disney World would retheme the rooms at its Caribbean Beach Resort to "Finding Nemo" (Especially since this 2003 Pixar Animation Studios release was set offshore of Australia, not in the Caribbean Sea). But trust me, folks. This is not the strangest Pixar-related idea that Disney Parks & Resorts has ever considered. Remind me sometime to tell you about that Animation-themed hotel that the Imagineers developed back in 2001. Where one concept for the lobby of this resort would have had guests walking into an oversized recreation of Andy's bedroom from "Toy Story" ...

Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

Or -- better yet -- come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about Shanghai Disneyland. Which is the first theme park that WDI developed after the Pixar acquisition was completed. Which is why the Tomorrowland section at Shanghai Disneyland will be wall-to-wall WALL-E (Not to mention Buzz Lightyear and the Incredibles).

Getting back to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort now ... If you're a fan of this WDW hotel's old decor, I'm told that an eBay buyer who goes by the name of Dizzimouse just snatched all of this stuff up. So if you're looking to score an old CBR bedspread or such in the future, then you may want to keep an eye on the listings in Dizzimouse's online store.

So what do you folks think? Will this new "Finding Nemo" theme make it that much more likely that you'll try & book a room at the Caribbean Beach Resort the next time you stay at WDW? Or are you more likely to wait 'til those "Pirates of the Caribbean" -themed family suites come on line in 2009?

Your thoughts?

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  • I already own some of the furniture from the Grand Floridian and have to say it is very very nice.......

  • Pardon the nitpick, but I thought Nemo and friends lived in the Pacific Ocean near Australia, not the Caribbean Sea.

  • Didn't Jim address that?

    Anyway, it's too bad the Pirates theme is only going to be family suites.  My wife and I don't have much use for those...

  • Wait, are you saying that post-redo the Caribbean Beach rooms won't have fridges? That is a serious downgrade! Having a fridge was one of the big perks of staying in a Moderate resort!

  • I agree with ahecht! A huge perk for the moderate was the fridge. I like the themeing but would rather have the fridge! And why so many family suites? Are they sold out all the time?

  • I can't imagine Disney pulling fridges out of all the rooms when they are already in there, as well as in all the other moderate resort rooms.

    Anyway, dlaushey, I don't think that it would be too many family suites.  Using an official Disney source, Caribbean Beach is listed at 2112 rooms.  Using Jim's number of 1738 Finding Nemo rooms then that leaves 374 rooms at convert (Jim rounded up to 400.)  If they take two room to make one suite then that is only 187 suites.  All-Star Music only has about 100 (I think there are 107) of the family suites and they are VERY popular.  Considering that fact, I don't think that Caribbean Beach will have a problem selling these rooms.  Even more so since the All Star suites lack a "theme."  Disney really wouldnt even need to theme these suites at all because the demand is there with many families having three kids or families traveling with grandma.  I think that these rooms will be extremely popular.

  • Well, I don't know about the fridges...but I can see them pulling them for COST savings due to ENERGY costs. Running all those itty-bitty highly-inefficient compressors in in-room fridges costs money, folks. And of course, the fact that it encourages you to dine at the food court and NOT buy stuff from local stores that you can't keep cold other than via an icebucket...well, heck. That's just good old merchandizing Disney-style. (Smile)

  • Sounds like it's becoming a "value" resort.  Also, why wasn't it themed to pirates in the first place?  As to Nemo?  BLECK!  Who would want to stay there?

  • I would imagine Disney keeping the fridges in all of the rooms, increasing the cost of the nightly rate, and having everyone essentially "pay" for a fridge whether they need it or not.

  • The relentless Pixar-ization is going just a bit too far now.  I thought John Lasseter was going to bring some creativity back to the theme parks, not completely obliterate it by making everything Pixar.  Even Walt knew enough to offer ORIGINAL entertainment in the mix, too!

  • I can easily see the fridges being removed.  As previously mentioned, they cost money to run, and they probably dig into concession sales a bit.  Also, they eventually have to be replaced.

    Mr. Hill saying it doesn't mean it's true, but it makes sense.

    As for Nemo in the Carribean Beach resort rooms, what else did we expect?

  • As to the refrigerator matter, would they still be free upon request, as per the other moderate resorts?  Also, will there be any "standard" Caribbean Beach rooms, or will they all be themed?

    Haha, if my little daughter knew about this, we'd have to book the first Nemo room available...

  • Jim said "and their fridges will be stashed away in brand-new cabinets".

    Currently, in each room, there is a small cabinet (piece of furniture) that contains the fridge.

    The way I read this, they are giving the fridges new cabinets, not removing them from the rooms!

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