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It's time to cash in those Disney Dollars. D23 Expo tickets go on sale today

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It's time to cash in those Disney Dollars. D23 Expo tickets go on sale today

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Look at this trove,
Treasures untold
How many wonders can one cavern hold?

Well, the Anaheim Convention Center is pretty cavernous. It has 813,000 square feet of exhibit space, to be exact. Plus 51 different meeting rooms. And did I mention those 7,500 seats in the Anaheim Arena?

"So why should I care about how big Anaheim's convention is?," you ask. Because based on the preliminary description of live events, interactive pavilions & one-of-a-kind entertainment that D23 just released in regards to its first-ever Expo, The Walt Disney Company is going to need every square inch of this 53-acre facility. For "The Ultimate Disney Fan Experience" really is going to be that big a show.

Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim Convention Center

How big? We're talking about four days of unprecedented access to virtually every corner of the Mouse House. Where seemingly each arm of the Disney corporation is in direct competition to see who can mount the most lavish, over-the-top display.

Take -- for example -- what Walt Disney Pictures has in the works for the D23 Expo. They're building a state-of-the-art cinema right inside of the convention center and then screening exclusive previews of such highly anticipated releases as "Rapunzel," "Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland," " TRON," "Toy Story 3," ""Prince of Persia: The Sands of Times" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."

So how can the Walt Disney Archives ever hope to top something like that? Well, they plan on hauling three dozen props, artifacts and costumes down to Anaheim that have never before been on display in public. We're talking about ridiculously rare items like a fully restored, 11-foot model of the Nautilus from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and that jewel-encrusted book that you see in the opening moments of "Sleeping Beauty."

As for Disney Parks and Resorts, they'll have Imagineers on hand that will talk up the new technologies & experiences that are currently in the works. With a particular emphasis being placed on all those new rides, shows and attractions that are being built right across the street for Disney's California Adventure.

D23 Expo Logo
Copyright 2009 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Me personally, what I find most intriguing about the D23 Expo is the extraordinary effort that the Mouse is making in order to try & create an event that will appeal to all levels of fandom. For fans of the Disney classics, there's the “50 and Fabulous Film Festival.” Which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of "Sleeping Beauty," "The Shaggy Dog" and "Darby O'Gill and the Little People," three Walt Disney Productions that were originally released back in 1959.

For fans who prefer Disney movies of a more recent vintage, there'll be an advance screening of the second home premiere in the "Disney Fairies" series, "Tinkerbell: Lost Treasure."

For all you pomp & circumstance fans out there, the D23 Expo is now going to be the home of the Disney Legends Awards. Which means that -- on Saturday, September 12th -- for the first time ever, members of the general public will be able to look on as the 2009 recipients are inducted.

And it's not just the Studios & the Parks that will be in the spotlight here. Radio Disney, the Disney Channel and ESPN will also be taking part in the D23 Expo. With each of these media networks bringing surprise entertainment and staging special events at this four-day-long "Ultimate Disney Fan Experience."

D23 Expo logo
Copyright 2009 Disney. All Rights Reserved

There's all this -- plus the full-sized "Disney Dream Home," which will feature eight rooms full of stylish Disney Consumer Products. Plus “Disney Dream Store,” where  exclusive D23 Expo merchandise will be on sale. Plus Disney couture fashion shows. Plus a Disney on Broadway boutique. Plus a Disney pin-trading headquarters. Plus the Disney Fan Art Gallery.

We're already talking about an awful lot of show here. With even more pieces of the D23 Expo entertainment schedule to be revealed in the weeks and months ahead. But know this: The Anaheim Convention Center -- as large as it may be -- still won't hold ALL of the Disneyana fans in the world. So if you want to be sure and get in on the first-ever "Ultimate Disney Fan Experience," the time to act is NOW.

Tickets to the D23 Expo are available for purchase starting today at noon. Admission includes access to all experiences & entertainment at the convention center and can be purchased for single day increments or for the full four days of festivities. One-day admissions for adults can be purchased for $37, $27 for children 3-12. Four-day passes are also available at $111 for adults and $81 for children. With admission being discounted for members of D23.

For further information about this celebration of the past, present and future of The Walt Disney Company, please click on this link.

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  • PingBack from http://www.waltdisneyboards.com/disney-news-know/20658-d23-four-day-fan-expo-annouced-fall.html#post65065

  • Kudos Disney Co  !    

    For a Ben Franklin, we can get access to previews of:

    movies we can buy tickets to, rides we can buy park admission for, movies we can buy DVD's of, home furnishings and consumer products we can buy, D23 merchandise we can buy, clothes we can buy, Broadway shows that we can buy  tickets for, and art we can buy. Theme, theme, there's got to be a theme here.

    To be fair, there will be a display from the Archives, with the highlighted pieces just recently shown on national TV. Plus there will be entertainment. I would be stunned in the Jonas Bros did not show up, and someone has to sing some Frog Princess songs at some point. I know you'll get "complimentary gifts" and booths will be giving things away.

    Again I say kudos to Disney Co. Here's a building full of advertisements about stuff we want you to buy, and we're gonna charge you a pretty steep fee to take a look. If GM coulda done this, they wouldn't have had to file bankruptcy.

  • Gripe, gripe, gripe. Macworld's been doing that for years, but because it's Disney running the show instead of a bunch of dedicated Mac geeks, they're supposed to let everyone in for free?

    Where's the people bitching and moaning about having to pay way too much money to be crammed like sardines into San Diego Comic-Con to go to presentation after presentation by movie and TV studios pimping their latest product? Oh right, Comic-Con's not run by Disney either, so I guess that's OK, too.

    Convention center space doesn't come cheap, my friends, and Disney's still a business. Be glad that they're not trying to wring 900 bucks plus per person  plus a required hotel stay like they did when the Official Disneyana Convention last came to town.

    If it isn't obvious already, I'm excited by D23 Expo, and I'm going to be there. For you folks who aren't willing to shell out a hunderd bucks for this event (and that's pretty reasonable for four days, IIMHO), your loss.

  • Wow.  I see why you're called Curmudgeon!  What do you think Comic-Con, WizardWorld, MacWorld, WonderCon, etc., all are?

    I also say kudos to The Walt Disney Company ... for creating something that I'm very, very excited about, and other fans seem to be as well!

    I hope Curmudgeon isn't there.

  • PSCHNEBS and IRVTHAL stole my thunder. ComicCon and Macworld were my two first thoughts as well...

    Obviously, Curmudgeon will never be happy unless Disney gives everything away for free while still building state-of-the art attractions that anyone can ride anywhere for free.

    But yet, for all his complaining he still shows up here to read and post on everything. Methinks the curmudgeon doth protest too much.

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