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The Muppets lead the way with Disney Parks & Resorts' new "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" promotion

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The Muppets lead the way with Disney Parks & Resorts' new "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" promotion

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Because Kermit the Frog helps hammer together the framing for a new Habitat for Humanity house, he gets to take his little nephew Robin off to Disneyland to experience “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.” And because Miss Piggy muscles some plywood into place at this very same construction site, she then gets a spin on the Mad Tea Party.

These are just a few of the images that you’ll see in a new commercial that’s about to begin airing nationally to help promote Disney Parks & Resorts’ new "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" campaign. Which will provide certified volunteers with a one-day ticket to any Disney theme park in Anaheim or Orlando in 2010.

Teri Hatcher (L) and James Denton of “Desperate Housewives” joined Kermit
the Frog & Miss Piggy at a volunteer worksite in LA yesterday as The Walt
Disney Company kicked off its “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” promotion.

Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer. Copyright 2009 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Given Jim Henson’s legacy of encouraging people to reach out & help others, it was felt that the Muppets would be the perfect characters to front this new Disney initiative. Which hopes to inspire a million people to volunteer with their local community.

The Company kicked off its “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” promotion yesterday by sending a thousand volunteers out to work on projects that ranged from a Habit for Humanity site in LA to the Bethune School of Excellence in Chicago.

Michelle Nunn (L) of the Points of Light Institute and Jay Rasulo (R), Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts join Mickey and Minnie Mouse and hundreds of volunteers at the Bethune School of Excellence in Chicago. Photo by Gene Duncan. Copyright 2009 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Just so you know, though – unlike 2009’s “What Will You Celebrate?” promotion (Where all you really needed to get free admission to a Disney theme park on your birthday was a Photo ID) -- there are certain conditions tied to “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day.”

Key among these conditions is that every would-be volunteer has to register online with Disney and must be residents of the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico in order to receive their free admission. All participants in “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” must be 18 years of age or older before they can sign up for the program. That said, any volunteer work that’s done by children 6-17 will still qualify for a free ticket as long as those kids are accompanied by an adult while they’re volunteering.

Muppet logo
Copyright 2009 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Beyond that, only volunteer work that’s done after January 1, 2010 will count toward “Give a Day, get a Disney Day.” More importantly, Disney Parks & Resorts is (as of this moment, anyway) only planning on giving away a million theme park admissions. Which explains that “…until tickets are distributed or December 15, 2010, whichever occurs first” language that’s included as part of the Program’s Terms & Conditions.

For further information on “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day,” please head on over to this promotion’s heavily Muppet-themed website.

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  • Not to put too fine a point on it - but to hell with Jim Henson's legacy. What about Walt Disney's legacy? Is it still HIS company or not? Or is just a conglomerate of media acquisitions now?

    Screw this. It's blatant and manipulative and phony.

  • 'Screw this'   ?

    Who cares if this promotion is fronted by the muppets?  This is about encouraging people to volunteer and do good in the community, and if Disney is able to up it's attendance in the process then everyone's happy.  This looks like a win win for everybody involved, communities, participants and Disney (including Kermit)

  • I think the Muppets are a good fit for this, same as the viral stuff. It's not as though Disney Community Outreach ignores the animated film library- PSAs with film clips have been running for a while now.

  • Asking people to *work* for a free one-day pass to a Disney park is a far cry from giving someone a free pass for their birthday. This ploy might be good publicity for Disney but it won't be nearly as appealing as the birthday gimmick so far as the general public is concerned.

    And I thought I owned stock in the DISNEY company, not the Muppets company. Anybody wanna buy some stock, cheap? (It's already down 2% in trading this morning).

  • Call me crazy, but I doubt the stock's down 2 percent based on the announcement of the campaign.  And like it or not, the Muppets are Disney characters - and underused Disney characters, at that. Might as well get some value out of the money Michael paid for them...

    For the most part, I think the campaign's a good idea - anything that gets people invloved in their communities is a good thing, IMO.  I do think they could improve the incentives for APs to participate, though. Free FASTPASSES or a figurine and pins instead of a one-day admission? I expect at a lot of APs are going to be seriously underwhelmed and won't get involved.  (Yeah, I realize that comes across as greedy, but how many people are going to get involved with a volunteer organization for a day solely for the free admission?)

  • Wow, Gigglesock, lay off the coffee, or something. You seem really bitter about this. What gives? Giving away free tickets for a day of serving your community sounds harmless to me. So, you don't want to participate (work) for a ticket, then just go buy one like the other 60-something million people will do. Disney's U.S. parks saw an estimated 67million visitors last year, giving away 1 million tickets isn't really that big a deal.

    Personally, the promotion doesn't really do much for me. I doubt I will be working to try and get a freebie. However, I do think it's good PR for Disney.  And, I think it's great to see the Muppets being put to good use. This is the kind of synergy that's been needed for a long time.

  • Gigglesock-

    For a campaign like this, the Muppets are far apprpriate than the Fab Five. The whole concept of the Muppets stems from the everyman-type struggling to create a team by helping others. Your dislike of the Muppets is making you bitter to a cool promotion that will cost the company far less than the birthday admissions did. And as a stockholder, isn't that what is important? Making you money by cutting costs.

    Sell your stock if you want. When this promotion pays off in good PR and media attention and helps the stock grow, you'll whine about how you should have held onto it.

  • The whole concept of the Muppets was for Jim Henson to make a living with puppets. Get real. And how does giving away a free ticket for volunteerism cost Disney less than giving away a free ticket for birthdays? Is this the new math I've heard so much about?

  • Seriously, who cares? It's only a one-day pass. This is a local community move, for folks in the Anaheim and Orlando areas. Boring.

  • I haven't seen the Muppet ads. When I first heard the idea of promoting volunteering in your local community, I thought of showing someone puilling up the Rideshare van to pick up the three hitchhiking ghosts, someone else helping the drunken pirate out of the muddy area with pigs and offering him a warm meal, etc - things that are directly associated with the theme parks.

    I understand people not associating the Muppets with Disney Theme Parks. Even with the multiple Muppets attractions, I don't associate them with the parks. I'm sure the marketing guys figured this is a good way to do that - kudos.

    I am consistently disappointed by what constitutes today's Disney Co. I rarely agree with the things they do, or how they are executed. Even I will admit - this promo is a home run - Muppets or not. Gently nudging people to volunteer is something that I honestly think both Walt and Jim (Henson) would have encouraged. It is going to be difficult to find someone who will volunteer for one day just to earn admission, then never volunteer again. Volunteering is very rewarding, and something you just don't "get" until you do it. That the Disney Co can take credit for introducing people to the rewards of volunteering - a master stroke.

    Similar to Ratatouille, this promo is almost critic-proof. You can argue the Muppets don't belong - ok fine, still good program, good message. You can argue some rule is too restrictive - well suddenly you're complaining about getting a $70 admssion for free. You can argue well what about AP's - well everybody knows AP's are going to gripe anyway. Here's my critique - it's too bad they didn't start out with this promotion instead of the birthday promo.        Home Run Disney Co - well done.

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