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Wine & dine & run for your lives! Mickey may be getting into the blood-sucking business

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Wine & dine & run for your lives! Mickey may be getting into the blood-sucking business

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In honor of Columbus Day, I thought that we’d spend today peeking over the horizon. Discovering what new worlds possibly awaits us by checking out some of the domain names The Walt Disney Company has registered over the past few weeks.

All of you athletic-types who enjoy taking part in endurance events like the Disneyland & WDW Marathons should be pleased to hear that the Mouse may soon be adding another race to its roster:


Disney's Race for the Taste
Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

One has to wonder if what’s being proposed here is just an expanded version of Disney's Race for the Taste (i.e. those 10K & 3K races that were held at The Walt Disney World Resort yesterday, which took runners in, around and through Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival) or an entirely different event.

And speaking of events … Disneyland seems to be setting up a website that will soon be dedicated to endurance events like Race for the Taste:


Meanwhile, over in the Disney Channel / Disney XD side of the World, the Mouse recently grabbed a few domain names for a new show that Mickey hopes will be another “Phineas & Ferb” –sized success:


Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb
Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

This new animated series – which reportedly deals with a bunch of frustrated fish who are trapped in a pet store – will premiere on Disney XD and the Disney Channel in 2011.

Anyway … As you look over the domain names that The Walt Disney Company has recently registered, there’s usually one that (at first glance, anyway) makes it seem as though the Mouse were up to something unsavory. This time around, it’s:


Which suggests that Mickey is trying to get some sort of a new drinking game going that involves the Cheetah Girls and/or Tarzan’s chimpanzee friend. Though (I’m sure) a far more innocent explanation will eventually emerge.

On the other hand, given all of the money that Summit Entertainment is making off of the "Twilight” saga, is it really such a surprise to learn that Disney is supposedly about to get into the blood-sucking business?

Don’t believe me? Then check out these domain names that the Mouse House registered back on October 1st.

In The Blood Book cover
Copyright 2009 Pocket Books. All Rights Reserved


Based on these domain names, it would appear that Mickey may have an adaptation of Adrian Phoenix’s “The Maker’s Song” series in the works. This trio of books (with the third volume in the series, “Beneath the Skin,” due to hit store shelves on  December 29th) details the darkly adult adventures of vampire rock star Dante Baptiste and FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace.

If – on the other hand – you’re just not into vampires … fans of Charlie Fletcher’s “Stoneheart” books should be pleased to hear that Disney is reportedly planning on turning these published-by-Hyperion young adult fantasy series into a trio of films:


Stoneheart Book Cover
Copyright Hyperion. All Rights Reserved

As I understand it, Robert Zemeckis' ImagerMovers Digital unit will be using its performance capture system to produce "Stoneheart" for Disney Studios. Which suggests that we make have to wait 'til that "Yellow Submarine" remake is released before we see the first of these fantasy films.

Now remember: Just because The Walt Disney Company registers a domain name doesn’t mean that this particular project is actually going to go into production. It's just a good indicator that there is some serious interest when it comes to that proposed film, TV show or theme park attraction.

Anywho … That’s all of the domain name-related news that I have for this week. Here’s hoping that you folks have a very adventurous Columbus Day.

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