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Last call (and I mean the VERY last call) at WDW’s Adventurers Club

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Last call (and I mean the VERY last call) at WDW’s Adventurers Club

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Feeling pretty smug (or – at the very least – hung over) because you spent last night at some hoity toity New Year’s Eve party? Well, take a gander at these shots. Which were taken on the very last night that members of the general public were allowed into WDW's Adventurers Club.

The Adventurers Club inscription over the door
Photo by Jeff Lange

Just for the record, these photos were not taken on September 27, 2008 (which is the day that Pleasure Island officially closed its doors) or on September 25, 2009 (which was when Congaloosh 2009 rented out the Club for an Adventurers Club fan event).

No, these images were taken at Jaime & Max Schilling’s post-wedding shindig. Which was held at the Adventurers Club on September 26, 2009.

Max and Jaime Schilling are front and center as Otis Wren, Pamelia Perkins and Samantha Sterling introduce them to the Adventurer's Club
Photo by Jeff Lange

Nancy and I were lucky enough to snag an invite to this très exclusive Disney-related shindig because Max is JHM’s webmaster. So we were among the 50 or so folks to have the run of the place that night.

Max and Jaime's guests enjoying the performance in the main room
Photo by Jeff Lange

And given that there were so few people in the Adventurers Club for this private party, we kind of had unprecedented access to the props …

The groom, Max Schilling, dressed as Jack Sparrow holding the yam at the Adventurer's Club
Photo by Jeff Lange

… and sets at the Club.

Angela Ragno gets a visit from the ghost of Fingers at the Adventurer's Club at Walt Disney World in Orlando
Photo by Jeff Lange

Which allowed you to notice little things, in-jokes that you may not have seen before. Like how the sheet music on the organ actually paid tribute to Fingers Zambezi, the Club’s ghostly accompanist.

The piano that fell through the floor in the library
Photo by Jeff Lange

We were also given the opportunity to peek behind-the-scenes at where the cast stashed their costumes & props for the Library shows.

A glimpse at the props kept backstage in the Library room
Photo by Jeff Lange

As well as the cramped little space where the Adventurers Club’s stage manager worked his magic for all those years.

The cramped backstage area where the Adventurer's Clulb stage manager worked his magic
Photo by Jeff Lange

To be honest, the best part of that evening was watching longtime members of the Adventurers Club cut up for one last time. Be it Pamelia Perkins climbing up to give the Colonel a good-bye kiss.

Pamelia climbed up to talk to the Colonel
Photo by Jeff Lange

Or Otis Wren talking about the night that he actually saw a Guest tasered inside the Club by Disney Security. (To be fair, this gentleman was drunk & extremely belligerent at the time. And the Mouseka-Police only zapped him after he threatened to beat up several members of the Cast. But even so …)

Otis Wren regaled the crowd with stories about past crowds at the Adventurer's Club
Photo by Jeff Lange

And what made this night particularly special was … Unlike what happened the night before (Where the folks who attended Congaloosh 2009 had been to the Club dozens – if not hundreds – of time. So they knew every gag, every line, every routine by heart), most of the people who attended Max & Jaime’s post-wedding party had never ever been in the Adventurers Club before. So this setting & the characters were completely new to them. Which is why they roared at every joke, and then goggled when the Yakoose suddenly came to life.

And the Cast Members that were there that night … They really fed off of the energy of this crowd.

Pamelia Perkins and Samantha Sterling put on quite a show for Max and Jamie and guests
Photo by Jeff Lange

In fact, the Cast made a point of coming back onstage after they’d finished for the evening to thank us all for coming.

The actors thanked the crowd for allowing them to perform like the did in 1989
Photo by Jeff Lange

Saying -- in essence -- that this is how we'd prefer to go out. Performing in front of an audience who behaved just as Guests did back in May of 1989 when Pleasure Island first opened.

So after posing for a few parting shots with Max and Jaime …

The Adventurer's Club cast with the newlyweds, Max and Jaime Schilling
Photo by Jeff Lange

… Otis carried Pamelia offstage.

Otis Wren carries Pamelia Perkins out of the library for the final time
Photo by Jeff Lange

And me … I lingered a little while longer in the library, reflecting on all the great times that I’d had at the Adventurers Club over the past 20 years.

Jim Hill sits quietly in the empty Library, reflecting on the great times he had at the Adventurer's Club over the years
Photo by Jeff Lange

But all good things must come to an end. And after the last of their Guests had departed, Max and Jaime had one last drink at the bar …

Max and Jaime were the last ones at the club bar
Photo by Jeff Lange

… and then headed off to start their honeymoon.

So – just for the record – let me state here that Max Schilling was the very last member of the public to exit the Adventurers Club. I’m told that WDW Cast members had their own private function a few days later to say goodbye to this much beloved Pleasure Island venue.

But as is evidenced by the photo below …

Max Schilling was the last guest to leave the Adventurer's Club on it's very last night
Photo by Jeff Lange

With a hearty "Kungaloosh," Capt. Jack Schilling staggered through the front door just after 11 p.m. on September 26, 2009. Which officially makes Max the very last Guest to experience the magic & the wonder that was WDW's Adventurers Club. Which are pretty big bragging rights in Disneyana circles, don't you think?

Your thoughts?

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  • Everyone involved in the decision making that led to the closing of the Club should be fired on the spot.  Possibly even subjected to cruel and inhuman torture at the hands of all Disney fans.  Pure incompetence.

  • All Good Things....

  • Well, if Disney doesn't have a new NYC store location... How about taking over the Jekyll & Hyde Club, remodelling it as a new Adventurer's Club with a Disney Store downstairs?

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