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Hamming it up at Disney’s Holiday Showcase

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Hamming it up at Disney’s Holiday Showcase

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My apologies for JHM getting a late start today. But Nancy and I really do have a very good excuse for not posting ‘til just now. You see, we were invited down NYC yesterday for Disney’s holiday showcase. Which means that we spent 5 hours going from room-to-room-to-room, seeing virtually everything that the Mouse plans on bringing to the marketplace August through December.

Disney Consumer Products displayed their new Fashion line on the 12th floor of the Ritz Carlton on Central Park in New York
Looking at future Disney product while looking down on Central Park.
Photo by Nancy Stadler

Mind you, it’s going to take a few days to sort through everything that we saw & heard yesterday. At last count, I came away from yesterday’s event with 35 different Disney-related stories. With perhaps the biggest piece of news being that John Lasseter is now officially theco-director of “Cars 2.”

Cars logo
Copyright Disney Pixar. All Rights Reserved

I know, I know. This has been whispered about for months now. But at the holiday showcase yesterday, the Disney reps were quite up front about the fact that the chief creative officer of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios is now working side-by-side with Brad Lewis, the producer of “Ratatouille.” More importantly, that the Company anticipates that this June 2011 release willbe a worthy follow-up to that 2006 Pixar Animation Studios release.

The Millenium Falcon toy model from Star Wars

And speaking of Pixar … For all you guys out there who have fond memories of that Millennium Falcon Spaceship that Kenner produced back in 1979, have I got a toy for you? This is the Hamm Ship playset …

A prototype of the evil Dr. Porkchop Disney toy to be released this Fall
Photo by Nancy Stadler

… Which is a toy version of the sinister-looking spaceship that the Evil Doctor Porkchop uses to menace Woody, Buzz and Jessie during the opening sequence of “Toy Story 3.”

The evil Dr. Porkchop from Toy Story 3 flies into toy stores in Fall 2010
Photo by Nancy Stadler

Yesterday, we were told that Lasseter himself had a hand in the design of this particular toy. Which is why the Hamm Ship is outfitted with cool extra features like laser sounds and a light-up snout.

The Dr. Porkchop toy will open up to enhance play
Photo by Nancy Stadler

Best of all, the Hamm Ship playset opens up / unfolds to reveal holding cells for Woody & the gang. Not to mention a boarding ramp (which allows Evil Doctor Porkchop to make a dramatic entrance).

A prototype of Dr. Porkchop toy due out this Fall
Photo by Nancy Stadler

This is not to be confused with the cool new “Toy Story 3” toys that are already on sale at your local Disney Store (which include a full-sized ceramic Hamm piggy bank).

The new series of Toy Story toys due out this Fall
Photo by Nancy Stadler

Or – for that matter – the “TS3” items which will roll into stores this Fall just as the DVD & Blu-ray version of this Pixar Animation Studios release hits store shelves. I mean, check out this Disney Store exclusive. Which will bundle Woody & Buzz in what the Disney Store repjokingly called “ … their award show duds” with a Blu-ray of the film.

Disney Store exclusive Woody and Buzz
Photo by Nancy Stadler

Now please keep in mind that the dolls pictured above are limited edition. If I remember correctly, only 2000 sets are being made. So if you’d like to own a chromed-up Buzz and/or a Woody who seems to be channeling his inner Johnny Cash / Clint Black, it might be smart to pre-order this particular combo.

Trust me, folks. This is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg of what we got to see yesterday. Nancy and I also got to watch demos of Disney’s “TRON: Evolution” game (which bridges the worlds of the 1982 film and “TRON: Legacy”) …

Screen shot from Tron Evolution video game
Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

… and Epic Mickey.

A screen shot from Disney's new video game "Epic Mickey"
Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

And did I mention that we got to see the first minute of that bonus chapter of the “Lost” saga? Which reveals what life on the island was like after Hurley & Ben took over?

The complete set of LOST DVDs will come in this collectors box
Copyright American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All Rights Reserved

All will be revealed shortly. I promise. So please hang in there, okay?

Your thoughts?

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  • Lost Island + (Hurley + Ben) = Sunnyside Daycare + (Barbie + Ken)

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