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Is Pixar planning on producing some "Finding Nemo" sequels?

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Is Pixar planning on producing some "Finding Nemo" sequels?

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What with "Toy Story 3" in theaters right now, "Cars 2" due to debut next summer and a sequel to "Monsters, Inc." reportedly in the works, one has to wonder what other follow-ups Pixar Animation Studios has planned.

Well, based on the domain names that The Walt Disney Company registered today and yesterday, it looks like Marlin, Dory and Nemo may soon be heading off for another aquatic adventure or two.

Don't believe me? Then check out the names that Disney's attorneys  just registered:

Copyright Disney / Pixar. All rights reserved

  • FINDINGNEMO3.NET                     

Now please keep in mind that just because the Mouse grabs a domain name does not mean that a motion picture is now in active development. But - then again - let's remember that this is the Company that registered the following domain names ...

Copyright 2009 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

  • PIRATES4BLURAY.COM                

... back on January 16, 2009. A full nine months before Disney publicly admitted that it was moving forward with production of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." So sometimes it really does pay to pay attention to the various domain names that The Walt Disney Company registers.

So what do you folks think? Given how well "Toy Story 3" turned out, would you welcome some "Finding Nemo" sequels? Or do you think that Pixar should forget about doing all of these follow-up films (for a while, anyway) and just concentrate on producing original projects?

Copyright Disney / Pixar. All rights reserved

Your thoughts?


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  • Well, my concern would be the story not being too obvious.  Spots of obviousness include "Nemo in Love" and "Nemo vs the nasty bad human polluters" (worst case being the two combined, in "Nemo falls in love with fish who got sick thanks to the nasty bad human polluters and raises his army (school?) to fight them to make it all better...").

    Seriously, I can't think of anything Nemo could do that wouldn't be either one of those two plot-lines, or a basic repeat of the original...

    ...but then again, I'm not working at Pixar, am I? :)

  • I'm starting to worry about all of this Pixar sequeling.  It sounds like they're planning sequels in advance without mentioning anything of a storyline.  Only the Toy Story sequels I believed had storylines planned out before the sequel was announced publicly.  I think same goes for Cars 2.  But I have nothing on the storyline for Monsters Inc 2.  

    Sounds like the Disney suits at work to me.  I want to trust Pixar but I want to know they already got a good story lined up because they insist that that's how they would only do their sequels.

  • I think that pixar should stop focusing on sequels... yes toy story 2 and 3 both worked and are just as good as the original if not better... As for a FInding nemo sequel. I love nemo but i like original ideas. I feel like a movie that could have a good sequel is the INcredibles with the baby now a kid and the violet an adult, and dash a teenager all fighting together. That movie left off for a sequel the way it ended. nemo was a happily ever after...

  • Pixar's putting the cart before the horse. The one we all REALLY want to see is an "Incredibles" sequel!

  • They'll make a sequel if there is a "good story" they can get behind.  Rumors for a possible sequel involve the idea of Nemo and his dad deciding to go on a vacation together to Hawaii (or at least the ocean around Hawaii), Dory and Bruce the Shark tag along in the journey gone wrong to try to reach the islands.  The trip includes visiting the waters off of Japan, the Arctic, and the mysterious Easter Island where Nemo meets the love of his life.  Bruce the shark is tagged by a "research crew" and followed all the way to East Island, where he decides to scare of the humans in a side-splitting funny imitation of Jaws.  Or at least that is one plan.

  • re: John Tassler

    Seriously?  That's the story they have planned?  That doesnt sound like a story at all in my mind.  That sounds like a bunch of jumbled ideas and one pop culture reference.  What happened to all of Pixar's preaching about "story is king"?

  • In the Walt Disney biography after Walt had the huge hit with Three Little Pigs he was asked by studio execs to make more Three Little Pig films. Walts response was, "you can't top pigs with more pigs." Walt would be rolling over in his grave if he knew of all the direct to DVD sequels the studio pops out. I'll admit that Pixar has done a good job with Toy Story 2 and 3 but they are walking a fine line between quality movies and Aladdin 3 type of junk.

  • re: Brandon

    I think it's an overstatement to say that "they are walking a fine line between quality movies and Aladdin 3 type junk." Every Pixar movie to date has been EXCELLENT - they are 11 for 11!  While I too hope for a mix of original stories along with the sequels, nothing they have given us so far can be remotely compared to the the direct-to-video Disney sequels.  I trust Pixar until they give us reason not to.

    By the way, there WAS a sequel to "The Three Little Pigs" - check out the 1934 Silly Symphony "The Thyree Little Wolves" - www.youtube.com/watch

  • I think another Nemo movie would be fun if it's a great story. Then again, more original stories would be even better.

  • Well, TS3 to me was a great way to cap a trilogy of films.

    I've always stuck by PIXAR with their adage that sequels would only be made if they could find a good story.

    If they did have sequels in mind, I'd like to think they would space them out a bit, and not do them so soon together. PIXAR's one of the few studios that has had new 'ideas' generate profits above $200million, unless Disney is actually needling their way in and saying , 'why make $200million, when sequels can easily net you $300million or more?'

    I still prefer that feeling of satisfaction I got in that theater, hearing Thomas Newman's score play as Mr Ray and his school head off into the ocean for more adventures.

  • Pixar is sounding more and more like the studio they took pride in NOT being like, Disney (sequels, follow the money, etc).  there is only one Pixar movie that was screaming for a sequel, the Incredibles.  I can care less for another cross-ocean chase.  Once was bad enough... what are they going to call this, "finding nemo again"?

  • Pixar needs to stick to original films. TS3 was the exception rather than the rule. For every sequel they do they become just another studio like Dreamworks. This Disneyfication to squeeze every cent out of Pixar will cause it to go the way of disney animation in 10 years. Hack, below par and not worth paying to see.

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  • Mike H. said:

    <<If they did have sequels in mind, I'd like to think they would space them out a bit, and not do them so soon together>>

    I agree with that.  I mean, yes, "Brave" will be coming out, but all surrounding it are sequels?  Too bad "Newt" is RIP, apparently.

    I've heard (probably just fan speculation) "Finding Dory" could be a possibility.  And you all mentioning Nemo faling in love- so he'd be a teenager in the sequel, according to that plotline?

  • I don't see the big deal. 9 of the first 10 Pixar films were with original characters. They're 11 for 11 with critics, audiences and the box office. Sure, they're upcoming films are sequels, but it's highly unlikely John Lasseter will allow a bad story into any of Pixar's films. He is constantly quoted as saying "It's all about the story" and referencing how Walt Disney used to believe that as well. When it comes to Pixar, there's little to be concerned about. They've rolled out hit after hit (both when they were their own company and once they were  acquired by DIsney) and can be trusted more then any other studio to give the audience a great, exciting and emotional animated film. They have given us characters that we all become attached to and love; so why not put them on the screen again in great story lines? If the story isn't good, I doubt it'll ever hit the big screen. I trust Pixar and John Lasseter.

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