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Discounted admission tickets & VIP packages are now on sale for the 2011 D23 EXPO

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Discounted admission tickets & VIP packages are now on sale for the 2011 D23 EXPO

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It's a pretty common refrain among Disneyana fans. That - because they didn't know what the inaugural D23 EXPO was actually going to be like - these people opted out of being in the Anaheim area September 10 - 13, 2009. Which is how they missed out on seeing Johnny Depp making that surprise appearance (in full Captain Jack Sparrow garb, no less) ...

Former Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook and Johnny Depp at the 2009 D23 EXPO.
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

... or watching the Muppets roll across the stage at the Anaheim Convention Center Arena aboard a miniature version of the Mark Twain.

Photo by Eric Charbonneau / Le Studio / Wireimage. Copyright 2009 Disney
Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

But you can bet that these people are not going to make the same mistake come August 19 - 21, 2011. Which is when the second Ultimate Disney Fan Experience will be held right across the street from Disney California Adventure Park.

So if you want to be sure and score tickets to the 2011 D23 EXPO, you really don't want to dawdle, folks. Especially if you're interested in snagging some of the special VIP packages that The Official Disney Fan Club will be offering this time around.

Photo by Angela Ragno

"What sort of VIP packages?," you ask. Well, if you purchase the Premiere package for the 2011 D23 EXPO, you'll get:

  • Three days of admission to the D23 EXPO
  • Reserved seating at all events and presentations in the Arena
  • Access to a relaxing Premiere lounge with concierge and complimentary refreshments, as well as a special exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives
  • A D23 EXPO autograph book
  • A special Premiere package gift bag

And you opt to go with the Sorcerer package instead,  you'll then get all of the same benefits as someone who purchased  the Premiere package PLUS:

Photo by Angela Ragno

  • A private tour of and reception in the "Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives" exhibit the night before the Expo opens
  • Exclusive hardhat tour of the show floor prior to opening
  • Limited edition artwork signed by Disney artist Dave Pacheco
  • Reserved seating at all presentations and panels
  • A voucher for an appointment with an on-site massage therapist
  • Special shopping opportunities at the Disney Dream Store
  • A hardbound, collectible D23 EXPO guidebook.

That all sounds pretty cool, don't you think? Well, now comes the downside: Only 250 Premiere packages will be sold for the 2011 D23 EXPO. And these packages will be $500 apiece. Whereas those Sorcerer packages ... There'll only be 50 of those made available to D23 members for this 2011 event. And those will be $1000 apiece.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

I bring up these VIP packages up because - given that tickets to the 2011 D23 EXPO go on sale today - chances are, given their limited availability, the Premiere & Sorcerer packages will be the first to sell out.

But if those $500 & $1000 packages are a bit outside of your price range ... Not to worry. If you buy your tickets to the Ultimate Disney Fan Event before December 31st, you can then score passes to the 2011 D23 EXPO at a significantly discounted price.

To be specific: D23 members can purchase a one-day admission to this event for only $30 for adults and $22 for children 3-12. Whereas members of the general public will have to pay $37 for a single-day adult admission and $27 for each of their kids.

And when it comes to multi-day tickets to the Ultimate Disney Fan Event, that's when the real savings kick in. If D23 members purchase four three-day tickets to the 2011 D23 EXPO, they can then save as much as $204 on the price of admission.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

For more information about the various pricing structures that D23 will be offering this time around, you should probably head over the official site ASAP. Especially if you're interesting in scoring one of those extremely limited Premiere or Sorcerer packages.

And speaking of limited tickets ... A week from today, D23 will be making 225 seats available for the really-for-real final run of Disney's Hollywood Studios' "Star Tours" attraction. So if you missed out on last week's "Last Tour to Endor" event and would still like to say good-bye to this groundbreaking simulator, you A) have a week to become a member in good standing of D23and B) really want to be by a phone at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, August 26th. Because those seats are sure to go faster than " ... light speed to Endor."

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

For further info on D23's Star Tours Final Flight event at the Walt Disney World Resort, please click on this link.

And you'd like to know what else is going on this week with The Official Disney Fan Club, you should definitely check out the latest edition of the Disney Geek vlog. Where Jeffrey Epstein  shares some highlights from last week's World of Cars Online launch event in Toluca Lake as well as talking up those "Tales from Earthsea" screenings that are now being held in NY and LA.

Your thoughts?

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  • Just one more example of the fact that D23 is a club for rich people.

  • I agree with jedited, the premium and sorcerer packages turns D23 into a rich people club.  Here's an idea Disney, why don't you give EVERYONE the benfits of the two packages at a more reasonable cost?  As a D23 Day 1 member, not liking the whole exclusivity thing.  Not one bit.  Oh yes, and thank you Disney for actually posting the TIME that tickets would go on sale.

  • Me three. It's nice that D23 decided to provide a member lounge, but would it kill them to open the lounge to all D23 members as opposed to 250 people who are willing to shell out beaucoup bucks in addition to the price of their D23 membership? Give folks an incentive to join or remain members instead of  just a discount.

    As far as the Star Tours event: I'm sure that D23 members will appreciate it, but the folks who were in town for Star Wars Celebration V who paid 75 bucks for the "Last Tour to Endor" event just to find out after the fact that they wouldn't be the last people to ride "Star Tours" before it closed probably aren't too thrilled with Disney right now.  How much fan goodwill did Disney just cost itself by pulling this stunt?

  • i feel kinda dumb for asking but what are the two concept pictures of in the article ?

  • I'm with you guys - too pricey. One reason I'm not a D23 member is that I fail to see why it's worth the money. If you have to pay a membership fee, then pay extra for any actual goodies, then that's a bit too rich for my blood.

  • Earlier in the year when Disney first posted initial info regarding th 2011 expo it DID sound like the D23 lounge was going to be for all D23 members.  But then someone realized there was money to be made by offering premium packages.

  • Wow, and if I stop by the blood kiosk and they drain me of that too, I'll get the special opportunity to purchase a limited edition signed certificate for only $500!  Disney has whored out their loyal fans one too many times.

  • Nick, the first bit of concept art is from Mystic Manor and the second is from the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. Both of these are future attractions for Hong Kong Disneyland.

  • Nothing wrong with Disney offering high end packages for those who are willing to pay for them.  Disney is a for profit corporation.  The United States is a capitalist country.  "rich people club"?  Too much Obama on the brain.

  • Nice infomercial...

  • Sometimes I think that no matter what Disney tries to do, everyone is going to find something to complain about.  How would you like to go to the convention and have most of the floor taken up so the members all have a lounge?  I think you would all be angry that they are cutting costs and not offering enough to do.  They can't win.  I think the packages are reasonable for what they are offering.  Truly reasonable compared to some of the overpriced events they have in the park.  I think $59 for Halloween candy we don't need and rides we can go on anyway is a lot more outrageous than this!  And actually I think the original announcement was that all inaugural year members would have access to the lounge, not all D23 members.  I could be wrong but that's what I remember.

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