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Looking back at Star Wars Celebration V

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Looking back at Star Wars Celebration V

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Okay. So it wasn't "... a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." It was just last week in a place called O-Lando.

Photo by Angela Ragno

But Star Wars enthusiasts from all over the planet (some 35,000 of them. Or so say my sources at the Orange County Convention Center) made their way to Central Florida August 12 - 15th. So that they could then be on hand for  Star Wars Celebration V. Which was supposed to be " ... THE official Lucasfilm fan convention and the biggest Star WarsTM party in the galaxy!"

Photo by Angela Ragno

Truth be told, Celebration V was basically a Star Wars-centric Comic-Con. Which meant that - when you weren't getting your picture taken with / collecting the autograph of some performer who'd appeared in a Lucasfilm production ...

Julian Glover (center), who played Imperial General Maximilian Veers in "Star Wars V:
The Empire Strikes Back" and Walter Donovan in "Indiana Jones and the Last
Crusade", posed with fans at Star Wars Celebration V. Photo by Angela Ragno

... You were either taking pictures of some of the cleverer Star Wars-themed costumes that you'd see wandering around the exhibition hall ...

Photo by Angela Ragno

... or you were standing in line, waiting to get into one of the panels that were presented over the course of this four-day-long event.

Photo by Angela Ragno

Mind you, many of these presentations were hugely entertaining. During his "Return of the Jedi!" panel, Mark Hamill told some genuinely charming stories about his dealings with Sir Alec Guinness. He also shared his thoughts on the "Star Wars" film series as a whole (i.e. Hamill believes that the real key to this series' success was that  "Star Wars" was more fairy tale than sci-fi epic).

Photo by Angela Ragno

But this being Orlando and all ... To be honest, you didn't actually have to go to the Orange County Convention Center in order to get in on all the fun & excitement of Star Wars Celebration V. If you kept your eyes open while you were out & about in the theme parks last weekend, chances are that you'd then see some of the celebrities who'd flown into O-town just to take part in this event.  People like Seth Green ...

Photo by Kevin Kolczynski. Copyright 2010 Universal Orlando Resort.
All rights reserved

... Who's not only got another Star Wars Robot Chicken show in the works (Which will be shown as part of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up sometime in December of this year) but he's also got a brand-new animated series in the works for Lucasfilm (which George Lucas hopes will be this " ... fun little cartoon show like Spongebob Squarepants for four- and five-year-olds" that then opens the Star Wars world up to a whole new audience).

Anyway ... Seth took advantage of being in town for Star Wars Celebration V to head on over to Universal Orlando so that he could then experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Whereas Jon Stewart ...

Photo by Todd Anderson. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

... (who come to Central Florida to serve as the moderator of "The Main Event." Which is where George Lucas sat onstage and answered questions that Star Wars Celebration V attendees had submitted) made his way to Disney's Hollywood Studios. So that Stewart would then be sure to get in one last ride of the original version of "Star Tours."

Photo by Todd Anderson. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

And as for George ... He too made his way to DHS. Mostly so Lucas could then be on hand for Saturday night's "Last Tour to Endor" event.  Many Celebration V conventioneers joined George at this theme park that night so they'd then be able to secure a seat on one of the StarSpeeder 3000's final voyages.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

Of course, those who were looking to get a preview of Star Wars II made a point of heading over to Booth 441. Which is where Disney Parks was operating a merchandise booth where attendees could purchase a special "sneak preview" version of the StarSpeeder 1000. Which is the retro version of this simulator that WDW Guests will get to ride starting in 2011.

But as Sunday evening arrived, and Star Wars Celebration V attendees had taken their last pictures of the props ...

Photo by Angela Ragno

... and toys that were on display ...

Photo by Angela Ragno

... or perhaps dropped by The Star Wars Commitment Chapel to reaffirm their relationship with their personal Padmés.

Photo by Angela Ragno

At that point, all talk turned to Star Wars Celebration VI. Which - given the brutal heat that Central Florida has been experiencing these past few weeks - attendees hoped would be held anywhere but Orlando in August. Which - to quote Jon Stewart - gave conventioneers the " ... chance to experience the actual atmosphere conditions on Dagobah."

Copyright 2010 Lucasfilm. All rights reserved

Did any of you JHM readers get to attend Star Wars Celebration V? If so, what was your favorite part and/or least favorite part  of " ... THE official Lucasfilm fan convention and the biggest Star WarsTM party in the galaxy!"

Your thoughts?

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  • Where's C6?

  • I have to admit that I'm not too keen on the color scheme of the 'retro'/'new' star speeder. I guess it'll fit in, considering that what we've seen so far happens pre-New Hope, but I preferred the old white/blue. It WAS white/blue, right? Too lazy to look it up, but pretty sure that's the case. Mostly white.

    Anyway, great post as usual.

  • I was in the droid room most of the time but I had a blast. It was my first time going to a Star Wars Celebration. It was also the first time I got to drive my droid which wasn't finished.

    So many great costumes. It was wonderful to see everyone having fun & being creative like the Rebel & Sith Cheerleaders.

    PS: JD C6 isn't for 3 yrs, 2013. Since they didn't state where C5 was going to be till about 6-8 months prior  we probably won't know till about 2013. A lot could change by then.

  • This was my third Star Wars Celebration and I had a blast!  Special recognition should be given to NiubNiub and the diorama building booth.  What a great group of creative and talented people. I spent many hours helping build the Hoth scene from ESB.   I had a VIP pass and was fortunate to be in the 7th row to see the Main Event with Lucas and Stewart..however, the diorama building was just as exciting!!!

  • i love the darth vader picture lol

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