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Vinylmation Villains arrive at your local Disney Store today

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Vinylmation Villains arrive at your local Disney Store today

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I'll be honest with you. I don't entirely get Vinylmation.

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Don't get me wrong. As I tried to explain to Nathan Rose during this week's Magical Definition podcast, I can appreciate the craft & artistry that go into the creation of each of these vinyl collectibles. But the signature gimmick of Vinylmation (i.e. that each Figurine comes packed away inside of this stylish box. And the only way to find out which collectible is actually in that box is to purchase it) ... Well, it's just kind of off-putting to me.

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But that said ... It's hard to look at these beautifully painted pieces of vinyl (especially the ones that pay tribute to iconic Disney characters like the Old Hag from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" ...

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... and Black Pete from "Steamboat Willie")

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... and then not think "That's kind of cool. I gotta get me some of those."

So if you've been standing outside of the Vinylmation phenomenon looking in & have maybe been toying with the idea of getting into these collectibles, now would be an excellent time to drop by your local Disney Store. Which - starting today - has launched Vinylmation Villains. Which is this collection of vinyl figurines created by talented Disney Store artists like Jim Valeri, Senior Manager of Design ...

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... and Senior Designer Enrique Pita.

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Now if you're not actually able to get to one of those 180 Disney Store locations nationwide ... Not to worry. You can also order Vinylmation Villains online at DisneyStore.com. Through which you can snag individual figurines in the set -- including the mysterious Chaser -- ...

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... for just $9.95 apiece.

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So what do you folks think? Does this set of exclusive designs for Disney Store customers make it somewhat much more likely that you'll finally get caught up in these collectibles? Or are you - -like me -- still a little put off by Vinylmation's key gimmick (i.e. you don't know what figurine you've actually getting until you purchase that box and open it).

Your thoughts?

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  • Glad to see Disney has reconsidered the recent price increase of these Vinylmation things.  The 3" versions in the park have jumped in price to $12.95 each.  If these Villain versions are back to the original price of $9.95, it will at least make them somewhat more "attractive."

  • Not sure which ones you saw at $12.95, but last week all of the "mystery" vinyl's were still $9.95.

    Some of the oneswith the window box were $12.95 however.

  • These things are hideous! If they actually *sculpted* new bodies for the characters then I'd be buying them all. The art is nice. but putting every character on a Mickey body just looks horrible in my opinion. And the "blind box" prevents me from picking up the one or two figures I might have bought. $10 to $13 is WAY too much to just take a chance on getting what I want. If they were a more realistic $3-$5 then I'd buy a few.

  • Personally, I would be happy if this gimmicky mess went the way of the Dodo and we had a bit of a throw back to the days of the Art Corner, flip books and art that honored and educated on the process of animation filmmaking rather than something that looked like Thomas Kinkade went hip wading in oils while eating mushrooms or a recycling plant took a... I digress.

  • I really don't like random collectibles at all. If there's a specific figure or toy I want, I always wait a few months and then hit up eBay. I haven't bought into the randomly-packed Star Trek ships, Lego minifigs or D&D miniatures, and I won't be bothering to pick up the Vinylmation figures in their original retail format.

    I know this fad is huge in Japan but I really wish it would fade out of the U.S. market.

  • Meh. Haven't been interested before, not interested now.  Seems more like a hook to get even more money from OC Disney collectors...    hey, get your paws off my pins!!!!

  • I concur with Brian. It's such a dumb concept of painting various character's features on a blank Mickey sculpt. It also ends up rather unintentionally amusing when the buttons on Mickey's shorts end up looking like boobs on other characters like Cruella and the Old Hag. By the way, looks like the figurine of the Old Hag pictured above also has the misfortune of being born with two right arms, judging from the thumb position on the left hand. Collectors beware...

  • Gak, those are awful. People will collect anything, it seems. I don't get the attraction for Pez dispensers or Beanie Babies either. (A friend of mine bought tons of those Babies, and counted on them as an investment. I'm sure you can all guess how THAT worked out).

  • There's a sucker born every minute and unfortunately for a lot of mid 40 somethings they seem to latch on to lack luster crappy Disney Merchandise.  Who buys this stuff?  More importantly what do you do with it?  Stare at it and show your adult friends how much of a loser you are (at 45) by spending $13 for some piece of plastic while your house is falling apart, your car has bald tires, and you eat McDonalds every day.  Vinylmation = sad and lonely way to part  w/your money...kind of like pins.

  • It's a piece of plastic that costs nowhere near what they charge, given that each figure is a a repaint.

  • It took some time, but these have finally grown on me. I still think the price is a bit high and I'm not a fan of the blind-boxed concept, but if I still had a Disney Store near me, I'd pick a few up.

  • It took awhile for these to grow on me as well. But I think they're cute...and its a fun to play along, pick out a box, and cross your fingers that you get the one you want.    Am I buying carton after carton of these things? no.  Do I care if I dont get the one I was hoping for? No.  But Its just a fun distraction -- I reminds me of buying Garbage Pail Kid cards when we were kids  -  nice to just let go and have a little bit of silly fun.

    And, personally, I like the fact that they use the Mickey Mouse Body template for all the subsequent character paint-ons.  Its a nice, subtle reminder that "It all started with a mouse."  That all of these characters were birthed from the Mouse Company.   God knows, if they had decided to do this with a Buzz Lightyear body-form instead,  all of the Disney Fanatics would be up in arms about it.  I rather appreciate that Mickey is getting his due respect in this way.  Good for him!

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