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Want a peek at Circle 7's unproduced "Monsters, Inc." sequel?

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Want a peek at Circle 7's unproduced "Monsters, Inc." sequel?

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Drop what you're doing right now. Seriously.

Why For? Because truly cool things like this have a way of disappearing on the Web. Lawyers suddenly swoop in and something simply amazing that was there a minute ago is then gone forever.

Which is why you need to head over to the Bob & Rob "Professional American Screenwriters" blog this minute. So that you can then get a glimpse of what Circle 7 Studios' "Monsters, Inc. " sequel would have been like.

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Circle 7 (for those of you who don't remember) was the animation studio that Mouse House managers set up back in 2005 when it looked like Disney & Pixar would be parting ways.  With the idea being that this Glendale-based operation would then produce sequels to  "Toy Story," "A Bug's Life," "The Incredibles," "Finding Nemo," "Cars" and "Monsters, Inc."

Mind you, once The Walt Disney Company announced that it would be acquiring Pixar Animation Studios in January 2006, all work on those Circle 7 Animation sequels effectively stopped. More to the point, John Lasseter reportedly said that - from here on in -- only Pixar employees would work on any sequels that his animation studio might produced.

Which is why John supposedly deliberately didn't look at any of the concept art, beat boards and/or story reels that Circle 7 staffers had created for these proposed sequels. Lasseter allegedly wanted any follow-up film that Pixar eventually produced to be untainted by other people's ideas.

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Which I can appreciate from an artistic point of view. But that said ... Given that - for the 5 past years - I've heard dozens of animation insiders sing the praises for "Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise," how the "Monsters, Inc." sequel that Disney's Circle 7 Studios had in the works was supposedly as good - if not better - than the original film ... Well, I just wish that Lasseter had made an exception with this one project and checked out some of the "Lost in Scaradise" storyboards.

Because - based on what I've seen -- Bob & Rob came up with a genuinely brilliant premise for this "Monsters, Inc." follow-up film. Which was to have gotten underway when Mike & Sulley dropped by Boo's room to wish her a happy birthday ...

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... only to discover that somebody different is sleeping in Boo's room.

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It seems that Boo & her family have moved since Mike & Sulley last visited with this cute little toddler. And Sulley is so determined to see Boo again that he & Mike actually venture out in the human world in order to find her.

But the neat conceit of "Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise" is that once Mike & Sulley cross over into the human world, they then aren't allowed to return to Monstropolis until they actually reunite with Boo. Which - as you might expect - would have caused considerable friction between these longtime friends.

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Doesn't that sound a killer idea? Trust me, the bare bones description that I've given above doesn't really do justice to the teaser trailer that Bob, Rob & the crew at Circle 7 Animation Studios cooked using only a handful of "Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise" story sketches.

Which is what Bob & Rob currently have up on their "Professional American Screenwriters" site. Which is why you have to head over there right now and see this thing before ... Well, before some suit at Disney then tells them to take this teaser trailer done.

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Now where this gets interesting is that the "Monsters, Inc." sequel that Pixar Animation Studios currently has in development supposedly isn't a follow-up to the first film. But - rather - a prequel. A "When Mikey Met Sulley," if you will (Which - given that Billy Crystal starred in Rob Reiner's 1989 romantic comedy,  "When Harry Met Sally" - you have to admit that that's a nice bit of cinematic symmetry right there).

So the story ideas that you'll looking at today over on Bob & Rob's blog basically has nothing with the film that Pixar hopes to release to theaters in November of 2012.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

But given what a clever premise "Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise" has, what obvious potential for humor, suspense and heart this proposed production had ... Don't you wish that Lasseter had let the folks up in Emeryville at least taken a look at this stuff? Before all this artwork & all these story sketches then got locked away in the Disneyana equivalent of that warehouse at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" where they hid the Ark of the Covenant.

Anyway ... Seriously, don't dawdle today, folks. Head over to Bob & Rob "Professional American Screenwriters" ASAP and then go check out the "Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise" teaser trailer that's been posted on this blog.

Your thoughts?

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  • I just don't like the vibe of the C7 sequel. It's the 'most obvious' choice anyone would hope would happen, so you'd basically be attempting to interpret what thousands of people figure might happen if Mike and Sully happened into the 'human world.'

    To me, the premise sounds too much like 'Jungle Book 2,' where Baloo was suffering withdrawal symptoms  and got Mowgli back to the jungle. I personally enjoyed the fact that Boo only got that one chance to be in Monstropolis or encounter Mike and Sully in that one adventure...it makes it that much more memorable. It's like people telling Spielberg they want E.T. to visit Elliot again, but it can never be as good as that first visit. Besides, with M:I, a return visit to Boo kind of ruins those great last words in the film, and the 'expression.'

  • Sounds like a neat idea but I just don't share the same feelings toward Monster's Inc. since it's probably my least favorite Pixar film.

  • Monsters is one of my favorite Pixar films. The Circle 7 idea is kind of cool, but I trust whatever Lasseter & Co. do with it.

  • Personally, I'd always wondered what happened to Sully and Boo's friendship after the closing credits. So this sequel sounds great to me. Pity it won't be produced...unless, perhaps, Lasseter takes a lesson from the relative success of one of his other rejects, "Gnomeo and Juliet", and takes a second look at it...

  • Well... I certainly like the twist that Boo's door no longer leads to Boo. But why, exactly, would the monsters need Boo to get back into the human world? It's already been established that there are other conditions in which they can enter the human world (laughter, door occupied by monster, etc.)

  • "Now where this gets interesting is that the "Monsters, Inc." sequel that Pixar Animation Studios currently has in development supposedly isn't a follow-up to the first film. But - rather - a prequel.2

    Do you know this from your own source?

  • At the time, I resented the idea of Circle 7 for being nothing but a sequel whore. But now, what has Pixar become? Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc 2, and the wholly unnecessary Cars 2, which apparently borrows its  mistaken-for-a-spy plot from the justly-forgotten "The Man Called Flintstone".  Eisner was hated for saying audiences wanted nothing but sequels and CG, but even without him, look what Pixar and Disney have become! Such a shame.

  • Well Jim, because you highlighted it, this "sequel that never was" story is currently featured on aol.com. Artwork and all.

    Disney will be VERY pleased about this. ;)

    Sometimes I wonder why Disney hasn't gotten a hit out on you yet. ;)

  • invalidname;  Sequels are not necessarily a bad thing. They CAN be of course, but not necessarily. Just because a studio makes a few sequels doesn't mean that they've gone bad.

    Sometimes the pubic WANTS a film to have a sequel.

    Also, I personally don't care for the Circle 7 idea for the Monsters Inc sequel.

  • I agree for the most part with MWH80. *however*, Mike and Sulley being forced to spend a few days in the Human in populated areas definitely has it's merits. Mostly humorous.

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