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Mitchel Musso tries his hand at hosting with Disney "PrankStars"

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Mitchel Musso tries his hand at hosting with Disney "PrankStars"

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James Brown was often called "The Hardest-Working Man in Show Business." But ever since the Godfather of Soul went to that great R & B revue in the sky back in December of 2006, the hard-working title has been up for grabs. So if anyone is out there actively compiling a list of possible candidates for this show business title, I'd like to nominate Mitchel Musso.

Seriously. Mitchel Musso.

(L to R) Kyle Massey and Mitchel Musso on the set of "Life is Ruff."
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

I mean, since this kid from Garland, TX first came in the door at the Mouse House back in July of 2006 (when Musso co-starred with Kyle Massey in "Life is Ruff," a Disney Channel Original Movie), Mitchel has not stopped working for Mickey. In just 5 short years, he has:

And did I mentioned that - in addition to his usual Disney XD gig (i.e. co-starring in the popular sitcom, "Pair of Kings") - Musso just began serving as the host of the Disney Channel's new hidden-camera reality series, "PrankStars" ?

Doc Shaw and Mitchel Musso from Disney XD's "Pair of Kings."
Photo by Bob D'Amico. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc.
All rights reserved

Obviously, Mitchel is a very busy guy these days. Which is why - in order to get him on the phone last week to talk about the June 15th premiere "PrankStars" -- I first had to wait 'til Mitchel and Doc Shaw finished shooting an episode for Season Two of "Pair of Kings." But once Musso got on the line (and - being the polite 20-year-old that he is - Mitchel immediately apologized for making me wait 'til the end of his POK work day to talk with him), we hit the ground running.

And speaking of moving at speed, my first questions were about how quickly "Prank Stars" came together. I wanted to confirm the rumor that this hidden-camera reality series now held the record at the Disney Channel for being the show that had moved the fastest from pilot to being greenlit to full-on production.

" 'PrankStars' did move pretty quickly," Musso admitted. "They contacted me earlier this year - in January, I'm thinking - about possibly coming on board as the host of the show. I said 'Yes.' So we shot the pilot in February. By May, we got the greenlight to begin production. And by June, we were in full-on production."

Mitchel Musso calls the shots from inside PrankStar's
behind-the-scenes command center. Photo by Eric
McCandless. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc.
All rights reserved

As to what makes "PrankStars" different from other hidden-camera programs like "Punk'd," Mitchel was quick to stress that this new Disney Channel series wasn't nearly as mean-spirited as that Ashton Kutcher show.

"On this reality show, we don't actually prank stars. We ARE the Prank Stars," Musso explained. "We take kids who are huge fans of particular Disney Channel shows and then put them in humorous  situations where they have the chance to interact with their favorite Disney Channel stars. Those are the moments that we're looking to capture on camera."

And to make sure that things don't get too mean-spirited, Mitchel sits in his behind-the-scenes command center with members of the fan's family. Who - more often than not - are the ones who are actually responsible for putting these Disney Channel super fans in potentially embarrassing situations.

(L to R) "Wizards of Waverly Place" super fan Mary Day is surprised by Selena Gomez.
Photo by Rick Rockwell. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

"We typically reach out to the Moms, Dads and siblings first. So that they can then help us set up the circumstance where we can bring the fan and the Disney Channel star together in a seemingly natural way. So that the fan then doesn't suspect that they've been set up in any way," Musso said. "Though what's funny is that it's sometimes the family members sitting inside of the Prank Stars command center who are pushing us to let the gag go even further."

Mind you, Mitchel isn't just the host of this new Disney Channel series. Just like Selena Gomez from "Wizards of Waverly Place" and Debby Ryan from "The Suite Life on Deck," Musso made an appearance on the premiere episode of "PrankStars." Where Mitchel winds up saddling poor 15-year-old Luke with a $1300 restaurant check.

"Working on this hidden-camera show has definitely been different from working on a sitcom. On a show like 'Hanna Montana,' a long scene was when we'd shoot four pages of dialogue. On 'PrankStars,' we sometimes let the cameras run for 20 minutes straight. Just so we can let the situation play out all the way out before we then let the fan in on the gag," Musso said.

(L to R) Albany Myers comforts her daughter Kimberley after she learns that she's been
pranked by Debby Ryan and Mitchel Musso. . Photo by Rick Rockwell.
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

And speaking of doing a show that's different from "Hanna Montana" ... Though "Pair of Kings" is well into shooting its second season for Disney XD, Mitchel still can't quite wrap his head around the epic scale of his new show.

" 'Pair of Kings' really is more of an action-adventure show than it is your standard sitcom," Musso  explained. "Which is why virtually every week, Doc and I doing wire work, rehearsing with our fight choreographers or working in front of a green screen. Earlier this season, we actually shot a show where the set was these two massive pirate ships. I mean, how cool is that?"

So - after a week which involves working on "Pair of Kings" and promoting "PrankStars," how does Mitchel decompress? By heading into the recording studio, where Musso and his band have already begun assembling tracks for a possible third album.

Copyright Walt Disney Records. All rights reserved

"I'm in the studio constantly," Mitchel admitted. "I'll sometimes cap off a day of working on 'Pair of Kings' by booking some studio time. When it comes to my music, I'm always looking for new ways to make it sound better & better."

You see what I'm saying here? Just like the great James Brown did back in the day, Mitchel Musso is always pushing himself. Always looking for new challenges, always looking for new way to hone his craft and/or add to his bag of tricks.

So if you'd like to see the hardest-working young man in show business try his hand at being the host of a hidden-camera reality series, be sure and catch Disney "PrankStars." Which premieres this Friday at 8 - 8:30 p.m. ET / PT on the Disney Channel.

(L to R) Luke Broyles finally realizes that he's been set up as Mitchel Musso and Suzie &
Jimmy Davenport come on the set.  Photo by Rick Rowell. Copyright Disney
Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

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  • i want to be on prank stars with you

  • I watched this with my daughter last night. We saw the Mary Day is surprised by Selena Gomez part, and one where a guy was handed a $1200 restaurant bill while Mitchell Musso said his wallet was gone... for the tween segment, it's pretty good! For adults, it's a bit trite and choreographed, but I still wanted to know how it would all turn out.

  • FYI - Mitchel's second release "Brainstorm" was not released under the Disney umbrella. It was on 717 Records.

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