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Agent P to replace Kim Possible as star of Epcot's World Showcase Adventure

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Agent P to replace Kim Possible as star of Epcot's World Showcase Adventure

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It's official. Teen crime fighter Kim Possible is being replaced by a platypus.

In a recent interview with Travel Weekly editor-in-chief Arnie Weissmann, Chairman of Disney Parks & Resorts Tom Staggs was asked about the rumors which have been circulating lately about Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, the popular interactive guest experience which debuted at Epcot back in January of 2009.

And -- in direct response -- Staggs said that Disney ...

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...  will be converting (the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure to ) one developed around Phineas and Ferb.

Which is kind of ironic. Given that June 7th of this year will mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of this Emmy-nominated TV show, which eventually went on to be the longest airing Disney Channel Original Series (airing for five years and three months).

This has been a particularly tough couple of weeks for Kim Possible fans. Given that the first-ever fan event -- Kimvention 2012 (which was to have been held aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. June 16 & 17) -- wound up being cancelled back in early February. Though the show's creators & voice talent had reportedly committed to taking part in this two day-long retrospective, ticket sales had been so anemic that the event's organizers ultimately had no choice but to cancel this con.

Robert Schooley, Lacey Chabert and Mark McCorkle at the 2010 Annie Awards

Still, one wonders if Kim Possible wound have slipped so quickly out of the Mouse House's spotlight if this show's creators -- the ever-talented Mark McCorkle & Robert Schooley -- hadn't decamped from Disney and gone over to DreamWorks Animation to go ride herd on Nickelodeon's super-popular "The Penguins of Madagascar" TV show.

Given the number of awards this NickToon has won to date (i.e. 7 Daytime Emmys, 4 Annies), it's hard to fault Mark & Bob for leaving Kim behind after production of that Disney Channel Original Series wrapped in 2007 and then heading over to Nickelodeon to turn Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private into television stars.

But that said, I remember one interview that I did with McCorkle & Schooley where these two talked about the "Kim Possible" project that they wish had really gone forward. And that was the live-action feature film version of this animated series that Walt Disney Pictures was supposed to produce back in the mid-2000s.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

As the story goes, Mark & Bob turn in their "Kim Possible" screenplay in late 2003. And Michael Eisner reportedly just loves what McCorkle & Schooley have done. So much so that he tentatively scheduled a "Kim Possible" live-action film to be released in 2005. Not only that, but Michael asked Mark & Bob to do a polish on a script that the studio had been thinking about making since the 1990s. A high concept comedy about this secretive, exclusive where the children of superheroes went to hone their skills.

That movie was -- of course -- "Sky High." And McCorkle & Schooley did such a nice job with their rewrite / revamp of Paul Hernandez's original screenplay that Eisner now found himself with a real dilemma. He now had two really well-written, extremely smart & funny scripts about crime-fighting teens to choose from. And since "Kim Possible" was (at that time, anyway) still at the height of its popularity as an animated series ... Michael's thinking was that there was no need to rush into production of a live-action feature film version of this Disney Channel Original Series.  That this was a concept which would keep, that this was an idea that the Studio could circle around to again at some later date.

But -- of course -- Disney never did that. And when you talk with Mark & Bob about this, they actually laugh about how -- in effect -- they wrote themselves out of a job. That -- because they did such a nice job with their polish of Paul's "Sky High" script that Disney opted to make that movie instead of their live-action "Kim Possible" adventure.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

And if that film had been made and had been a hit ... Well, maybe Imagineering wouldn't be so quick to pull Kim & Wade out of World Showcase so that Agent P, Major Monogram and Carl the Intern could then be the stars of this theme park's interactive quest attraction.

There's a lesson in here somewhere about no good deed going unpunished. Which is why I'm now sending a personal message  to Dan Povenmire & Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (i.e. the creators of Disney's Phineas & Ferb).  Who -- as you read this -- are tweaking the script for that live-action feature-length Phineas & Ferb adventure which Walt Disney Pictures is supposed to be releasing to theaters on July 26, 2013.

Guys, if Rich Ross tells you that " ... I love what you and Michael Arndt have done with the Phineas & Ferb screenplay. So much so that I was wondering if you guys might be willing to help us out with another project" ...  just say no, okay?

Dan Povenmire & Dan "Swampy" Marsh in Madrid promoting one of the many dubbed
versions of "Phineas & Ferb." Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

So how do all of you Kim Possible fans out there feel about Epcot's World Showcase Adventure being taken away from that teen crime fighter and then being rethemed as a Perry the Platypus-based attraction. Is this a good move on Disney's part? Or should the Imagineers have left Kim in place and found another venue at the WDW Resort (like -- say -- Disney's Animal Kingdom Park and/or Disney's Hollywood Studios) that could have then benefitted from the installation of a Phineas & Ferb-themed quest?
Your thoughts?


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  • not surprise for Disney execs would want to make as much money espically while the show is still hot. though sad that they seem to now be wanting to so by sending the few remants fans have left of Kim possible to the tv land in the sky by removing her ride.though that is the way of things.

  • My kids are 11 and 7 and have no idea who Kim Possible is except from the parks.  I think it is great that Disney is adding these characters in when they are actually at the height of their popularity instead of months or years later.  If they are not going use classic characters for something, then I would prefer them to capitilize on what is popular and what the kids are into.

  • I hope as you go to your communicator devices they repurpose some old animatronics to sing the "You're going to get a mission, a mission, a mission!" song.

    Still holding out elusive hope that we'll one day get a Phineas and Ferb's Coolest Coaster Ever at Hollywood Studios. ...sponsored by JIF ;)

  • This is ridiculous. They're putting Phineas and Ferb in the parks in all sorts of other ways, why take the last remaining bit of one of their most successful shows away from the fans? This is stupid and a bad move on Disney's part.

    And for the record, my ringtone is the Kimmunicator beep from the show.

  • yah for agent p! he is the best!

  • Is anyone really surprised by this?  It's been five years since Kim Possible ended, and, based on a quick TV guide search, it looks like Disney doesn't even AIR the show any more.  Replacing Kim Possible - a character that younger kids might not even recognize - with one of the most popular characters from their most popular show makes perfect sense.

    Older characters vanish eventually.  It's not like Talespin, Darkwing Duck or Gummi Bears still roam the theme parks.  The same fate was bound to happen to Kim Possible, and it'll happen to Phineas and Ferb eventually as well.

  • @Patsy: This isn't "ridiculous", "stupid" or a "bad move" in the slightest.  Kim Possible is over and done with, and judging from that convention that failed to happen mentioned in the article there aren't too many people heartbroken by it.  The show had a VERY good run, and the World Showcase attraction has been there for three years.

    Let it go.  It's time.

  • Joe Perry's awesome.

  • Sad and unfortunate but understandable. I always think it's a shame that they can't think of some way to use these abandoned TV characters. Even those Darkwing Duck comics have been cancelled. Sad the Kimvention couldn't take off too.

  • It's to bad that Kim Possible had to end.  It was one of the few children shows that had a strong female lead character.

  • As a KP fan, I'm sad that I never got to experience the KP World Showcase Adventure.  But I like Phineas & Ferb as well, and from a business standpoint it obviously makes sense for Disney to make this update.  And like it or not, change is the nature of Disney parks-- which means we lose some beloved attractions, but also means that we gain some awesome new ones.

    I would like to point out that although the convention was cancelled, a smaller and more feasible gathering is still being planned in its place.  If you're interested, look up "Kim Possible 10th Anniversary Party" on facebook.

  • It is apparent that Disney continues to neglect its television libraries for no good reason. * Kim Possible's alleged unpopularity right now is due to Disney refusal to air it for four years.  The funny thing is my 4 yr old caught a couple of episode on DVD recently and loved it.  She wanted to see all of Kim's adventures (which I had to show her online because I Disney has never released season 3 or 4).  She loved the world showcase adventure and zombie pretzels.  And while I am sure she will enjoy the Agent P retrofit (as she loves Phineas and Ferb), it is a shame that Disney feels that it needs to take out one unique attraction to replace it with exact same thing.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to place the Agent P in the pavilions that do not already have the KP overlay?

    As for the Kim Possible  convention, part of its failure seems to be lack of apparent advertisement.  I haunt many Disney forums and this was the first I have seen of it.

    *As an example, when Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster was created why didn’t Disney use any of the characters from the tv show ?

  • Disney is full of good decisions lately.


  • I was wondering that Dan and Swampy are tweaking the script for that live-action/animated (you got that one wrong when you think that will be like Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007) but it's really like Who Framed Roger Rabbit) feature-length Phineas & Ferb adventure which Walt Disney Pictures is supposed to be releasing to theaters on July 26, 2013. What will the plot be like?

  • I think this is a great idea. I mean, Kim Possible is over, done. Yes, I really likes that show, but there are other shows I had to let go. Phineas and Ferb is a great, popular, and fun show, kids would definitively go to that ride..

    @Brian G

    I really agree with you, I'm still waiting for there to be a coolest coaster ever! And the "you're gonna get a mission" song is perfect!

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