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Huffington Post - Jim Hill: Should the Bay Area be concerned that WonderCon is foresaking Frisco for Anaheim?

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Huffington Post - Jim Hill: Should the Bay Area be concerned that WonderCon is foresaking Frisco for Anaheim?

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"Should the Bay Area be concerned that WonderCon is foresaking Frisco for Anaheim?"

It's the rumor that makes the rounds every summer. That Comic-Con is soon going to abandon San Diego for some other convention-friendly city like Las Vegas or Anaheim.

The only problem with this rumor is (at least for the timing being) is that it can't possibly be true. Given that -- back in September of 2010 -- Comic-Con International (i.e. the parent company of this pop culture phenomenon) signed a deal with the San Diego Convention Center which then ties this event to that waterfront venue through 2015.

WonderCon attendees cram into the Anaheim Convention Center. Photo by Alice Hill

Mind you, this hasn't stopped the comic book community from spinning out entirely new conspiracy theories about this organization. Take -- for example -- Comic-Con International's recent decision to move WonderCon from its usual home in San Francisco's Moscone Center down to the Anaheim Convention Center. There are those that will tell you that this was kind of a consolation prize for the Anaheim city council. That -- because they ultimately weren't able to persuade SDCC management to relocate their biggest con down to Orange County -- Anaheim opted to go after Comic-Con's little brother (i.e. WonderCon) instead.

To learn about what happened next: Either click on the title above or go to: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-hill/leaked-plans-for-universa_b_1178600.html


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  • Wondercon was in Anaheim this year only because the Moscone center was being refurbed. It will return next year to it's usual venue. That doesn't mean that Comics Con International shouldn't start another con - say in October and put it in Anaheim. SDCC urgently needs more cons since it's grown too big - getting tickets now requires camping out overnight THE YEAR BEFORE the actual con.

  • The Bay Area might be worried about WonderCon foresaking Frisco... if anyone in the Bay Area called the city "Frisco" in the first place. :-) Not sure why the rest of the country picked up on "Frisco", but if you're less than a 3-hour drive from SF, it's known simply as "the city".

    But seriously, I'm looking forward to WonderCon coming back to the Bay Area. It's a nice, smaller, saner alternative to the ginormous SDCC, and why should SoCal get them both?

  • How come we have to go to HuffPo to read the rest? As a social conservative, I have no desire to give Arianna Huffington/AOL even tenths of a cent in ad revenue. All I know at the moment is that the vendor form says locations and dates for Wondercon 2013 have yet to be finalized, and I've heard some demographic data re the SDCC shows 60% of the attendees in San Diego each year hail from the Los Angeles area..

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