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We have a winner for Contest No. 4 / It's time for JHM's "Once Upon a Time" trivia contest to begin

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We have a winner for Contest No. 4 / It's time for JHM's "Once Upon a Time" trivia contest to begin

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There certainly seem to be a lot of Spider-Man fans who read JHM. Because this site just got bombarded with entries for last week's trivia contest, with all sort of folks competing for that Disney XD goody bag full of "Ultimate Spider-Man" swag.

Copyright Marvel Studios. All rights reserved

Sadly, this time around, there could one winner. So the lucky JHM reader -- who was randomly selected from all of the entrants who correctly answered all four of these Disney spider-related questions  ...

Copyright Marvel Studios. All rights reserved

  • Name the Academy Award-winner who voiced the character of Miss Spider for Walt Disney Pictures' 1996 live-action / stop-motion release, "James and the Giant Peach" ? ANSWER: Susan Sarandon
  • BONUS QUESTION: What was the hybrid film genre term that Disney's PR department coined in an effort to describe the first-ever Hollywood Pictures release, "Arachnophobia" ? ANSWER: Thrill-omedy

... is Jeremiah Good.

Copyright Marvel Studios. All rights reserved

So congratulations to Mr. Good. And if Jeremiah would be so good as to pass along his address info sometime this weekend, I'd then be happy to mail out his prize package early next week.

Now I know that a lot of you must be disappointed that you missed out on all that cool "Ultimate Spider-Man" swag. But that's what happens with you only have one prize to give away. There can only be one winner.

Which is why -- for JHM's 5th Trivia Contest -- I've decided that we're going to go back to multiple prizes. Three, to be exact. Three beautiful little "Once Upon A Time" journals which I was received back in March when I covered the WonderCon panel for this ABC series. Which was where that show's creators -- "Lost" veterans Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis -- revealed that Graham (i.e. the huntsman character played by Jamie Dornan) will be returning for the finale.

Jamie Dornan and a very big but not-so-bad wolf. Photo by Sergei Bachlakov. Copyright
American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved

And speaking of "Once Upon A Time" 's finale ... That episode -- entitled "A Land Without Magic" -- airs on ABC this Sunday night from 8 - 9 p.m. ET/PT. And it picks up right where last week's episode, "An Apple Red as Blood," left off with (WARNING !! SPOILERS AHEAD) Henry still in a state of deathless sleep.  With Emma & Regina now being forced to work together as they try & find a way to undo the magic of that poison apple.

Anyway ... Given that, this time around, JHM readers will be competing for "Once Upon a Time" journals (And -- more to the point -- because this ABC series often takes its inspiration from classic Walt Disney Animation Studios productions) ... Well, I thought that it might be fun to challenge you folks with a series of time-related trivia questions which can only be answered by watching and/or carefully listening to the dialogue used  in five Disney animated features.

  • How many years was Prince Phillip supposed to be spend locked away in the dungeon of Maleficent's castle in "Sleeping Beauty" ?

Henry (Jared Gilmore) in Storybrooke Hospital with
his ever-present book by his bedside. Photo by
David Gray. Copyright American Broadcasting
Companies, Inc. All rights reserved

  • What does the time which Big Ben is displaying get changed to when The-Boy-Who-Never-Grew-Up lands on the minute hand of that massive clock in "Peter Pan" ?
  • According to the Mad Hatter in "Alice In Wonderland," why is the White Rabbit late for the party? To be specific, what's wrong with the White Rabbit's pocket watch?
  • When exactly does the potion which Ursula makes for Ariel (which turns The Little Mermaid into a human) stop working?

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) rush to their son's bedside.
Photo by David Gray. Copyright American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
All rights reserved

  • When will the spell in "Cinderella" (which turns a pumpkin into a coach, mice into horses, etc.) be broken?

Now please note that -- with Trivia Contest No. 5 (and with every other contest that JHM holds from here on in) -- you'll need to send your answers along to a brand-new e-mail address: [email protected] More to the point, all entries must be received by 12 midnight ET on Thursday, May 18th / Friday May 19th in order to qualify. And the winners of Trivia Contest No. 5  (who will be randomly selected from all of the correct entries that come in over the next seven days) will be announced here on this site next Friday morning.

So -- again -- congratulations to Jeremiah. And good luck to those of you who will be entering this week's contest.

Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) doesn't care for the between-meals snack that her 
Wicked Stepmother, the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) has just handed her: A poison
apple. Photo by Jack Rowand. Copyright American Broadcasting Companies,
Inc. All rights reserved

Have a great weekend, okay? And Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms & Stepmothers out there. Especially the not-so-Wicked kind.

And speaking of Moms ...  I'll be posting a belated Mother's Day story next Friday which (I'm sure) will please a lot of you Pixar fans out there.

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