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E3 attendees hop on by Disney Games booth to score cool "Epic Mickey 2" swag

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E3 attendees hop on by Disney Games booth to score cool "Epic Mickey 2" swag

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Elliot seems like such a nice dragon when he's rolling through the Disney theme parks with Pete on his back.

The Pete's Dragon unit as it appears in the "Dreamlights" iteration of Tokyo Disneyland
Electrical Parade. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

But you send a sweet character like that wander  into a weird space like "Disney Epic Mickey" 's Cartoon Wasteland and then let him get mixed up with someone like that action adventure game's arch-fiend, the Mad Doctor and what happens? You wind up with a giant animatronic blotworx dragon which is modeled after the Pete's Dragon float that you see in "The Main Street Electrical Parade."

Copyright Disney Interactive Studios. All rights reserved

Bringing a rogue robotic parade float of that size under control is probably more than one Mouse can handle. Which is why I'm sure that Mickey is happy to have his half brother, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on hand when he makes his much-anticipated return to the Wasteland in "Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two."

Copyright Disney Interactive Studios. All rights reserved

Electronic Entertainment Expo (AKA E3) attendees will be among the first to get to all-new characters and settings which will be featured in this highly anticipated video game that's due to hit store shelves on November 18th of this year (Which -- for all you Disney trivia buffs out there -- will be Mickey Mouse's 84th birthday). And based on what I've been told by JHM rep Shelly Valladolid (who's wandering the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center as I type this and will be filing stories from this annual video game and conference for the next three days), "Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two" is going to allow players into whole new parts of the Wasteland.  Take -- for example -- the Projector Screen level which will allow Mickey & Oswald to explore Walt Disney Animation Studios' 1937 Academy Award-winning "Silly Symphony," "The Old Mill."

Copyright Disney Interactive Studios. All rights reserved

As E3 was just getting underway, video game luminary Warren Spector ( who also serves as the creative director and vice president of Disney Interactive's Junction Point Studios, the division of The Walt Disney Company which created the original "Epic Mickey") release this statement:

"I think players are going to be excited by the new areas of the game being revealed at E3 where they will need to determine who their friends really are as they team up Mickey Mouse and Oswald to restore balance in Wasteland."

Copyright Disney Interactive Studios. All rights reserved

The Disney Interactive booth (which is located in the convention center's South Hall at #1001) quickly became a favorite with E3 attendees. And not just because of that cool display of classic Disneyana which D23: The Official Disney Fan Club had set up there.

"And why was the Disney Interactive booth so popular with E3 attendees?," you ask. It probably had a lot to do with that cool piece of "Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two" -related swag that Disney employees were giving away today. You've heard of Mickey Mouse ears, right? Well, take a gander at some official Oswald-the-Lucky-Rabbit ears.

Copyright Disney Interactive Studios. All rights reserved

Like I said, come on back to JHM later this week for even more news about what's going on at the Disney Interactive booth at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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  • I love those Oswald ears! Imagine an alternate universe in which Walt never lost Oswald and took Mickey's place.

  • Oh, man, the Oswald hats rock!!!!

  • HOLY COW! I hope they bring the Oswald ears to the parks, because I'd SO be buying a pair during my visit next summer!

  • Turned out to be the most popular piece of swag at this swag-filled event.  Everywhere you look, people are wearing the Oswald Ears.  We're wearing ours to the D23 Carsland preview...they should sell these at DCA only, not Disneyland, and add Oswald to the statue.

  • I hope as you fight Elliot they have a twisted version of Baroque Hoedown playing

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