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Jeff Kurtti's "Wonderful World of Walt" column to debut this week on Disney Insider website

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Jeff Kurtti's "Wonderful World of Walt" column to debut this week on Disney Insider website

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I got a note from Diana D. a few weeks back. It turns out that her husband has become a fan of those "Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish" podcasts that Len Testa and I have been recording for iTunes. And since her husband was now addicted to behind-the-scenes stories about The Walt Disney World Resort, Diana wanted to know if there was a fun & informative book that I could maybe recommend as a possible birthday gift for her husband.

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All rights reserved

Well, there are a lot of great WDW-related histories out there now. But the first -- Jeff Kurtti's "Since the World Began: Walt Disney World - The First 25 Years" (Disney Editions, October 1996) --  is still arguably the best. Which is why I recommended to Diana D. that -- if her husband actually was just getting started with learning about the true history of the WDW Resort -- this was the book that she really needed to buy for her hubby.

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Of course, given the huge number of Mouse House histories that Kurtti has personally had a hand in (I've got at least 20 books that Jeff has either written outright and/or helped out with sitting in my Disney reference library right now) not to mention the integral role Jeff played in the development & creation of The Walt Disney Family Museum as well as all of those Extra Features that this guy has produced for best-selling Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment titles over the past 15 years, it's easy to understand why Jeff Kurtti has become the go-to guy if you're looking for insightful, informed historical writing about The Walt Disney Company.  When it comes to the Mouse House, no one can make the sorts of connections -- clearly pointing out how the Company's past regularly impacts its present and future -- the way that Kurtti can.

Jeff Kurtti onstage with Brad Bird last month as he moderates "The Disney Treatment:
Walt's Version of Classic Stories" panel at the Walt Disney Family Museum.
Image courtesy of the Walt Disney Family Museum. All rights reserved

Which is why I was pleased to learn that Disney Insider -- the ultimate online destination for Disney fans -- recently recruited Jeff to come start writing for that site. Kurtti's weekly series of columns, "The Wonderful World of Walt" kicks off this Tuesday with a look at how there's a pretty clever connection between Disney's latest Broadway smash and the work that Walt used to do for the Kansas City Star.

Walt Disney (center right) at a 1912 gathering of
newsboys. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc.
All rights reserved

Jeff Kurtti's "The Wonderful World of Walt" is a weekly feature that you're really going to want to bookmark, folks. It's yet another reason to drop by Disney Insider on a daily basis, so that you can then stay on top of everything that the various divisions of The Walt Disney Company currently have in the works.

Jeff Kurtti just before he breaks the news to Pixar's favorite robot that his new Disney
Insider column is "The Wonderful World of Walt," NOT "The Wonderful World of
WALL-E." Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

And speaking of the various divisions of The Walt Disney Company, I'd now like to address the people who run Disney Press and suggest that if Abrams can publish an updated version "The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms and Beyond" (i.e. that 504-page behemoth-of-a-book which was originally published back in 1973), why can't you guys hire Jeff Kurtti to update "Since the World Began" so that a new, improved version of this WDW history could then be available for purchase when the Resort celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2016? Or -- better yet -- for Disney World's 50th anniversary in October of 2021?

Copyright 2011 Abrams. All rights reserved

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  • Jim, you got me to check out my Disney collection to see what books I'd like to see updated.  Along with Since the World Began, my list includes:

    - Disney A to Z by Dave Smith

    - Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters by John Grant

    - The Disney Studio Story by Richard Holliss & Brian Sibley

    - Mickey Mouse Fifty Happy Years by David Bain & Bruce Harris (maybe this one can wait another 17 years)

    - Of Mice & Men by Leonard Maltin

    Anyone else have other titles to add?

  • Great suggestions Lou! Nothing to add for now, except that supplement for Disney A to Z can be found here:


  • Another good book on WDW is the Epcot book published by Abrams. It's stellar.

  • Totally agree about an update being needed to "Since The World Began", Jim - Jeff did a great job writing about the first 25 years of the World, and an updated edition would be great. Alas, considering I found my copy in a Disneyland outlet store in California in 1999, I'm not exactly hopeful that Disney will want to spend the money on an update.  

    As long as we're hoping for new or updated books, I vote for a new version of "Disneyland: Inside Story" by Randy Bright. It was probably one of the best official histories of the Park I've seen, and one of the three or four best overall Park histories I've seen. Only problem with that is, since Randy's gone, who would write it?

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