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"ParaNorman" wants Comic-Con attendees to just say No to B.O.

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"ParaNorman" wants Comic-Con attendees to just say No to B.O.

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It's one of those Comic-Con clichés that (sadly) turns out to be true. That -- when you cram 135,000 people into the San Diego Convention Center and then make them stand in line for hours (Or -- in the case of those poor people who began camping out alongside of this enormous bayside structure on Monday, just so that they'd then be guaranteed a seat at Thursday's "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Two" presentation in Hall H -- days) -- the place can get kind of ripe after a while.

A few years back, I can remember walking into the Con with my daughter on Sunday morning. And the acrid sweat smell which was coming off of a few of the cosplayers (some of whom had evidently been wearing the exact same outfit since Preview Night) was so strong that it actually made your eye water.  As the two of us hurried to get downwind  of  some particularly rank Stormtroopers, Alice turned to me and asked "Why does this entire building now smell like chicken soup ?"

Why indeed? But when you combine too many things to do with not enough time to do half of them ... Well, something has to give. Me personally? To make sure that I'm able to cover Comic-Con as well as regularly file stories for this site from that show, I'll cut back on sleep. But for some Comic-Con attendees, the thing that they ultimately decide to let slide for those 4 1/2 days that these people will be in San Diego is personal hygiene.

Photo by Jim Hill

Well, the folks at Focus Features ... They're Comic-Con regulars. So they know how rank & ripe the San Diego Convention Center can get sometimes by Saturday afternoon. Which is why -- with the hope that they can someone help to make this year's event a little less odiferous -- Focus Films actually began sending out toilet kits.

FedEx delivered mine yesterday. And given that Focus Features is distributing "ParaNorman" later this year (More to the point, given that "The Walking Dead" is one of the hottest shows on television right now), this packet of mouthwash, toothpaste, Purel and other sundry items was zombie-themed. Right down to the undead toothbrush which was tucked into a black, zippered pouch.

Now some folks might have been offended to be sent a box full of toiletries. Not me. I view this all as ammo which I can then use while I'm battling the crowd at this year's show. That's why I'm going to toss a lot of this stuff in my computer bag and then carry it with me as I walk the show floor. That way, when I'm stuck in close quarters with some hygenically-challenged  Comic-Con attendee, I can then say "Can I offer you a breath mint? Better yet, complimentary use of this entire stick of deodorant?"

Photo by Jim Hill

Yep, thanks to people producing "ParaNorman" (FYI: This new stop-motion film hits theaters on August 17th), I'll be doing my part to make this year's Con a little less offensive to the nose. Hopefully convincing a few Comic-Con attendees to just say "No" to B.O.

By the way, it's not just toiletries that Focus Features will be giving away at this year's show. If you're wandering around San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter over the next 5 days, you may encounter a "ParaNorman" -themed ice truck. Which will then be giving away free zombie-green ice cream as well as other cool promotional items.

Just be sure that you brush after eating that ice cream, okay?

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See you at the Con!

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  • One of my co-hosts and myself recently conducted a series of interviews for my podcast about conventions and the overwhelming consensus from our interviewees as advice was for convention goers to implement proper hygiene.  As a regular convention attendee, I simply must agree.  Kudos to Focus Features for this cleverness!

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