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Don't let the stress of after-Christmas shopping prevent you from checking out the Disney Store's Twice Upon a Time sale

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Don't let the stress of after-Christmas shopping prevent you from checking out the Disney Store's Twice Upon a Time sale

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Given that Christmas 2012 is now rapidly receding in the rear view mirror, before we all start packing away our holiday decorations, I thought that it might be fun to show you how the Times Square Disney Store decked its halls this year.

Photo by Jim Hill

As you might expect, the interior of this 20,000 square-foot facility was very festive ...

Photo by Jim Hill

... thanks to those ginormous ornaments, faux snowflakes and Mickey-shaped wreathes that were dangling from the ceiling.

Photo by Jim Hill

But what I thought was particularly fun was how the Times Square Disney Store had repurposed the Jumbotron that it has facing out onto Broadway. They were using this enormous flatscreen to show classic holiday-themed Disney animated shorts to the tens of thousands of tourists & shoppers who were passing through Times Square on that rainy afternoon.

Photo by Nancy Stadler

The short that was being screened while Nancy & I were out on the Square was "Pluto's Christmas Tree," an animated short from 1952 that is somewhat infamous among animation fans not because of Chip & Dale's antics ...

Photo by Jim Hill

... but -- rather -- because this is one of the only Disney-produced shorts where you get to see Mickey Mouse temporarily turn homicidal. In this case actually strangling Pluto.

Photo by Nancy Stadler

Mind you, given how stressful the holidays can be sometimes ... Well, Mickey's very un-PC behavior (if not immediately forgivable) is perfeclyt understandable.

And speaking of holiday-related stress ... If you're one of those folks who really wants to take advantage of those after-Christmas sales but just can't bring yourself to go back to the mall just yet, not to worry. The folks at the Disney Store wanted me to let you know that -- because their Twice Upon a Time sale runs through January 7th -- there's no need to brave the crowds right now if you don't want to.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc.
All rights reserved

More to the point, that you can still save up to 40% on hundreds of items just by shopping online at DisneyStore.com. So if you want to avoid the mall for a while, that's still definitely an option. The only downside of doing this is that  you will then miss out on some of those cool in-store effects they do ...

Photo by Jim Hill

... like those seasonal themed moving projection shows  that the Disney Store screens on its "Magical Trees."

Speaking of the image above, do you supposed Pluto climbed up into that tree so he could then avoid a second strangling from Mickey?

Your thoughts?

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  • how much are you being paid to promote a disney sale?

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Nothing. I had some fun seasonal pictures of the Times Square Disney Store. Including that truly great image of Mickey choking Pluto on a Jumbotron. So I used the Disney Store's after-Christmas sale as the news hook for an article that I then built around those pictures.

    So seriously, Bob. No Disney Dollars changed hands here. Sometimes a story is just a story.

  • Perhaps Donald should invite Mickey to his next anger management class?  

    I'm a little surprised they didn't edit out this scene from the cartoon before putting it on the jumbotron.  That is not a flattering pic of their normally innocent Icon at all.  The latest edition of the Muppet Christmas Carol DVD is missing a song because apparently Disney didn't like it?  Ummmm.  Something seems off in the editing floor.

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