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Huffington Post -- Alan Tudyk: It sucks not being able to come back for the "Firefly" and "Wreck-It Ralph" sequels

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Huffington Post -- Alan Tudyk: It sucks not being able to come back for the "Firefly" and "Wreck-It Ralph" sequels

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Huffington Post -- Alan Tudyk: It sucks not being able to come back for the "Firefly" and "Wreck-It Ralph" sequels

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It was Ed Wynn for the win this Saturday at the Annies. As "Suburgatory" star Alan Tudyk -- who used Wynn's comic persona as the inspiration for his vocal performance as King Candy in "Wreck-It Ralph" -- wound up beating out Adam Sandler and Jude Law for this year's Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production award.

Mind you, what makes Tudyk's King Candy win all the sweeter is that he wasn't actually Walt Disney Animation Studio's first choice to voice this character.

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"There was another actor that they had originally wanted for King Candy. But due to scheduling conflicts, he couldn't make it to the first reading of this script back in April of 2010," Alan recalled during a recent phone interview. "That's when my agent Britney began insisting that I be allowed to fill in for this guy, saying 'Wait 'til you hear what Alan can do with this part.'"

And Tudyk's agent aggressively going to bat for him must have worked. Next thing you know, he found himself on a flight to San Francisco with Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch, where they then got a tour of the Pixar Animation Studios campus. 

Alan Tudyk back on October 29th at the world premiere of "Wreck-It
Ralph," which was held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.
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"I'm a big ol' nerd when it comes to animation. So getting the chance to go behind-the-scenes at Pixar, touring the offices there as well as getting to see scenes from 'Toy Story 3 ' months before that movie was released to theaters, that was honestly more exciting for me than getting to take part in the initial reading of the 'Wreck-It Ralph' script," Tudyk said.

But clearly the Disney and Pixar executives who sat in on this April 2010 reading were impressed with Alan's take on King Candy. Tudyk remembers John Lasseter coming up to him once this 'Wreck-It Ralph' reading was completed and ... What happens next? More importantly, what's preventing Alan from being able to work on the rumored sequel to this Walt Disney Animation Studios production? To get the answer to that question, you can either click on the headline at the very top of this page or follow this link:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-hill/alan-tudyk-wreck-it-ralph-sequel_b_2612962.html


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  • Awesome.  I'm going to be "that guy" and say it: that was an AWFUL choice for an article title.  "Wreck-It Ralph" is 3 months old, it's a month away from being released on DVD & Blu-Ray and you essentially spoiled the fate of a character in the TITLE of your story, where it's tough to avoid.  I appreciate that you used spoiler warnings in the actual column, so I could skip over the details of how/what/why, but it makes your decision to use Alan Tudyk's quote the way you did all the more puzzling.  You may want to consider changing it.

  • When you wait for DVD.......that's what you get.

    See it in a theater 1st if you really care.

  • You completely missed the point...nice work.

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