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Universal Orlando celebrates National Donut Day by treating 100 guests (and a certain fat guy in New Hampshire) to a free Lard Lad donut

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Universal Orlando celebrates National Donut Day by treating 100 guests (and a certain fat guy in New Hampshire) to a free Lard Lad donut

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I swear to God this story is true.

Let me set the scene first: It's Friday, June 7th. And thanks to Tropical Storm Andrea, it's a cold, very wet day out here in the woods of New Hampshire.

Photo by Nancy Stadler

Anyway, via Skype, I'm doing a podcast with the guys who run Dis After Dark. And we're all talking about Springfield at Universal Studios Florida. How we've all seen the pictures online that were taken earlier this week inside of Moe's and Krusty Burger. And how the four of us just can't wait to get back to Orlando so that we can then experience the Simpsons expanded presence at that theme park.

Copyright Universal Orlando / Fox . All rights reserved

And as I'm telling the Dis After Dark guys about all of the great stuff that has yet to open up at the USF version of Springfield (i.e. Duff Gardens,  Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl), a UPS truck comes trundling up the driveway in the rain. And before I can get off of Skype and then go answer the door, the UPS man has charged up the steps and quickly dropped off a package. A moment later, he's back in his big brown truck, headed for his next delivery.

Photo by Nancy Stadler

So I continue on that podcast, telling the Dis After Dark guys everything I know about Universal's Simpsons-themed placemaking efforts at their studio theme park. Talking about all the cool details from this long running animated series that Guests will discover as they walk through Springfield. Things that Simpsons fans are sure to appreciate. Like full-sized statues of Jebediah Springfield and  Lard Lad.

Copyright Universal Orlando / Fox. All rights reserved

Meanwhile Nancy brought this package into inside the house. And as she opens it in the kitchen, Nancy starts to laugh. Why For? What was inside of this box? Would you believe one super-sized, genuine Lard Lad donut straight from Universal Studios Florida's new Springfield section?

Photo by Nancy Stadler

"And why exactly would Universal send you a donut?," you ask. Well, surely you haven't forgotten that June 7th is National Donut Day?

Copyright Fox. All rights reserved

The Universal Orlando Resort certainly didn't forget. Which is why -- on Friday morning -- they treated a hundred Universal Studios guests to the exact same deep fried beauty that they were so kind to send me ...

Copyright Universal Orlando. All rights reserved

... which was all covered with pink icing & multi-colored sprinkles ...

Photo by Nancy Stadler

Mmmn ... Donut ...

Copyright Fox. All rights reserved

Here's hoping that you all stayed safe & dry and had a very happy National Donut Day. I know I did.

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