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Does Disney have a special 50th anniversary celebration in the works for "it's a small world" ? Recently domain name registrations suggest that it does

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Does Disney have a special 50th anniversary celebration in the works for "it's a small world" ? Recently domain name registrations suggest that it does

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It's that time again. Time to take a look at the various domain names that The Walt Disney Company has registered over the past few months. Which might then provide us with a few clues as to what the Mouse has planned for the not-so-distant future.

As you might expect, there are domain names that Disney grabs because it doesn't want anyone else using them. Take -- for example --

  • mymagicminus.com

... which the Company registered back on March 1st so those folks who aren't exactly fans of MyMagic+, My Disney Experience and MagicBands then can't launch a cleverly-named website which could criticize WDW's NextGen efforts.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

And then there are the sites like ...

  • aladdinmerchandise.com

... which was registered back in February 26th. Which suggests that Disney Theatrical is increasingly confident in "Disney's Aladdin: Broadway's New Musical Show." The new stage version of this Academy Award-winning 1992 Walt Disney Pictures release began previewing at the New Amsterdam back in late February. And based on the reaction this show has received so far from audiences in Manhattan, it looks like Disney Theatrical may have another sizeable hit on its hands. Hence the need to hurriedly set up a website to handle Aladdin-the-musical merch.

And speaking of Disney on Broadway, it looks like there's a lot of new stage productions headed to NYC in the not-so-distant future. Given that -- back on February 20th -- the Company transferred in this pile of domain names ...

Copyright 1987 20th Century Fox. All rights reserved

  • princessbridebroadway.com    
  • princessbrideonbroadway.com
  • princessbrideonstage.com        
  • theprincessbridebroadway.com            
  • theprincessbrideonbroadway.com        
  • theprincessbridethemusical.com

And then back on January 23rd, Disney transferred in ...

  • frozenbroadway.com   
  • frozenmusical.com       
  • frozenonbroadway.com           
  • frozenonstage.com       

"Who is this Adele Dazeem and why do people keep talking about her?"
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

Just think. Disney's Snow Queen will soon be making her home on the Great White Way. Well, you know what they say: There's snow business like show business.
Sorry about that. Moving on now ...

It looks like Walt Disney Parks & Resorts may have something special in the works for the golden anniversary of "The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed 'Round the World." Given that the Company recently grabbed these two domain names:

  • smallworldfifty.com
  • smallworld50.com

Then -- for all you Star Wars fans out there -- it's perhaps worth knowing that, on December 17, 2013, the Company grabbed the domain name

  • starwarsdestiny.com

And then -- February 27, 2014 -- Disney also registered

  • starwarsmastertheforce.com

Now it's possible that the Company grabbed the "starwasdestiny" domain just because Disney's lawyers were concerned about "Star Wars: Threads of Destiny," that fan-made film which was released online back on February 23rd of this year. But what do you folks make of starwarsmastertheforce?

That's half the fun of digging through in the various domain names that The Walt Disney Company has registered over the past 100 days. I mean, when I see ...

  • fitzmustbestopped.com

(which the Mouse's lawyers registered back on February 25th), I'm pretty sure that this domain name has something to do with ABC's "Scandal." But when I come across something like ...

  • princessrescuesong.com


  • enchantedfeastsong.com


Could the project mentioned below be a remake of "Three Orphan Kittens," the
Silly Symphony that Walt Disney Studios produced back in 1935? Copyright
Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

  • threelittlekitties.com


  • ducksandfriends.com

... it really makes you wonder what Mickey has up his sleeve.

Or -- before I forget -- I wanted to thank those of you who have already sent me heartfelt birthday wishes. Yes, I am actually turning 55 tomorrow. Which means that I can now officially be classified as an old bastard.

This is a recent artist sketch of Jim Hill. Or it could be the lawyer
George Hautecourt from Disney's "The AristoCats." It's so hard to
tell Jim & George apart these days. Copyright Disney
Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

But that said, as the domain name that The Walt Disney Company registered on February 6th so eloquently put it, even at my increasingly advanced age, I am

  • notyetoverthehill.com

So do any of you folks have addition insights about some of the domain names featured in today's article? If so, feel free to pass them along.

Your thoughts?

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  • "Princesses to the Rescue" and "The Enchanted Feast" are titles of upcoming "Sofia the First" episodes. Disney is releasing storybooks based on these episodes which include digital songs. Disney is setting up the websites princessrescuesong.com and enchantedfeastsong.com for downloading the songs in question.

    The website ducksandfriends.com is for a German Disney Channel show called "Ducks & Friends".

    So that's two mysteries solved!

  • There have been rumors about a Run Disney Star Wars race weekend.  Feb. 27 was just two days after the announcement of the Avengers race weekend.  Perhaps those names are related to a planned Star Wars themed endurance race tied to Star Wars weekends?

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