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Are you ready to go on an epic quest? Based on the 23 domain names The Walt Disney Company recently registered, the Mouse sure thinks you are

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Are you ready to go on an epic quest? Based on the 23 domain names The Walt Disney Company recently registered, the Mouse sure thinks you are

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It's been a while since we last checked in on the domain names that The Walt Disney Company has registered. As you may recall, the Mouse will sometimes deliberately take domain names off the market because it doesn't want anyone else using them. Take -- for example -- this one from March 1st of this year  ...

  • mymagicminus.com

... which is obviously supposed to be commenting on Walt Disney World's My Disney Experience / FastPass+ / My Magic+ program. Or better yet how about this domain name that got transferred in July 13th ...

  • waltdisneysucks.com

... which Disney clearly wanted off the market because it trashes the Company's founder.

And speaking of trashing ... Given that Disney Theatrical opted to turn Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard's Academy Award-winning screenplay into a straight stage play rather than a musical ... Well, there was now no longer a need to hang onto ...

  • shakespeareinlovemusical.com
  • shakespeareinlovethemusical.com

... which is why the above two domain names got deleted just yesterday. Likewise given that Disney Theatrical has seemingly abandoned the idea of bringing a "Pirates of the Caribbean" -inspired production to the Great White Way ... Well, that's why these two domain names ...

  • piratesonbroadway.com
  • piratesontour.com

... were deleted back on April 28th.

But then there are the mystery domain names. The ones that The Walt Disney Company acquires for future projects that it's not quite ready to talk about yet. Take -- for example --

  • aloveletterfromwalt.com
  • alovelettertowalt.com
  • disneyakissgoodnight.com
  • disneysakissgoodnight.com
  • loveandfireworks.com
  • loveletterstowalt.com
  • lovelettertowalt.com
  • storiesinthesky.com
  • waltsgoodnightkiss.com
  • waltskissgoodnight.com

... which Walt Disney Parks & Resorts took off the market back on June 19th of this year. Rumor has it that the Mouse plans to use one of these names for a brand-new fireworks extravaganza that Steve Davison is working up for the parks. The only problem is ... Well, there are reportedly three new nighttime extravaganzas in the works: One to replace "Wishes" at WDW's Magic Kingdom, another that will debut at Disneyland Park when that theme park's 60th anniversary celebration gets underway next year and still another to replacement Epcot's now extremely-long-in-the-tooth millennium celebration, "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth."

Mind you, the Company also registered this domain name back on July 23rd of this year ...

  • waltdisneyfireworks.com

... which suggests that Disney may soon be making its pyrotechnics expertise available for hire.

And what special occasion could be improved by fireworks? A party, of course. And speaking of parties ... Does anyone else find it interesting that The Walt Disney Company grabbed all of these domain names back on May 22nd ...

  • disneyparties.org
  • marvelparties.org
  • marvelparty.org
  • starwarsparties.org
  • starwarsparty.org

... and May 23rd?

  • disneyparties.net
  • marvelparties.com
  • marvelparties.net
  • marvelparty.net
  • starwarsparties.net
  • starwarsparty.net

Clearly the Mouse is looking for new ways to cash in on its Marvel & Lucasfilm acquisitions. Speaking of which ... Does Disney have something epic up its sleeve? Because based on the domain names that the Company acquired back on April 16th ...

  • disneyepicquest.org
  • disneysepicquest.org

... April 17th ...

  • disneyepicquest.com
  • disneyepicquest.net
  • disneysepicquest.com
  • disneysepicquest.net

... April 22nd ...

  • lucasepicquest.org
  • marvelepicquest.org
  • starwarsepicquest.org

... April 23rd ...

  • lucasepicquest.com
  • lucasepicquest.net
  • marvelepicquest.com
  • marvelepicquest.net
  • starwarsepicquest.com
  • starwarsepicquest.net

... July 4th ...

  • disneyepiquest.org
  • disneysepiquest.org

... July 5th ...

  • disneyepiquest.com
  • disneyepiquest.net
  • disneysepiquest.com
  • disneysepiquest.net

and just this past Wednesday, August 13th ...

  • epic-quest.com
  • epic-quest.net

... it would appear that The Walt Disney Company has some sort of "epic quest" initiative waiting in the wings. But is this perhaps something that Disney Interactive is doing? Or maybe another in-park adventure like "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom" or "A Pirate's Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas"?

I don't suppose that some Disney insider would be willing to step forward and explain what sort of "epic quest" the Company now has in the works? I mean, a domain name like ...

  • epcotfestival.com

... that Disney registered back on June 13th or ...

  • starwarscommander.com

... which the Company snagged this past Friday, August 15th, I can figure out on my own. But when the Mouse registers 23 variations on the name "epic quest" ... You have to admit that that's kind of intriguing.

Your thoughts?

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  • Perhaps Epic Quest is some kind of more robust follow-up to Disney Epic Mickey? I guess considering that those games didn't do very well, that's kinda hard to imagine.

  • Hopefully it refers to Disney Quest and how they are going to rebuild it to be epic and worth the price of admission :)

  • Hollywood Studios NEW park name?

    Disney's Epic-Quest: Adventure Park!

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