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  • Blog Post: How Disney's two-dimensional "Beast" became a 3D "Beauty"

    New and a bit alarming Who 'd have ever thought that this could be? Well, " Beauty and the Beast " co-director Kirk Wise doesn't seem all that surprised that this Academy Award-winning film (which was the first animated feature to ever be nominated for Best Picture) got selected for...
  • Blog Post: Monday Mouse Watch: Will "Bolt" 's box office rebound over the long Thanksgiving weekend?

    Twilight is traditionally a time of shadows. But from what I hear, no one at Walt Disney Pictures dreamed that " Bolt " would be so totally overshadowed by “ Twilight ” at the box office this past weekend . As recently as 10 days ago, Mouse House marketing types were quietly putting out the word that...
  • Blog Post: Toon Tuesday : Will Disney Animation's latest "Rapunzel" rescue attempt have a negative impact on "Bolt" 's debut ?

    By now, I'm sure that you're heard that Glen Keane is no longer the co-director of "Rapunzel." That he and Dean Wellins will be turning the reins over to Byron Howard & Nathan Greno , who were the co-director and head of story on " Bolt " respectively. To be honest, this change couldn't have come...
  • Blog Post: In just one week, the Con is on !

    A week from today, the madness begins. Okay. I know. Comic-Con 2008 does have a preview night on Wednesday, which allows pre-registered 4-day members as well as industry professionals to enter the San Diego Convention Center early. Which then gives these folks first crack at acquiring cool crud like...
  • Blog Post: Animation fans prematurely shoot off their mouths about "Bolt"

    How many of you know the story of the blind men and the elephant ? I bring up this ancient Indian fable because ... Well ... I have to admit that I was highly amused by what happened last Wednesday. When the on-line animation community went completely bananas over those "Bolt" pre-release images . Copyright...
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