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  • Blog Post: Tune Tuesday: "Beauty" takes her final bow on Broadway

    Little town It's a quiet village, Ev'ry day Like the one before Okay. So it isn't a "Little town." It's the Big Apple. And it wasn't a day "... Like the one before." This was Sunday, July 29th. The night when Broadway's "Beauty and the Beast" finally ended its 13 year run. Photo by Nancy Stadler Inside...
  • Blog Post: Pre-Broadway engagement of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" gets off to a pretty promising start

    Let me start off today's column by saying that I sort-of, kind-of got into this whole writing-about-the-Walt-Disney-Company-for-the-Web thing thanks to David Mumford . To explain: I have always been a hardcore Disney geek. But it wasn't until I saw David at an early N.F.F.C. convention -- sharing the...
  • Blog Post: A special "Under the Sea," bulge-free, M-I-C edition of Why For

    First off, Major Mudd writes in to say: Jim -- I just got my hands on a preview copy of the new " Little Mermaid " 2-disc set. This DVD is a Disney geek's delight. It's absolutely loaded with goodies. Everything from a dishy commentary track by Alan Menken , John Musker & Ron Clements...
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