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  • Blog Post: D23 offers its members new benefits, additional discounts

    It’s long been said that – if you build a better mouse trap – the world will beat a path to your door. Well, as the folks in charge of D23 have learned, if you give Disneyana fans an exciting new way to celebrate the Company that (as Walt Disney once so famously said) was “ … started by a mouse,” an...
  • Blog Post: Cars Land construction continues, Golden Vine Winery to close in January

    Greetings from the 11 th floor of the Sheraton right across the Disneyland Resort. Which offers this view of Disney’s California Adventure. Photo by Angela Ragno Yep, the hotel room that Angela & I have been using as our base of operations at the D23 EXPO features a primo view of all 10 acres of...
  • Blog Post: It's time to cash in those Disney Dollars. D23 Expo tickets go on sale today

    Look at this trove, Treasures untold How many wonders can one cavern hold? Well, the Anaheim Convention Center is pretty cavernous. It has 813,000 square feet of exhibit space, to be exact. Plus 51 different meeting rooms. And did I mention those 7,500 seats in the Anaheim Arena? "So why should I care...
  • Blog Post: What was it like to be at Disneyland and/or Walt Disney World six years ago today?

    When people usually talk about what happened on 9/11, the focus (for obvious reasons) is on New York City, Washington D.C. and that field just outside of Shanksville, PA. But -- that said -- it's also important to remember what happened immediately after those four planes crashed. That sudden surge...
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